Why I Recommended Marijuana to My Mother

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted December 27, 2017 at 7:00PM

This week, my mother asked me for marijuana.

Well, that isn’t entirely true…

She wanted my advice on medical marijuana. That’s because I’ve been singing the praises of medical marijuana for years now.

My mom knows that I’m a cannabis investor and that I know my way around the legal issues associated with medical marijuana. She knows I speak with medical marijuana companies all the time. She knows I’ve had sit-downs with doctors and medical professionals about the possibilities that cannabis can offer those suffering from chronic pain, nausea, and a mountain of other maladies.

So, once my home state of Maryland became the latest state to launch legalized medical marijuana, she was quick to get on the phone and ask me how to get started.

And it was a good thing she did; Maryland’s medical marijuana dispensaries sold out almost immediately...

Five of the seven licensed dispensaries that have opened since Friday announced that they completely or almost ran out of flower and have limited supplies of other cannabis products. The other two stores are limiting sales to a small group of preregistered patients.

In other words: there is a massive market for it, and the companies that supply it are in for a huge payday.

I have one company to share with you today that could revolutionize the entire industry — and put more than a few dollars in your pocket...

Currently, medical marijuana has over $3.2 billion in sales in the U.S. alone. And it keeps climbing…

medical marijuana chart
Right now, only 29 states and Washington, D.C. allow medical marijuana. This is going to increase to all 50 states.

There is one company that I’ve been telling my readers about that could change the entire game.

It's a medical marijuana company, and it currently has a patent pending for a time-release cannabinol (CBD) pill.

The medical marijuana industry is much bigger than people give it credit for, and I think it could be a lot bigger once more products like this are available, because if you think about taking medicine for, say, chronic pain, there is a lot to consider.

For one, people who want medicine for their illness don’t want to be smoking marijuana. Smoking is simply not good for you.

So if you are getting marijuana flower from your doctor, you still have to use it. That means that if you go to work, you've got to sneak down to your car with a pipe or a vaporizer to take your medicine. It's not discreet. Patients need to have legitimate medicine that they can use like any other pain reliever.

This company created a time-release-type capsule that you would have in any other type of pain medication. And it knows what it's doing — the CEO of the company started the company that created OxyContin, which is a billon-dollar market now.

It's a fully-integrated medical marijuana and health care company and if this patent goes through, that will be a massive deal for the company and pain patients all over the world. It will also make early investors very, very rich.

It could also open up the market for more doctors, who currently don't have the amount of information and clinical trials they need to make a safe decision about prescribing somebody marijuana. Until you have products like the time-release capsule which you can titrate and measure what is happening, it's going to go a long way into turning cannabis into a legitimate medicine that any doctor is willing to prescribe for their patients.

This new development could be the one that launches a thousand trials.

As an investor, that opens up far more markets around the globe. The pain industry is currently worth billions and billions of dollars, so if medical marijuana can come in there and even make a small dent in that, investors will do quite well.

This is the company leading the charge. I’d highly recommend investing before the patent approval goes through.

It could be the single best investment of your life.


Jimmy Mengel

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