Nick's Notebook


Nick's Notebook was created with a single goal in mind: to give serious investors access to early-stage deal flow.

Specifically, investments in private companies, private placements, pre-IPOs, IPOs, and very young companies.

Notice the word “private.”

These are deals and investments average investors wouldn't hear about — unless they read Nick's Notebook.

The sole purpose of this service is to leverage Nick's network of brokers, analysts, high net worth investors, executives, directors, and financiers — built over a decade in the business — to give you access to deals.

For example...

Company X has a product and business model, and wants to go public.

It does a family and friends seed round at $0.25 per share at $10 million valuation. That deal is used to beef up sales and inventory, and soon more capital is needed to grow...

A private placement is then conducted at $0.50 per share at a $20 million valuation.

Those who were in on the family and friends round have already doubled their money, and the company is still private.

A few months later, the company files for an initial public offering. Shares will be listed for $1.00 at a $40 million valuation.

The stock starts trading. Family and friends have now quadrupled their $0.25 investment. Those in the private placement have doubled their $0.50 investment.

Those who buy the day it starts trading publicly haven't made anything. But they're excited to be buying the latest, hottest IPO.

Do you see how that works? The earlier you get in the deal, the better.

That's what Nick's Notebook is for.

To be clear, Nick is not brokering these deals. He can't guarantee you'll be able to get shares in them.

What Nick's Notebook offers is access, which is tough to come by.

Please Note: To take part in private placement deals you'll need to be an accredited investor.

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