This Shadowy AI Network Controls 40% of Humanity’s Wealth

Written By Luke Sweeney

Posted August 9, 2022

The reins of global wealth management haven't been in human hands for years now. The vast majority of all trades today are executed by advanced computer programs. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been quietly shaping the world’s economy for much longer than most of us realize. And just like a sci-fi movie, the bad guys have the most advanced weapons. 

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, currently oversees an unfathomable $10 trillion in total wealth. Together with the next two biggest firms, Vanguard Group and State Street, the trio controls more than $22 trillion. ai graph oc

For scale, the entire United States GDP in 2020 was only $21 trillion. These financial giants quite literally own the country. 

But humans alone couldn't manage the intensive computing these firms' massive trades need. To handle $10 trillion, every single one of BlackRock’s 18,000 employees — from the CEO to the janitors — would need to manage a portfolio worth roughly $500 million.

Suffice it to say, that would be totally unfeasible without outsourcing the grunt work to robots. 

So, perhaps seeing the future back in 1999, when BlackRock was only worth a measly $140 billion, founder Larry Fink commissioned the Asset, Liability, Debt, and Derivative Investment Network. ai chart oc

The system, called “Aladdin” for short, was designed to track and calculate a wide range of analyst data and then share it seamlessly with anyone on the network — exclusively other top-tier fund managers, of course.

But, in true Skynet fashion, Aladdin evolved. Since then, it’s become something much more dangerous. 

Aladdin Probably Manages Your Retirement

BlackRock was generous enough to give its buddies at Vanguard and State Street licenses to use Aladdin as they please. Their spirit of giving truly warms the heart.

At least, until you realize that each company is the others’ biggest shareholder. 

BlackRock’s chief investors are Vanguard and State Street. State Street’s biggest investors are BlackRock and Vanguard. 

These financial giants are using sophisticated AI to hoard wealth and then patting each on the back for doing it. laughing villains

Back in 2008, Aladdin timed a few key trades that saved JPMorgan Chase from full-blown catastrophe. In response, the world’s banks handed BlackRock $2 trillion in newly minted bills and told the company to go wild. 

That cash infusion catapulted BlackRock into stardom, and it helped push Aladdin into more waiting hands. But as important as it is, we know terrifyingly little about the program’s inner workings.

BlackRock is notoriously tight-lipped about Aladdin’s actual coding, and the network of 5,000 supercomputers that comprise its “brain” are spread out among multiple undisclosed data centers. 

We do know that in its 23-year life, it has evolved from a glorified spreadsheet to a full-fledged money manager in its own right. In fact, it might even have excelled at its job a little too much.

In 2017, Larry Fink unveiled his infamous Monarch project, a major overhaul of the company’s trading system. It replaced many of the human managers with Aladdin-controlled bots to “bring together man and machine.”

Now, through its various licensing agreements, Aladdin is directly responsible for more than $21 trillion in assets. It executes more than 250,000 trades a day and manages around 50% of all ETFs, 17% of all bond trades, and 10% of all stock trades. 

You read that correctly. This system manages one out of every 10 stock trades in the market. It’s in one of the highest echelons of the insider club, and it’s not even human. 

Great, We’re Trading Against a Robot. How Can We Win?

It’s hardly big news that the planet’s top billionaires are using advanced technology to rack up ungodly wealth. The rich have been getting richer since the dawn of civilization. 

This story isn't meant to inspire hopelessness. Yes, the ultra-wealthy have tools that we don’t. But individual investors aren't automatically out of the race. 

By revealing the identity of Aladdin, BlackRock has tipped its hand. 

A huge portion of the company’s success is built on its algorithmic trading system. Its superiority is assured only while Aladdin remains the world’s best trading software.

Of course, as the world’s top asset manager, the company has the best engineers and nearly unlimited funding to protect its cash cow. It won't go down without a fight.

But I recently learned about a new field of technology that could render Aladdin completely obsolete, regardless of how hard BlackRock kicks and screams.

solid state quantum

With this technology, rival companies could create a smarter trading system in mere seconds, or a hacker could break through BlackRock’s state-of-the-art encryption in a matter of minutes. Not even crypto would be safe.

Aladdin currently lives inside powerful supercomputers, but they're running on old-school computing hardware. The system would need a complete overhaul or risk losing its precious network of insiders.

It isn't common knowledge yet, but you can be sure that financial giants like BlackRock and Vanguard are terrified of this technology hitting the media. Could you imagine losing $21 trillion to a competitor one-tenth your size?

To protect Aladdin and all the other insider-only automated trading systems out there, the money being thrown at this technology is absolutely dizzying. 

It’s still a new industry, so new investors should tread carefully. You’ll absolutely need to read through this report before making any decisions.

Trust me, you won’t find a more thoroughly researched presentation anywhere on the internet.