The Marijuana Manifesto: Three Pot Stocks to Buy Now

Written By Jimmy Mengel

Posted March 20, 2017

Urgent Profit Update: Three Tiny Pot Stocks To Surge on Imminent April 20 Announcement

My readers and I have already seen 830% gains on the world’s best pot stock. Now we’re poised do even better in early 2017…

Dear Reader,

On April 20, leading government officials are set to make an explosive announcement.

  • A legal move that will singlehandedly…

  • Unleash a $150 BILLION untapped market…

  • And send three tiny pot stocks surging for historic 1,000% gains or higher, virtually overnight.

Forbes writes this one event “will make investors extremely wealthy.”

Troy Dayton, CEO of the hedge fund ArcView Group, says “new millionaires and potential billionaires are about to be made.”

And in anticipation of this fast-approaching event…

Government Insiders Are Moving Their Money Into Cannabis…
And Seeing Bigger Profits Than Their Salaries

Like a 2016 presidential candidate who also happens to be president of a $67 million Nevada pot firm.

Although he didn’t win — election year proved absolutely gangbusters for his portfolio.

In fact, the share price of his tiny marijuana stock surged from 33 cents in February to $8.25 in November.

That’s a whopping 2,500% gain in just nine months!

These sorts of returns could make a president’s salary look like peanuts, and it’s all 100% legal!

Let me ask you: Did you see 25 times your money in 2016? I doubt 99.99% of investors did.

Yet these are the millionaire-making returns that pot stocks are famous for.

Here’s just a snapshot of gains from marijuana stocks in 2016…

  • 4,500% on Cannabics Pharmaceuticals

  • 2,100% on United Cannabis Corp

  • 1,969% on Weed Inc.

  • 820% on Abattis Bioceuticals

  • 2,066% on American Cannabis Company

  • 5,800% on Agritek Holdings

  • And EVEN 50,200% on         (name blacked out because the company is in my open portfolio)

The examples go on and on.

These are the kinds of 10- and 100-bagger gains seen from cannabis stocks… all in just the last 12 months.

The kinds of returns I once again expect from this April 20 announcement.

So it should come as no surprise that after years of spending taxpayer dollars waging war against marijuana…

Lawmakers are giving up the losing battle, and going all in on the “green rush.”

The Washington Post reports, “The people lining up to profit include former sheriffs and state lawmakers, wealthy business executives and well-connected political donors.”

The Boston Globe adds that “former elected officials and politically connected figures have joined the marijuana sweepstakes.”

It’s an absolute gold rush,’’ says Massachusetts attorney John Scheft.

You are an idiot if you are running a dispensary and you can’t make a couple of million dollars in profit.”

And they’re not alone…

Connected Billionaires Are Now Joining the Frenzy

Billionaire political donors are joining the frenzy too, including…

Trump confidant Peter Thiel… who just staked $75 million on a marijuana venture firm.

Tesla’s Elon Musk — a Hillary donor — is developing batteries that could power indoor marijuana growers.

George Soros, a big-time Democratic donor, is buying into mass marijuana cultivation farms.

Even Warren Buffet is joining the frenzy.

Bloomberg reports the “Oracle from Omaha” is now putting money in marijuana-storage facilities.

Bill Gates’ Microsoft, which spends $10 million per year on lobbying, just got into the pot industry.

The mega-conglomerate is now offering software that tracks pot growth from “seed-to-sale.”

And with the legalization unfolding rapidly, the New York Times says “Microsoft is well placed for the action.”

In fact, the cannabis boom is so lucrative that former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively — who worked directly with Bill Gates — left the software giant to begin a marijuana start-up.

According to Shively (a.k.a. the “Bill Gates of Cannabis”), the industry is on track “to create more millionaires than Microsoft.”

“This Will Create More Millionaires Than Microsoft”
Former Microsoft Exec Jamen Shively

Politicians, government insiders, and their billionaire donors…

They’re all piling into marijuana ventures in anticipation of this government announcement.

