The Tides Have Turned

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted November 10, 2017 at 10:19AM

The tides have turned…

What once was a niche industry catering to criminals and gangs has now become a full-blown bull market for ordinary investors like you and I.

In America, this product sells more than ice cream...

Its sales already double that of tequila…

By 2021, sales of this product could reach a staggering $17 billion. That would overtake movie tickets ($11.1 billion) and the NFL ($13.3 billion).

Eventually, it could be bigger than beer. Yes, BEER!

I’m talking about marijuana. And if you’ve been reading Outsider Club for a while this will come as no shock.

But if you haven’t been paying attention, it is high time to start.

A massive deal went down last week that will finally bring marijuana into the mainstream, and if you don’t get in now, you’ll likely regret it for the rest of your life...

I’ve been writing about the coming marijuana boom since 2014. Here’s one from January of that year:

jimmy pot stocksThat year I also started touring marijuana facilities, talking with CEOs, and separating the weed from the chaff. I knew that this would be the single biggest new industry since the dot-com era.

And I was right...

If you’d subscribed to my newsletter, you would have made gains of 830%, 380%, 202%, 93%, and 73% in short order. I even sold one winner for over 100% in one day.

But if you’ve never invested in a marijuana stock before, let me assure you — it’s not too late. In fact, we’ll likely see even bigger gains than these over the next few years.

I believe that this is going to be a 10-year bull market run that will create a $10 billion to $20 billion-a-year market. And the news is finally catching up.

Last week, it was announced that alcohol giant Constellation Brands — which sells Corona beer, Svedka vodka, and other brands — will pay about $191 million for a 9.9% stake in Canopy Growth Corp.(WEED.TO)(OTC: TWMJF). That is a massive vote of confidence in an industry that has been craving it.

Constellation said it has no plans to sell cannabis in the U.S. or other markets until it's legal "at all government levels." For now, it's more a matter of identifying markets with growth potential, said Chief Executive Officer Rob Sands.

This is the first time a major alcohol manufacturer has invested in cannabis

"Our company's success is the result of our focus on identifying early-stage consumer trends, and this is another step in that direction," Sands said in a statement.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will collaborate on cannabis-based beverages that can be sold as adult products — but only in places where the products are legal at the federal level. This is just the first of many big deals to come down the pike.

It sent Canopy stock through the roof, and my readers were more than happy to hear it…

Currently, we’re sitting on 910% gains on Canopy Growth Corp.

Canopy was the first facility I toured and the very first company I recommended to my readers. It operated in the old Hershey Chocolate plant in Smiths Falls, Ontario. It blew my mind...

You can watch my tour here...

jimmy canopy tour

But while I could sit here and brag about previous successes, I’d rather cue you into another opportunity that could deliver even higher returns…

A brand-new company — that just started trading in May 2017 — is developing a new way of doing business in the marijuana industry.

You see, before, the industry was like the early days of Silicon Valley. Garage entrepreneurs and stoners were growing weed for cash.

But now the big money and bankers have come in. They see the multibillion dollars up for grabs and they want in.

Fortunately, because I’ve been in the pot stock space for so long, we can have a seat right beside them.

This company just raised $150 million to “lend” to several smaller marijuana companies.

And in exchange for that loan, this marijuana company will get stock in the companies it lends to and a portion — or “stream” — of their marijuana production.

As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats, and this company is betting on the ocean.

If you are afraid you’ve missed the boat, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Get invested today, or regret it forever.


Jimmy Mengel

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