Did You Forget About the Shoeshine Boy?

History, as they say, has a way of repeating itself. The current gold market reminds Outsider Club contributor Ryan Stancil of a conversation he had with his tailor in 2017 about bitcoin...

By Ryan Stancil on September 14, 2019

Congressmen in Cars Talking Cannabis

"The congressman I was picking up was former California Representative Dana Rohrabacher. We had arranged to spend the afternoon discussing — of all things — cannabis law." Outsider Club editor Jimmy Mengel discusses his afternoon with the congressman...

By Jimmy Mengel on September 13, 2019

The Real Reason Marijuana Hasn’t Been Legalized… Yet

It’s pretty clear that marijuana reform, if not outright legalization, is one of the few issues with broad bipartisan support across the country. Outsider Club editor Jason Simpkins discusses obstacles standing in the way of legal marijuana...

By Jason Simpkins on September 12, 2019

9/11 Turned Into a Rights Grab

Endless wars. Government spying. Traded liberty for safety. Outsider Club founder Nick Hodge discusses some of the repercussions American citizens still undergo as a result of 9/11...

By Nick Hodge on September 11, 2019

Make America Mine Again

As the U.S. takes a well-deserved second look at the vulnerabilities we face from globalization, there is also a renewed look at the benefits of domestic mineral production. Don’t sleep on this. It’ll be a trend that will continue for years, if not decades, to come.

By Adam English on September 10, 2019

One For The History Books

Long-time Outsider Club readers will be familiar with Almaden. For both long-time readers and the newbies amongst you, an update is merited, given the current setup and potential for a significant move higher. Outsider Club editor Gerardo Del Real explains why investors may want to look at Alamden...

By Gerardo Del Real on September 9, 2019

Analysis and Opinion

Your Last Opportunity Ever to Invest Before the Final Gold Bull Market Begins

Written By Gerardo Del Real
Posted August 14, 2019

James Dines: One Thing Baffles Us

Written By James Dines
Posted August 10, 2019

Outsider Q&A 7.26.19

Written By Outsider Club
Posted July 26, 2019

Resources and Reports

Private Placements: How to Make the Tools of the Ultra-Rich Work for You

When a company needs to raise money, they can do it in the private market instead of the public market so they can do it faster and so they can avoid fees. If they raise money privately, they can avoid having to register the securities and they can also avoid having to file a prospectus.

The World's Most Powerful Secret Societies

Secret Societies like the Bilderbergs, Freemasons, and Skull and Bones fraternity have considerable sway in global politics. It's impossible to say what their agendas really are. We only know that they work towards their own ends, using their insider status and unscrupulous means for their own profit and empowerment.

Investing In CryptoCurrency

Cryptocurrency is the future of currency and investor’s are taking full advantage. This next generation of currency is faster, safer, and more convenient. They’re decentralized, which means they’re not subject to the whim or credit of a government. They’re independent of central banks. They can’t be traced or devalued.

Investing in Cannabis Stocks

If you had the opportunity to invest in alcohol right before the end of prohibition, would you do it? The marijuana industry is very young, making this a pivotal moment for investing. Inside we explain the method to the madness and why investing in marijuana could prove to be extremely lucrative.

The Legend of James Dines: The “Original Goldbug”

Back in the 1950s James Dines walked into his office at 18 Wall Street, New York, NY, and was promptly told to pack his things. He’d been fired for making bullish gold predictions. He was correct. Over the next decade and a half, gold prices soared from $35 per ounce to a peak of $486.
Investing in Marijuana Without Getting Burned