But the opportunity to become millionaires is not just for these powerful players…

In fact, everyday Americans are now getting rich on the end of pot prohibition, 100% legally.

  • Take Jeffery Moss, a 40-year-old Northern Washington farmer. Last year, he couldn’t afford a car and had to rely on his parents for money and his friends for meals. Now, legalization has made him a millionaire on his marijuana holdings… virtually overnight. In fact, since the state law passed last year, he’s grossed $5 million.

  • Then there’s Carry Vincetti, 33, who left her job as a paralegal to join the “Green Rush” — not to sell marijuana, but as a consultant to start-up cannabis entrepreneurs. With so many people looking to make a killing on the Green Rush, her own business is booming. So far, she’s raked in a $2 million fortune.

  • And there’s Allen Gustov, who lost all of his savings investing in a music venture. He and his wife were sleeping on cardboard furniture and had a baby on the way when they moved out to Anaheim, California and opened a marijuana business. They went from being almost homeless to raking in over $1 million last year.

The examples go on and on.

People everywhere are waking up overnight to find themselves sitting on a mountain of riches.

CNN calls them…

“The New Marijuana Millionaires”

Now you can join these brand-new millionaires — without starting a business… owning a farm… or ever touching an ounce of marijuana.

In fact, in order to make a fortune from the cannabis boom…

  • You don’t have to live in a state where marijuana is legal.

  • You don’t have to sign any petitions or do any political advocacy.

  • And you don’t have to have anything more than $25 to invest.

You just need to buy in now before the April 20 announcement legalizes pot once and for all.


Marijuana legalization is inevitable, it’s happening.

A $150 BILLION tidal wave of wealth is about to be unleashed.

There’s no question that pot is poised to create a whole new class of “green rush millionaires.”

There’s only ONE question left…

How to buy in?

That’s the scoop I’ve got for you.

For the last decade, I’ve had my feet wet in the marijuana market.

I’ve gone out to dozens of companies’ operations — sites that are kept secret from the public.

I’ve seen their grow farms… met their executives… and hobnobbed with their biochemists…

I’ve pulled back the curtain on the quarterly earnings reports and seen their real profit potential.

In short, I’ve gotten the insiders’ view that you won’t hear from analysts sitting behind a desk.

And I’ve honed in on three specific plays that are set to surge on the government’s April announcement.

Using history as a guide, they could deliver nothing less than 1,000% profits moving forward.

And that’s just in the next few months.

In just a moment, I’ll share with you details on these red-hot pot stocks… including their names and ticker symbols.

You’ll see the footage I captured at their operations and my off-the-cuff interviews with their executives.

And you’ll see details on the April announcement set to deliver investors short-term 1,000% gains.

But before I do, please allow me to introduce myself…

I’ve Been on the Front Lines of the
“Green Rush” For a Decade Now

Hi, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

I’ve been on the front lines of America’s billion-dollar “Green Rush” for the better part of a decade.

I’ve given six-figure presentations in front of Silicon Valley bigwigs seeking my outlook on this explosive market.


I’ve even hobnobbed with the likes of famous TV host Montel Williams, who benefited from medical marijuana to treat his multiple sclerosis… and is now benefiting financially from his medical marijuana dispensary, too.


Recently I toured the facilities of Canada’s dominant medical marijuana firm… now poised to make a small fortune for investors. 


All because I’m confident of one simple thing…

Legal marijuana is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime mega-trend that delivers “big wins”…

The kind you can retire early on, with more money than you know what to do with.

You see, we hardly ever see the birth of a new billion-dollar industry or the opportunity to get in before these profits are unlocked…

Much less one where money is already there under the surface.

