The Only Sure Thing In Investing

Written By Outsider Club

Posted October 5, 2018

“Global politics and financial markets have reached an inflection point decades in the making.

“I can’t remember when there’s been more risk or opportunity.

“It’s never been more important for us to talk in New Orleans.”

— Nick Hodge

This Is The Only
Sure Thing
In Investing

The world’s oldest and most respected investment event is also the only one to guarantee at least a four-for-one profit.

Here’s how it does it…


Dear Investor,

I can’t remember when we’ve see such risk in the investment markets. Or opportunities:

• Interest rates are rising off of 5,000-year lows…while the Federal debt is soaring.

• The job market is tight as a drum…while inflation is surging.

• Stocks are increasingly volatile…while still suspended near record highs.

• The economy is finally growing again…while years of cut-backs have slashed commodities to multi-year lows in production and prices.

• And gold stands to benefit no matter what happens: Economic growth means more inflation, while a slowing economy will force the Fed to return to quantitative easing. Gold takes off either way.

There’s no doubt we’re at a dramatic turning point. One hiccup in the markets — or a misstep in your decision making — could wipe out a substantial portion of your wealth.

But the right moves at this crucial juncture could unlock life-changing returns.

The good news: There’s one “can’t lose” way to get the intelligence and advice you need…

…One source of investing insights that guarantees it will pay off…

And it’s The New Orleans Investment Conference.

The Only Sure Investment
In Today’s Uncertain World

Facing such a combination of risk and opportunity, you simply can’t afford to miss this year’s New Orleans Investment Conference.

You see, we’re gathering an amazing faculty — dozens of today’s leading experts in geopolitics, economics and every investment sector — to give you insights unavailable anywhere else.

That includes Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki…conservative firebrand Mark Steyn

…Political muckracker Jonah Goldberg…world-renowned market commentator James Grant…international entrepreneur Doug Casey…famed resource investor and financier Rick Rule

…Wealth and livelihood preservationists Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart…influential market economist Peter Boockvar

Plus the latest predictions and picks from Dennis Gartman, Peter Schiff, Nick Hodge, Robert Prechter….

…AND the world’s leading authorities on gold, silver, mining stocks and every investment sector, including Guy Adami, Adrian Day, Brent Cook, The Real Estate Guys, Mark Skousen, Eric Coffin, Tom Wheelwright, Lindsay Hall, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, Omar Ayales, Thom Calandra, Steve Hochberg, Chris Powell, Bill Murphy and more.

4-For-1 Profit

When times are scary as they are now…

…When gold, silver and mining stocks are beginning a new bull market, as they have now…

…The best place to be is the New Orleans Investment Conference.

Over four decades of history have proven this, time and time again.

It’s where the top metals and mining stock experts and most successful investors gather every year…

It’s where the most powerful investment strategies are detailed…

It’s where the hottest new opportunities are unveiled…

The results speak for themselves: The stock picks given out at the New Orleans Conference often multiply five, 10, even 20 or more times over after the event.

How reliable and profitable are these results?

Enough so that I can guarantee you’ll quadruple your investment in the event…or get your entire registration fee back.

The only way you can lose is to not attend.

And there are plenty of reasons to come:

With our amazing agenda this year, you’re going to learn more, profit more and just have more fun than you could anywhere else.

Don’t cheat yourself — click on the link below to learn why this year’s New Orleans Conference is going to be the event of the decade….


Brien Lundin
President and CEO

To Discover Why We Can
Offer This Extraordinary Profit Guarantee