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Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted March 24, 2014

When my wife's great aunt Esther died, we were all understandably sad; nobody likes to see a cherished family member shuffle off this mortal coil. But, all told, she was 98-years-old and had lived a rich, full life...

She was an “old-school”, frugal lady with a penchant for costume jewelry and thrift store dresses. When we cleaned out her apartment, we even found years worth of saran wrap and unused rubber bands. Esther let nothing go to waste...

That's why we were in total shock when we found out that this wonderfully unassuming lady was actually a secret millionaire...

We had no idea! I mean, this was a woman who never spent a dime...but you simply don't become a millionaire by just being frugal. So I started looking into how she managed to amass such a fortune without any of us realizing it.

When she sold her modest townhome, she made a small chunk of money — but nowhere near millionaire territory.

I knew she didn't gamble — unless you count playing bridge with her friends each week. But their biggest wager was a round of Manhattans. That's certainly no way to make millions...

I also knew for a fact that she wasn't actively playing the stock market; whenever my work as a stock analyst came up, she looked at me like I had three heads and just went back to her crossword puzzle.

Frankly, my feelings were a cross between curiosity and complete jealously...

Whatever she did, I was inspired to follow her lead. I wanted to be able to leave my family with the legacy of riches that Esther so generously left to hers.

So I dug deeper and deeper and — with a little sleuthing — I was able to discover her amazing wealth building secret.

And I was shocked at how wonderfully simple it was...

You see, Esther used a little known stock loophole that allows regular folks like you and I to collect compound interest on a select few stocks...without ever paying a broker a dime. She never had to check her portfolio, she never paid trading fees, and she sure didn't have to fork over 3% of her wealth for a money manager to move around a basket of stocks. In fact, her investment was locked in on autopilot, and made more and more money each and every year, without anyone having to lift a finger.

The story started when she worked for Bell Telephone Company — known back then as Ma Bell. As a young woman in the 1940s, she entered a company stock program that was — at the time — only available to employees of a select group of companies. It allowed them to accumulate shares automatically, so when those shares paid dividends, it would be dumped right back into their portfolios.

That is known as compound interest, and it is perhaps the most powerful wealth building secret known to man. So powerful in fact, that Albert Einstein himself called it the eighth wonder of the world:

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it,” he quipped.

At the end of her life, Esther had an astounding amount of shares in Ma Bell: $1.6 million worth! And she did it without ever even noticing the difference in her paycheck.

I knew I had to find out how to uncover this plan for my readers...

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After some serious research, we found out that these days, everyday investors can get in on this compounding interest program without having to work for Ma Bell — or any company at all for that matter. You can cash in on these compounding gains starting today.

We call them IRM(72) plans: Individual Retirement Multipliers...

If you haven't heard about IRM(72) plans, it's because they are illegal to advertise. Brokers have tried to ban them, and even the government has thrown down to keep these lucrative programs under wraps to ensure you'll keep dumping money into 401(k)s and IRAs .

But in this day and age, you do not have to be employed by one of these companies in order to tap into their IRM(72) plan. In fact, anyone regardless of age or net worth can open one up in minutes, starting with one little share of a stock.

The best part is that this strategy is immune to stock market crashes. In fact, when the market goes down, you actually accumulate more shares on the cheap!

Esther was one of thousands of shrewd Americans who have used this hidden strategy to retire in style...

  • Kathleen Magowan, a first grade teacher, built a $10 million fortune through her IRM(72) plan. The funny thing is, like Esther, her neighbors and family members never had any idea she was a millionaire.

  • Then there's Grace Gray, who turned a small $180 investment into a whopping $7 million from her IRM(72) plan. She keeps quiet about her success, but she'll gladly tell you how thankful she is for her IRM(72) account.

  • Another gentleman, Mike Rogalski, is a millionaire in the making. He holds several IRM(72) accounts and plans to retire MUCH earlier than he ever thought possible.

We've finally unveiled an entire strategy for cashing in on these censored retirement programs. We'll tell you exactly which companies offer the program and which ones are the best choices for starting your own IRM(72) program.

Be sure to subscibe to the Outsider Club to learn how to start your IRM(72) plan today. Set it, forget it, and you can thank me come retirement time.


Jimmy Mengel

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