That’s what makes the emergence of America’s newest and most lucrative industry — legal marijuana — the most extraordinary profit opportunity I’ve ever seen…

And even though the market is still only legal in some places…

In the last 12 months, I’ve shown my readers
multiple “home run” gains on some of the
hottest emerging marijuana plays

Like a whopping 830% gain on the “Amazon of Cannabis” in 2016.

In fact, I’m so confident this play could soar for 10-fold gains (or higher) that I’m letting it ride for the long haul.

I recommended a marijuana VC firm that we sold partially for 120% gains in just TWO WEEKS.

We let the other half ride, and as of writing this message my readers and I are sitting on a 215% gain and later booked a 380% profit in just two to three months.

I recommended a biotech developing marijuana treatments that we sold for 93% gains in seven months.

And a Canadian marijuana delivery company that handed us 73% gains in seven months.

Just in the past two weeks we’ve seen double-digit gains on a hemp food producer and cannabis legal firm.

The list goes on and on.

Here’s what some of my readers are saying…

“Doubled my money in a week since joining the Crow’s Nest. Well played. I look forward to the next one…”

— Sebastian G.

“I was worried about marijuana stocks, but you have shown me the way. Thank you Captain!”

— John V.

“I’ve never bought a Canadian stock before, but am so glad I did this time. 110% on                   in less than a month! You’ve proven that it’s never too late to try something new!”

— Annette B.

But while I’m honored to help my readers see these kinds of quick, triple-digit returns…

The gains we could see on April 20 will make everything I’ve just shown you look like crumbs.

Which is why I’m shouting from the rooftop to “back up the truck” on marijuana before it’s too late.

In just a moment, I’ll share with you details on this imminent marijuana catalyst… and how to position yourself early.

That includes the exact details on the three red-hot pot stocks I’ve identified NEXT.

But before I do, allow me to answer one important question…

What sort of wealth is up for grabs?

The good news is, we don’t have to guess.

In just 36 months, the legal market has surged from practically zero to a $4.4 billion industry.

A newly released market report even calls legal marijuana:

“America’s Fastest-Growing Industry”

Troy Dayton, CEO of the ArcView Group

Smartphones came in a distant second.

Last year, sales surged 63%.

The year before, they skyrocketed 74%.

And the year before that, 64%.

No market has taken off at this rate since the tech boom began in the early ’90s.

Now, remember…

We’re just seeing the results of four states fully legalizing pot.

Four others just joined them in November.

And as it spreads across the Union, it’s not hard to imagine this story will look a whole lot different.

After all, we’re looking at tens of millions of new and already existing customers.

This is a giant “mountain of money” waiting to be unlocked.

When all is said and done, hedge fund Ackrell Capital estimates the legal market at a whopping $100 billion.


That’s an incredible sales surge of 2,300%… and that’s from a very conservative forecast.

In fact, the Cowen Group, a New York-based market research firm, estimates California’s legal market alone is a whopping $25 billion opportunity…

One thing is clear:

We’re experiencing the kind of astronomic growth that turns everyday folks into millionaires.

Phenomenal 2,300% Sales Surge…

Which is why financial journalist Todd Harrison calls marijuana “the best investment idea of the next decade.”

The Daily Bell takes it a bit further, claiming it’s the “profit opportunity of the 21st century.”

And one hedge fund owner told Wall Street investors, “There is a massive potential. It is untapped. It is just sitting there below the surface and it is ready to come above ground.”

It’s also why Silicon Valley is now scrambling to join the “Green Rush.”

In fact, at my recent Money Show presentation, I spoke to early VC investors in companies like Uber, Reddit, and Tesla Motors.

All are pouring capital into emerging marijuana startups… and see even bigger opportunity than anything Silicon Valley has delivered since the iPhone.

The Financial Times now calls marijuana “Silicon Valley’s hot new sector.”

And as the LA Times puts it, “They’re leveraging the legalization of marijuana into a windfall.”

So are Fortune 500 corporations, including companies previously opposed to marijuana legalization, like…

  • Big Tobacco

  • Big Ag

  • Big Pharma

All are now getting a piece of the action.

