The Marijuana Power Trio

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted August 3, 2019

Three Wise Men.

Three-Act Structures.

Three Wishes.

Three is a number that has persisted in human culture for as long as anyone can remember. 

It has been associated with religion, popular culture, math and science, sports, and a number of other fields. 

I’m willing to bet that, right now, without much thought, you can come up with any number of trios. 

But can you think of any that have to do with medicine or finance and investing? 

It’s perfectly fine if you can’t, because there is only one trio you need to know about today when it comes to those areas.

And it has to do with marijuana. 

The History and Details Behind the Three

This is something that isn’t well known, but up until recently, the U.S. government had a tight grip on the cannabis industry. It had to do with cannabidiol, the component of marijuana that can be used to treat medical conditions. 

Until recently, it was lumped in with THC, the part of marijuana that causes the high. It was likewise lumped in with hemp, which was illegal up until the passage of the Farm Bill last year. 

This all fell under what was called Patent 507, which is what gave the government the level of control it had. Well, that patent expired in April of this year, and with that expiration came the removal of hemp from the federal list of controlled substances.

That, along with the increasingly widespread acceptance of CBD as a part of medical treatment, means that new markets are opening up. Firms in the cannabis space will be able to thrive very quickly over the next few years. 

And while there are a number of different companies sure to take advantage of this big cultural change, there are three in particular set to stand out above the rest. 

  • The first company provides oils and capsules meant to treat a wide range of medical ailments. People use its products to treat everything from epilepsy, to stress, to sleep problems. It also provides a range of pet products that help with brain function, vision, and other health issues to allow animals to live long and healthy lives.
  • The second is a cannabis oil company focused on providing its customers with state-of-the-art vaporizers for consumption. It also has patents for what can best be described as “Cannabis K-Cups” as well as plans to get into the high-end edibles market. 
  • The third is a biotech company whose purpose is to create products to license to businesses. Its ultimate aim is to improve the quality of life of anyone who uses its products. It wants to do this through its own patented therapeutics that it has been developing. One such patent claims to get CBD to 95% purity, which is the thing that could set it apart from the rest of the market.

This is an emerging market, and like most emerging markets you need to move fast if you want to catch the biggest gains. 

The three companies outlined above are three that Outsider Club’s Jimmy Mengel believes will outshine the rest when it comes to making money in the CBD market

He’s done it before. Previous pot stock recommendations have produced triple-digit returns. One recommendation led readers to a 3,375% gain.

That’s not a typo. 

And now, Jimmy is about to do it again. In his latest report, you can learn the names of these three companies and see exactly why they’re likely to rise above the rest. 

These three companies provide you with three chances to make massive gains through marijuana investing, so click here to learn more today.

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Ryan Stancil
Contributing Editor, Outsider Club

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