Briton Ryle

I’ve been trading, investing and sharing my insights with individual investors since 1998. 

Back then, the internet was not a very useful research tool. Armed with a library card and a huge budget for the printer, I’d scour the microfiche for insightful research from Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. I bought technical books on accounting, wireless technology and fiber optic networks. I traveled to Chicago to learn the secrets of stock options trading directly from the experts on the floor of the CBOE. 

I’ve  attended and spoken at more investor conferences than I can remember….

All because I’ve always taken my responsibility to my readers and subscribers very seriously. I refuse to parrot popular opinion, offer up half-baked ideas or publish incomplete or half-hearted research. 

There is no shortcut for deep research, for becoming as close to an expert on topics, trends and technology as possible. And the rewards are life changing. The very first stock I ever recommended was South Korea’s SK Telecom. My readers enjoyed a 150% profit in a matter of months. 

As the investment director, I led the Wealth Advisory investment newsletter to market-beating returns for 12 consecutive years. And I’ve launched several successful stock and options trading services. 

In my 25 years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of readers change their financial fortunes. 

About a year ago, I donated all my suits to Goodwill, pulled my name off the list of speakers for the big investor conferences and left the big city for Southern Georgia. The plan was to retire to the banks of a tidal creek that splits off from the St. Mary’s river as it enters the Atlantic between Cumberland and Amelia islands, and trade my account when I felt like it…

But that was before Russia invaded Ukraine and broke the world in half. Now we have authoritarian regimes like Russia, Iran and China on one side, the U.S. and its democratic allies on the other. Globalization as we’ve known it is over. Companies are moving supply chains out of China, critical manufacturing is coming back to the U.S. We are at the start of a new era of American prosperity that I’m calling the Second American Industrialization.  

There is incredible opportunity for companies leading the Second American Industrialization. And there is incredible risk for major companies that remain dependent on an increasingly antagonistic China. Companies like Apple, Tesla, Boeing, General Motors…

Now I’ve come out of retirement to help individual investors navigate this exciting new era of investment opportunity.


It’s good to be back,

Briton L. Ryle