All are putting down millions in marijuana before its legal nationwide.

But here’s the thing…

The BIGGEST pot profit opportunity moving forward is NOT in the United States.

And the home run gains will NOT come from U.S.-based pot firms.

Instead it will happen north of the border, where the market is set to skyrocket EIGHT TIMES faster.

And where all the REAL future marijuana fortunes are going to be made.

Let me repeat…

Pot is set to explode for a 2,300% sales surge in America.

It’s the nation’s fastest-growing industry, leapfrogging smartphones.

And in Canada, it’s poised to grow EIGHT TIMES faster.

It all begins with the urgent announcement set for April 20.

The day marijuana is 100% legalized in Canada — for BOTH medical and recreational use.

On April 20, The Doors to the $200 Billion Pot Market
Will Be Blown Off The Hinges…

On that Thursday, the Canadian Parliament will convene for its first spring session…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will walk to the podium… calmly approach the mic…

And in one fell swoop he’ll declare the end of marijuana prohibition throughout Canada.

Sparking a 17,400% sales surge that will mint all-new millionaires.

Within 24 hours…

  • 200 marijuana stores will open

  • $2 million in taxes will be generated

  • And certain well-positioned pot stocks will explode for 1,000% gains or higher virtually overnight.

You see, Canada’s legal marijuana sector is still very ground floor.

The chart you’re seeing shows that it’s now worth a mere $126 million — just a tiny fraction of the U.S. market.


But that’s all about to change.

According to estimates from the financial advisory firm Deloitte…

Legal marijuana in Canada could explode into a $22 billion giant within the next few years.

That’s bigger than Canada’s market for ALL kinds of alcohol. And the Canadian alcohol market is HUGE.


Imagine buying into companies like Budweiser or Anheuser-Busch before the end of Prohibition.

Imagine plunking down a tiny investment on just one stock — and watching it mushroom into a legacy of wealth.

That’s the kind of potential we’re now seeing before April 20.

In fact, some analysts see Canada as the world’s pot capital.

Alan Gertner, an industry insider, goes so far as to say…

“Canada Could be to Marijuana, What France is to Wine”


Canada is legalizing marijuana in April.

It’s happening. It’s inevitable.

And so are the profits up for grabs.

There’s no question we’re about to see one of the most explosive profit runs in history.

The only question is this:

Will you take action while there’s still time?

I certainly hope so.

Because the profits will come quick. They’ll come fast. And they’ll change lives, minting new millionaires.

But they’ll ONLY come to investors who take action early…. and position themselves correctly.

I’m talking about certain Canadian cannabis stocks that trade for as little as $1 or less.

The ones who are positioned to rake in the lion’s share of Canada’s $22 billion pot market.

And eventually become the Budweisers, Crown Spirits, and Anheuser-Busches of marijuana.

It doesn’t matter how much you have, either.

In fact, just a tiny $250 stake on these plays could mushroom into a retirement nest egg, virtually overnight.

How can I be so certain?

Well, just look at what happened in the 2016 election…

When an almost identical situation took place.

Dozens and dozens of marijuana stocks simply exploded when several states passed similar legislation.

My November Election Prediction

In fact, over a year in advance I predicted the November election would see many states legalize marijuana…

And cannabis stocks would surge 1,000% across the board months BEFORE the election.

Here’s what I wrote to my readers back in October 2015…

“Investors will see the writing on the wall. They’ll see a major election in 2016 that guarantees a shift in policy. They’ll see dozens of states likely to pass legalization bills in November. And they’ll snap up shares of marijuana companies in a frenzy… driving share prices up 1,000% or higher. You need to move right now, because these stocks will start surging long before pot prohibition is officially over.”

But here’s the thing…

I was wrong…

In fact, many of these penny pot stocks soared a whole lot higher — and quicker — than I imagined!

Like United Cannabis Corp, which soared 1,676% in the three months leading up to Election Day.


