The Government Spent Millions on Pancakes and Penises

Written By Jimmy Mengel

Posted January 17, 2014

We all know that the government wastes a ton of our money…that isn’t news. But when you look at individual expenditures, the abuse of our tax dollars becomes all the more enraging.

It was just reported that ‘penis pumps’ for erectile dysfunction cost the U.S. $172 million in taxpayer money. The ethics of government-subsidized penis pumps aside, if the government had paid retail for them in the free market, it would have been half that…

But that’s not the only penis-related costs we are bearing…

The National Institute of Health spent $224,863 to test “custom-fitted” condoms.

Bloomberg just released a video that exposes some of the most ridiculous uses of our money. Here are a couple of the most egregious:

  • $800,000 for an International House of Pancakes in Washington D.C.?
  • A million bucks for a full service astronaut menu on Mars?
  • $2.5 BILLION spent in back pay to government employees stiffed during the government shutdown?

If it sounds too ridiculous to be true, you can see the proof for yourself in the video below…