This Man Needs No Introduction. What He Has to Say Needs to Be Everywhere.

Written by Adam English
Posted June 11, 2022

Adam English here.

Next week starts another new chapter at the Outsider Club

The founder of our parent company — Angel Publishing — will join the Outsider Club team on a regular basis to bring you his insights and predictions on where the markets, the economy, and society are headed.

And it’s not a pretty picture.

Brian recently came out of retirement because he sees a world gone mad, and he wants to warn you about an event so evil, it’ll change everything you do in your day-to-day life.

Your privacy is at risk; your wealth is at risk.

And Brian is someone you should listen to.

Over the course of three decades, Brian and his team have made some of the most prescient predictions in the market ever. I’m talking about the oil spike that started in 2005, the renewable energy boom that followed, gold’s historic rise, the housing bubble and bust, and the financial crash of 2008.

These predictions resulted in our readers making fortunes because we were well ahead of the herd. 

I met Brian in a roundabout way about a decade ago, practically riding his coattails. I started my career with a very small division of a much larger publishing company. One that had withered after Brian left it to strike out on his own in 2004.

One that had lost its voice. A company led by people that forgot how bold predictions that cut through to a fundamental truth are more important than toeing a line and kowtowing to the loudest voice in the room.

By the time — by chance — that Angel Publishing decided to bring me on board, it had far eclipsed the company Brian had left behind just a handful of years earlier. His success is no coincidence.

That's why I feel fortunate that Brian is here at the Outsider Club to make another shocking prediction, and to warn you about an event that’s been well underway for years, but gained significant momentum after the COVID crisis.

Understand it will have dire consequences to your wealth and could radically change your everyday life for decades to come if you don’t take the precautions he’s recommending.

Brian recently told me this is probably the first time he ever wished he was wrong. But I don’t think he is. This will likely be the most important warning of his 30-year career as a contrarian investor, an outsider, and a government critic.

It's both terrifying and oddly calming, because the path forward is so clear.

Like I said earlier, just at the age of just 53 years old, he recently came out of retirement because he believes we are about to enter the most dangerous period of our lifetime.

I’m talking about an event so crazy that it will drastically change life as we know it. 

Brian recently briefed us on the crisis he sees coming.

During our meeting over some Thai food and a few Singha beers, we mapped out a game plan on how to not only survive the coming crisis, but to thrive.

Here’s what I mean…

Imagine for a minute, being told how often you can drive your car, and how far...

Or if you’ll be allowed to take a vacation with your family... or where you can live...

Or the amount and type of physical assets you can legally own...

I’m serious. Many people in power want to manage your behavior, right down to the types of stocks and assets you can buy — like mining companies, automobile and weapon manufacturers, oil and gas producers.

As you read this, the U.S. government is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency, a digital dollar, so it can track your every move and monitor your every purchase.

It's a shocking display of complete power, and frankly, a betrayal of human values. What's crazy is, it's a soft power, so it'll go unnoticed by most. And, true to form, the vast majority of folks will pass it off as a non-event... something that doesn't affect them. 

And again, true to form, they'll be wrong.

As Mark Steyn said, big government makes small citizens. What we're already witnessing is big government on steroids. 

This is total control. Think about it...

Even the most personal conversations you text or email to family and friends will be subjected to scrutiny.

How about being locked out of your bank account for donating to a forbidden cause? Your access is shut off without any warrant, due process, or trial. Gone. 

What if your favorite foods are deemed unhealthy for you, for the planet, for whatever reason. 

If this sounds impossible, I've got bad news for you...

This isn’t fantasy. It's happening now. The government recently revealed it was planning to roll out a “Disinformation Governance Board.” What could be wrong with that? But again, it's a type of soft power, so it's going to go unnoticed by the masses. Tragically, when they finally wake up it'll be too late. 

Luckily, the backlash for a "Ministry of Truth" was so strong, the Biden administration pulled it off of the table.

But like all bad ideas, they never go away. They’ll hibernate and wait for a better time to emerge. 

But look, the mere fact that the federal government even suggested the idea should scare the hell out of you.

Global elites are calling this event “The Great Reset.” And it’s been in the planning stages for years, if not decades.

I call it the “Planned Holdback,” meant to hold you back from your full potential. 

These social engineers think they know what's best for you, right down to the most personal decisions in your life. 

And the recent COVID lockdowns were just a test run to see if people would comply with government-mandated quarantines that saw millions of people imprisoned in their own homes for months on end.

Whatever it’ll be called, you need to take this as seriously as if your life depended on it. 

Because it does. In a minute, I’ll explain how to not only survive, but to thrive. 

But first, let me explain why you should listen to Brian’s warnings. 

History has shown us over and over that when people lose control of their destiny, bad things happen. 

It's a universal principle, one upon which we actually founded the Outsider Club

Call it personal responsibility. Common sense. Prudence. 

It's a basic tenet of not just finance, but a life well lived. 

This means questioning the prevailing orthodoxy, whether it’s in the markets, culture, or, more so, the government.

We strive to be unconventional… true outsiders looking in — because it allows us to cut through the spin and lies to see the real truth.

Now, we do realize that this may separate us, and often, means going against the majority. That’s okay. We think of ourselves as outsiders with our own opinions and views on how the world really works. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But make no mistake, there's a battle raging that will separate the haves from the have-nots. And those who don’t listen will be shooting themselves in the foot... This is a story you're not going to hear on CNN or even Wall Street.

It’s the Outsider way. It’s a way of looking at the world and human nature differently. And it’s definitely not for the weak-minded or compliant.

The ideas and strategies Brian is going to outline will ensure you survive and prosper in the years ahead. Big shifts in markets and societies expose massive opportunities. 

And moreover, the Outsider Club philosophy is timeless. It’ll be as true in 100 years as it is right now.

Brian will show you how you can do the same as America faces its biggest challenge yet.

This is our wake up call... it's truly a now-or-never moment. 

So get ready to profit like never-before…

Until next time.

Take care,

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