Or American Cannabis Company, which did a little better with a 2,066% return in that same time.


And another, Agritek Holdings, skyrocketed for 5,800% gains in that same time.


There are dozens of cannabis stocks like these that made investors rich in just 90 days or less.

One of them, a play in my open portfolio, soared for unbelievable returns.

In under 12 months, it shot up over 50,000%! Take a look…


That’s unbelievable.

It’s good enough to turn…

new-black-check-mark  Every $500 invested into $251,000

new-black-check-mark  Every $1,000 invested into $502,000

new-black-check-mark  And every $5,000 invested into $2,510,000

And in less than one year’s time!

If you had heeded my advice back then…

Saw how the November election would change everything…

And took action early and decisively…

Then you too could have made a fortune, even with very little invested.

But do NOT worry if you missed out on this round.

Because what I see coming is about to impact a very tiny number of specific pot stocks…

A select group of marijuana companies that are still trading for pennies…

And the gains are poised to come a whole lot higher and faster on April 20.

I’ve narrowed the selection down to the three pot plays with the biggest potential upside.

The future Anheuser-Busches, Bacardis, and Miller-Coors of marijuana.

And I’ve laid the groundwork for you so you can get started immediately.

You’ll get all the details on how to profit from Canada’s imminent end to marijuana prohibition — including these three red-hot plays — in my brand-new dossier, “Green Rush Profits: 3 Ways to Play the End of Canada Marijuana Prohibition in 2017.”


Inside you’ll get…

  • Their names, ticker symbols, company profiles, and full analysis — everything you need to make this emerging opportunity the most lucrative of your life starting today.

  • Everything I recently shared with an overcrowded room of hungry VC investors at The Money Show in San Francisco.

  • All of my boots-on-the-ground analysis, including hobnobbing with elite marijuana entrepreneurs like TV show host Montel Williams.

  • And much, much more.

Let me tell you a little about each of these companies right now…

Green Rush Play #1:
“Canada’s $5.5 Billion Marijuana Monopoly”


If there’s one play I recommend you own for Canada’s imminent legalization, this is it.

It’s the undisputed monopoly of their legal pot market, yet I doubt most investors have ever heard of it.

The Financial Post calls it “Canada’s first cannabis unicorn.” And it has a $1 billion valuation, yet still trades for cheap.

In fact, I consider it the single best marijuana opportunity in all of North America.

Here’s why…

  • It’s Canada’s first licensed cannabis distributor and manufacturer

  • Its revenue surged 453% in just 12 months, even with the Canada cannabis market still very limited…

  • It’s the first marijuana producer to be listed on a major stock exchange

  • And it controls one-quarter of the Canada cannabis market, with potential to only get bigger.

Right now, the company’s revenues are tiny — a mere $12 million.

But it’s not hard to see how this will look different moving forward.

You see, it has dibs on one of every four dollars in Canada’s legal market, and its share is only getting bigger.

Considering the experts’ projection of Canada’s pot market at $22 billion…

We’re looking at a potential $5.5 billion giant within just several years!

That’s a stunning 45,833% sales surge!

Even if the projections are half right, or a fraction right, that’s still unbelievable growth potential.

This isn’t some speculative situation, either.

The company is the only pot firm sitting on free cash and positive profits.

In fact, right now it’s the ONLY player in the Canadian market to generate free cash flow.

This all means one thing: It can snap up its much weaker competitors… expanding market share.

In other words, we’re early on the cusp of an explosive profit growth story.

Since I recommended it last year, my readers and I have already seen massive 526% gains.


That’s good enough to turn a small investment of $10,000 into $62,600… in just a year.

And it’s just getting warmed up…

With Canadian legalization imminent, it’s poised to soar for 10-fold gains starting April 20.

Over the next few years, we’re looking at 45,833% total upside sales potential… just in Canada alone.

