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For over five years now the resource market has been one of the surest ways to lose money. Pick a commodity: gold, silver, copper, oil, nickel, iron ore, steel…

I could go on but they all have the same thing in common — they’ve been disastrous investment vehicles.

For nearly a decade, I’ve privately advised institutional investors, high-net worth investors — even billionaires — to stay away from most resource related stocks. That advice saved clients millions of dollars.

Despite the brutal market conditions, I was still active and still able to identify some very profitable opportunities. It required a very disciplined approach and a lot of hard work. It also required saying no very often, but that approach was validated and, as a result, I was able to build a large network of very influential and supportive contacts in the resource space.

For years I was encouraged to start a service that allowed subscribers access to my research, opinions, and network. For years I refused because I could see very clearly that the risk-reward proposition wasn’t in our favor yet.

In good times, gains of 200%, 500% and even 1,000% are very attainable and is the reason why we invest in the junior resource space. With the right set of conditions, favorable entry points, and clear direction... those gains happen often. But those conditions take years and sometimes decades to materialize.

I believe the conditions are now in place to once again begin carefully, but aggressively, positioning yourself in the best companies.RSDP Logo

I am confident that by leveraging the network available and continuing the disciplined approach that has proven successful in very tough times — for myself and to my clients — that we have a once-every-couple-of-decades opportunity to capture the kind of gains that change financial lives.

If and when you subscribe to Junior Mining Monthly, you'll have unfettered access to my monthly recommendations, project site visits, and interviews with management.

With the volatility we are sure to see in the coming months and years, it’s important to be able to take advantage of profit opportunities in the market in real time. As part of your subscription you will have access to all real-time trade alerts with clear buy, sell, and price point instruction.

While Junior Mining Monthly mostly focuses on mid-long term trends and catalysts, there will always be opportunities to profit from short-term inefficiencies in the market. These alerts can happen at any time for multiple reasons and have the potential to deliver spectacular gains.

You can also expect a healthy dose of macro commentary because I feel it's critical to understand how monetary and fiscal policy along with geopolitical developments affect our investment decisions. Corruption, ZIRP, NIRP, the war on savers, the war on cash, and the war on privacy all have very real consequences for everyone, including those involved in the precious metals space.

Lastly, you can expect thorough vetting of every recommendation. I look for companies whose actions demonstrate their interests are aligned with shareholder interests. Initially you can expect a bias towards gold exploration and development companies because I feel that’s where the bulk of the next set of big gains will come from. That may change as markets change but the focus right now is in the precious metals — and particularly gold — space.

I’m based in Austin, Texas. A city that prides itself on independence. You can expect the same streak of independence in all of the research I provide. You can also expect me to call BS when I see it and I’m confident there will be enough to keep us entertained and to keep the people perpetuating it honest.

I will be working very hard on behalf of Junior Mining Monthly subscribers to ensure that, through the years, the results merit their trust and confidence.

I hope you'll join us

To your wealth,


Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Junior Mining Monthly

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