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In the winter of 2000, you would have laughed in my face and called me crazy if I told you that over the course of the next dozen years...

  • Your financial worth would decrease by 30% (or more) because of two major market crashes and an unprecedented national real estate bear market...
  • Higher taxes would threaten to eat into your earnings even more — just when you needed them the most to weather the worst recession in 75 years...
  • And your very own government would gradually strip you of your financial and personal privacy rights — all in the name of "national security."

But I'm sure you're not laughing now. No one is.

In the year 2000 America was at its economic peak.

Since then, we've seen the bust of the dot-com bubble, countless financial scandals, and another major stock market crash in 2008 that wiped out many people's life savings.

We've witnessed the implementation of The PATRIOT Act (which was actually written before 9/11), whose draconian measures have diminished our civil rights and freedoms.

And we've watched the housing bubble expand like never before because of easy-money policies from the Fed and easy-approval lending practices. And we saw it all burst when it was time for homeowners and speculators to "pay the piper." Foreclosures surged and hundreds of banks closed their doors forever.

Throughout this time, I worked in the financial publishing industry... observing trends, analyzing opportunities, and making some impressive financial gains for others — as well as for myself.

But there was something missing...

Over the past few years, I've noticed a growing number of people looking for ways to protect their wealth... shield their personal and financial privacy... and safeguard their civil liberties.

These people didn't trust the government, the banks, or big corporate institutions...

And neither do I.

These people were looking for ways to buck the broken and corrupt financial system...

People of all ages — from all walks of life — who were looking for ways to increase their income... increase their personal and financial privacy... and increase their personal freedoms... all while decreasing their taxes... decreasing their debt... and decreasing their dependence on the broken American system.

That's why I decided to form a special, one-of-a-kind community of individuals who hold these similar beliefs.Wall Street's Underground Profits

While corrupt politicians, bankers, and corporate executives want to limit our financial and personal freedoms... we believe it's time for us to expand them.

It's an idea whose time has come. 

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