But it’s not just North America…

In fact, this company is now expanding into Germany, Australia, Brazil, and even Croatia.

And it’s already received export licenses for each of these potentially huge pot markets.

So there’s virtually no limit to how high the share price could soar.

Bottom line:

This is North America’s #1 legacy pot stock — and now’s the time to buy in while it’s still ultra-cheap.

What would I recommend as your next most lucrative opportunity?

A tiny Canada firm that’s poised to lead the medical marijuana market.

Green Rush Play #2:
CEO Behind OxyContin Bucks Big Pharma to Sell a More
Effective Painkiller:
Medical Marijuana

One started by none other than the ex-CEO of Purdue Pharma — the maker of OxyContin.

If you’re unfamiliar, Purdue Pharma is one of the largest privately held pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Pain is a $635 billion industry.

And firms like Purdue have raked in the lion’s share of the profits.

But that is all about to change…

Clinical studies show that marijuana is a more effective pain therapy than prescription drugs.

And it has none of the addictive or dangerous side effects.

Studies also show, conclusively, that wherever marijuana is legalized…

The number of painkiller prescriptions plummets dramatically. So do opioid overdose-related deaths.

That’s because cannabis effectively ELIMINATES all of the withdrawal symptoms, including shakes, tremors, sweats, and neuropathy.

That makes it a powerful natural pain reliever AND addiction fighter.

And it goes beyond just pain…

Cannabis is shown in no less than 20,000 peer reviewed studies to be a powerful treatment for all sorts of diseases, including…

new-black-check-mark  Cancer

new-black-check-mark  Alzheimer’s

new-black-check-mark  Diabetes

new-black-check-mark  Arthritis

new-black-check-mark  Epilepsy

new-black-check-mark  Multiple sclerosis

new-black-check-mark  Depression and anxiety

new-black-check-mark  PTSD

All of this is why Big Pharma execs are flooding to medical marijuana.

And they’re rushing to one tiny Canada pot play in particular.

The CEO and founder has successfully overseen 11 painkillers to market, including several versions of OxyContin.

So he knows a profitable thing when he sees it.

The firm operates a state-of-the-art 23,500-square-foot facility that was licensed by the Canadian government last year.

Here are some pictures from its manufacturing facility…


Potential revenue from total production of these seven rooms is $11.25 million. With the full development of the 15,000 kg. expansion, you’re looking at about $120 million in revenue at full production.

Just in November, this company IPO’d for over $2 a share.

That makes it the single biggest marijuana IPO yet.

But it looks like the very beginning of a historic growth story.

When you consider that the pain market alone is over half-a-billion dollars…

This company is much like buying Pfizer, Merck, or Bristol Myers-Squib when they first went public in 1942.

Since then Pfizer has surged for unprecedented 24,000-fold gains.

That’s good enough to turn just $10 into $243,000.

Heck, a $50 investment alone could have made you a millionaire.

Don’t miss out on this future “Big Pharma of cannabis.”

Here’s my final play…

A way to get exposure to Canada’s most top-notch marijuana firms in just one shot.

It’s not an ETF or index.

Green Rush Play #3:
“Canada’s Ultimate Cannabis VC Firm”
Gains Potential: 4,000%

Rather, it’s a group of Manhattan VC investors who bucked Wall Street and moved to the remote wilderness of Canada.

Their mission?

Get in on the world’s $200 billion legal cannabis market while it’s still early.

Since then they’ve gone on a buying spree of Canada’s best pot companies at fire-sale prices.

And so far, they’ve had more than a little success…

You see, there are thousands of marijuana firms in Canada. Out of these ONLY 35 are licensed.

And licensing is key…

Because it hands these firms a first-mover advantage…

Because it sets them up early with market share…

And because of the red tape in the Canadian licensing process…

The handful of licensed firms will be the real winners when cannabis becomes 100% legal in April.

And here’s the thing…

This venture capital group has scooped up SEVEN of these licensed firms.

That’s 20% of Canada’s hottest marijuana assets — all bought at fire-sale prices…

And they did it by aiming at these undervalued firms… BEFORE 100% legalization takes place.

They bought one firm for $6 million, even though its assets were valued at $65 million.

That’s an instant 1,000% return.

One of their latest acquisitions includes what’s perhaps Canada’s best cannabis asset.

This did two big things for them…

First, it made them the nation’s one and only licensed producer on both coasts.

A HUGE advantage that will pay investors massively when pot is totally legalized.

And second, it gave them direct licensed access to the German market.

Germany is big for exporters because it allows pot distribution but not production.

All of this is why I recommended shares to my readers back in September… and in just two weeks we booked 120% gains.


I recommended they sell half their stake and let the other half ride.

And we’ve done even better since then, with 215% returns in two months.


But here’s the thing…

We’re just getting warmed up…

This company has seized one-fifth of the legal Canadian market, and it’s not done.

The savvy investors who run it are positioning themselves for the end of pot prohibition…

They’re scooping up Canada’s “cream of the pot crop.” And they’re moving at a frenetic pace.

The company still trades for $1, with room for immediate 10-fold returns ahead.

It all starts in April.

Don’t sit this one out.

So you’ve seen all the profits up for grabs…

The upcoming catalyst that can put this money in your pocket soon…

And how marijuana stocks are already making investors rich.

So that you too can turn this into the profit opportunity of a lifetime, I’ve assembled the full details on this pick — and the two other red-hot plays — in my brand-new dossier:

“Green Rush Profits: 3 Ways to Play the End of Canada Marijuana Prohibition in 2017.”

Inside, you’ll find a profile on each of these companies and their ticker symbols.

That way, you can buy into them right now, before they start returning HUGE gains.

With your permission, I’d like to send you my research on this new breakthrough absolutely FREE.

All I ask is that you take a quick test drive of my brand-new research advisory service, The Crow’s Nest’s Marijuana Manifesto.

Welcome to the Marijuana Manifesto

As I mentioned before, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

Three years ago, when almost nobody was talking about it, I began investigating the explosive trend of legal marijuana…

At the time it was only legal in only a handful of states.

But I said marijuana’s legalization was all but inevitable. And as this unfolded, investors who bought into the best marijuana producers would become fantastically rich.

Since then, it’s been one heck of a ride.

In over 30 states marijuana is now legal for medical or recreational use. In some states it’s both.

And shares of companies I recommended soared for historic gains you’ve seen here today.

Some of my readers have seen some of the biggest financial returns of their life.

Including one of my pot stocks that soared for 830% in less than 12 months!

But now I’m doubling down.

In light of these returns that are really just the beginning of a decades-long mega-boom…

My publisher gave me the green light to form a brand new research advisory service we’re calling…

The Marijuana Manifesto


Over the coming months and years we’ll see a $200 billion market explode in the U.S. alone…

Worldwide the dollar amount could reach into the TRILLIONS.

That’s the estimated value of the untapped marijuana market — value that legalization will instantly unlock.

I want to be by your side, helping you see the biggest fortunes through this new era.

To get you started, you’ll get the three red-hot opportunities I detail in my dossier…

You may have seen me hobnobbing with the financial elite on CNBC’s Closing Bell…

jimmy cnbc

Or you may have heard of me as the architect behind the wildly popular finance and investing website Wealth Wire, where I brought readers the story behind the mainstream financial news every single day.

I’ve spent my entire professional career researching and writing about little-known opportunities in the financial arena.

I’m the managing editor of the Outsider Club and head our financial planning advisory, The Crow’s Nest.

As a trained journalist, I’ve gained a reputation among my peers for digging like a sleuth to uncover under-the-radar moneymaking loopholes in financial back doors that most people never hear of…

In other words, I don’t follow the crowd. The real money is always in the investments you’ve never heard of. That’s how the rich play the game.

