What is an LC-25 Contract?

Written By Outsider Club

Posted October 1, 2014

How would you like to make double-digit returns by sticking it to the big banks?

They nickel-and-dime you and me with extra fees, write off tens of billions of dollars in bad loans… and then they get bailed out by us taxpayers!

Is it all just a big racket?


And when you consider that the highest five-year Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates that banks offer are currently paying a paltry 2.30% — you come to realize that doesn’t even keep up with the rate of inflation.

In other words… it’s actually costing you money and future purchasing power to keep your money in the bank.

But I’ve found a company that is turning banking on its head, and giving the power back to the people. It connects individual investors with other like minded folks that need loans. You can actually buy contracts with this company that pay out 11.05%, 14.05% and 17.33%. And the company is legally obligated to pay you these yields each and every month.

And you can even choose the amount of risk you want to take. The company that offers these LC-25 Contracts sets up three levels of risk for investors that provide average return rates that go slightly up or down every couple of months.

And because the average rates are as high as they are right now, I highly encourage you to lock in these contract rates while you can. To illustrate this, here are the levels:

LEVEL 1 — This level has the lowest risk and currently offers average annual returns of 11.05%. So if you’re very cautious about how you invest your money, this level would probably work best for you… and could allow you to DOUBLE your money in just 6.5 years.
LEVEL 2 — This level has a slightly higher amount of risk but currently offers average annual returns of 14.05% — allowing you to DOUBLE your money in just over five years.
LEVEL 3 — This level has the highest risk of the three (yet it is far less risky than most blue-chip stocks) and currently offers annual returns of 17.33%. And if you’re willing to accept this slightly higher risk, this rate of return allows you to DOUBLE your money in just over four years.

When it comes to the financial risks involved with LC-25 Contracts, you’ll find they’re surprisingly low when compared to other conventional investments like stocks, bonds, and real estate.

And you can get started with a mere $25…

Outsider Club will be bringing you more details about these LC-25 contracts in the days to come.