Lithium-Ion Battery & Stock Update: 2019

The battery revolution is happening. It is being led and dominated by Lithium. This battery revolution will happen faster than we realize. Outsider Club founder Nick Hodge discusses what investors need to look for...

By Nick Hodge on October 16, 2019

QE Infinity Confirmed

This is a massive open-ended buying program by any definition you can imagine and the Fed is essentially in a PR branding campaign to hide the reality of it. Outsider Club editor Adam English exposes the Fed's actual plan...

By Adam English on October 15, 2019

All Is Not Well

If all you did was listen to the talking heads on TV you might think things are all right. But dig a little deeper and there’s a lot to be worried about. Outsider Club editor Gerardo Del Real clues investors in on what to be on the lookout for...

By Gerardo Del Real on October 14, 2019

Why Everyone is Panicking

Unlike a lot of panics, this is not completely without warrant. So far, there have been just over 1,000 cases of vaping-related lung injuries in the U.S. and 18 deaths. In the eyes of the FDA, that’s enough to issue a warning that consumers should avoid THC vapes...

By Ryan Stancil on October 12, 2019

Trim the Leaves, Buy the Blood

If you've never bought a cannabis stock before, now is the time. This is an ideal time as cannabis stocks are trading at a bargain. Outsider Club's expert cannabis investor Jimmy Mengel has three cannabis stocks in his sights...

By Jimmy Mengel on October 11, 2019

Marijuana Is Coming to Mexico

As it stands now, Canada and Uruguay are the only two countries that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. But later this month they’ll be joined by a third. Outsider Club editor Jason Simpkins discusses what legal Mexican marijuana means for investors...

By Jason Simpkins on October 10, 2019

Analysis and Opinion

Sneak Peek: The Wealth Warrior on Gold

Written By Adam English
Posted October 17, 2019

Sneak Peek: Junior Mining Monthly on Gold, Silver, Copper, and China

Written By Adam English
Posted October 9, 2019

Sneak Peek: A Great Stock From The Crow's Nest

Written By Adam English
Posted October 3, 2019

Resources and Reports

Private Placements: How to Make the Tools of the Ultra-Rich Work for You

When a company needs to raise money, they can do it in the private market instead of the public market so they can do it faster and so they can avoid fees. If they raise money privately, they can avoid having to register the securities and they can also avoid having to file a prospectus.

The World's Most Powerful Secret Societies

Secret Societies like the Bilderbergs, Freemasons, and Skull and Bones fraternity have considerable sway in global politics. It's impossible to say what their agendas really are. We only know that they work towards their own ends, using their insider status and unscrupulous means for their own profit and empowerment.

Investing In CryptoCurrency

Cryptocurrency is the future of currency and investor’s are taking full advantage. This next generation of currency is faster, safer, and more convenient. They’re decentralized, which means they’re not subject to the whim or credit of a government. They’re independent of central banks. They can’t be traced or devalued.

Investing in Cannabis Stocks

If you had the opportunity to invest in alcohol right before the end of prohibition, would you do it? The marijuana industry is very young, making this a pivotal moment for investing. Inside we explain the method to the madness and why investing in marijuana could prove to be extremely lucrative.

The Legend of James Dines: The “Original Goldbug”

Back in the 1950s James Dines walked into his office at 18 Wall Street, New York, NY, and was promptly told to pack his things. He’d been fired for making bullish gold predictions. He was correct. Over the next decade and a half, gold prices soared from $35 per ounce to a peak of $486.
Investing in Marijuana Without Getting Burned