Whether it’s the $200 billion untapped potential of the marijuana market…

The emergence of cutting-edge medical developments that could change our lives and mint new fortunes…

Or retirement loopholes that can turn these profit windfalls into substantial “work-free” salaries…

I take pride in not just spotting life-changing trends long before the media catches wind…

But also helping everyday investors maximize their profits from these explosive opportunities.

That’s what The Marijuana Manifesto is all about.

All the research, the meetings with executives, the boots-on-the-ground investigation…

Touring the shops… factories… and fields…

It’s all a lot of work that keeps me going nonstop.

But it’s all worth it, knowing that you — the everyday investor — can see the money you need to fund your retirement.

And nothing — I repeat, NOTHING — compares to the once-in-lifetime opportunity the marijuana market now presents us.

All-new millionaires are being minted every day… with many more to come.


Not just entrepreneurs, either…

But everyday Americans who buy the right companies at the right time.

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There’s Over 6,000 Penny Pot Stock Plays…
I Want To Show You The Cream Of The Cannabis Crop

There are literally thousands of penny pot stocks, many trading for, yes, just pennies.

Many have the potential for 10- and even 100-fold gains. And with the new Canada law this April, we could see those kinds of gains very soon.

But some are also complete duds. Others are fraud companies with no capital or cannabis, for that matter.

This is why you can’t just blindly pick and choose any pot stock, hoping for massive returns.

You have to consider factors like management, crop, and most importantly, licensing.

You have to look at ones positioned at the biggest growth sub-sectors.

This is why I put my boots on the ground, go out to the companies, meet the execs, and hobnob with the growers and biochemists.

This is how I pinpointed the top 1% of the cannabis market,

So you’ll get a shot to join them. The three I’ve shared with you today are just a few that belong to this elite class of penny pot stocks.

And that’s just for starters…

New companies are emerging every day on the cutting edge of “picks and shovels” industries.

Others are becoming the leading biotechs for the future of marijuana medicine.

Medicine alone is a $1.2 trillion industry globally. And studies show that medical marijuana has the potential to treat almost every disease.

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When they are poised to take off, there’s no time to waste.

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Some even double in hours… literally!

In fact, it just happened to one pot stock I recommended.

Shares traded at $5 when I first told my readers. That day it closed out higher than $10. Take a look…


Needless to say, these opportunities are so explosive, you’ll get an alert the moment I find it.

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After all, Angel Publishing and Outsider Club are in the publishing biz, and we have to keep the lights on here. That, and many of the companies I recommend with this predictive investment strategy require deep investigation.

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So after crunching the numbers, I finally settled on a price of $2,995 per year for this service. At least, that will be the regular price of this service moving forward.

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Already, my readers have seen their money surge 830% in just months — and we’re just getting started.

On April 20, the Canadian government will declare the end of marijuana prohibition…

Leading to the biggest and most explosive pot stock gains yet! All in no time flat.

The plays that will see the biggest returns are the three outlined in your dossier…

“Green Rush Profits: 3 Ways to Play the End of Canada Marijuana Prohibition in 2017”

  • “Canada’s $5.5 Billion Marijuana Monopoly” If there’s one play I recommend you own for Canada’s imminent legalization, this is it.

  • “CEO Behind OxyContin Bucks Big Pharma to Sell a More Effective Painkiller: Medical Marijuana” Big Pharma execs are flooding to medical marijuana. And they’re rushing to this Canada pot play in particular. The CEO and founder has successfully overseen 11 painkillers to market, including several versions of OxyContin. So he knows a profitable thing when he sees it.

  • “Canada’s Ultimate Cannabis VC Firm” This venture capital group has scooped up 20% of Canada’s hottest marijuana assets — all bought at fire-sale prices…

    And they did it by aiming at these undervalued firms… BEFORE 100% legalization takes place.

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Jimmy Mengel
Investment Director, The Marijuana Manifesto