The Reality of a Trump Presidency and Legal Weed

Written By Ryan Stancil

Posted November 10, 2016

I first saw the news after leaving the movie theater, having seen a late showing of Doctor Strange. It’s a movie that, among other things, deals with the theme of questioning reality.

And that’s a theme America is going to be dealing with for quite some time, for many reasons.

Like him or not, Donald Trump just added President-elect to a list of titles that includes real estate mogul, WWE hall of famer, reality TV star, and steak salesman.

It was a reality many Americans didn’t think they would wake up to. A shift in the zeitgeist that many believe will be a regression rather than a progression. And while the unease of knowing what social and economic changes are ahead of us is ever-present, we do have a little more clarity about the direction the country will be taking when it comes to other avenues.

Three (or Four) Out of Five

Alongside the presidential election, there were a number of measures across the U.S. regarding the legal status of both recreational and medical marijuana.

The question of the legality of recreational use was on the ballot in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Maine, and Arizona. The first three states approved of their respective measures and, as of this writing, the counts are pointing in the direction of “Yes” in Maine. Arizona was the lone “no.”

When it comes to medical marijuana use, Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota are all on board.

With these states changing their laws when it comes to marijuana, that officially makes the drug legal in one way or another in just over half the country. Another reality many Americans didn’t think they would see.

And it’s a reality that, given shifting demographics, will solidify with time until it becomes the only reality many people in this country have ever known.

It remains to be seen whether or not marijuana will stay illegal on the federal level in the foreseeable future, but the trends suggest that the status quo wouldn’t be something to bet on.

Here at the Outsider Club we’re banking on the marijuana industry here in the U.S. running away with monster gains over time, just as it’s poised to do in Canada.

Not only does that include sellers, but companies that offer rental spaces for related businesses, firms that deal in the creation and sale of harvesting equipment, and anyone working with industrial hemp.

It’s a reality now that you will be able to make money from a drug without having to worry about running afoul of the law. With all of the uncertainty we’re sure to face over at least the next four years, it’s up to you to do whatever is necessary to secure what you need to in order to see it through.

Whether or not Donald Trump is still the president in four years, you don’t want to look back on the time that came before and realize you missed a historic opportunity to change your own reality when it was right in front of you.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil