The Big Play No One’s Talking About

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Posted October 9, 2017

Here’s everything you need to know to start the week…

Copper Is Crushing It: Copper prices surged more than 9% in the third quarter, hitting nearly $7,000 per tonne last month. It’s been driven higher by a weak dollar and strong demand from China. It’s a big leap, considering copper was trading at less than $5,000 per tonne a year ago.Copper 10%2F17
That’s Not A Plan: “The Trump administration’s tax plan is not a plan,” says former Treasury Secretary and World Bank economist Larry Summers. “It is a melange of ideas put forth without precision or arithmetic.”

Early estimates say the plan will add $2 trillion in debt over the next decade. It would eliminate tax payers’ ability to deduct state and local taxes, as well as personal exemptions for dependents. The plan doesn’t define income ranges for the new rates it proposes or offer details on the higher child tax credit for which it calls.

Gov’t Mandate to Ignite 75-Cent Stock: By November 1, an FDA-mandated device will begin making its way into every food and beverage-maker in America.   On this day, the technology’s prototype rollout will spark a 75-cent stock to astronomic heights.  In a matter of weeks, even days, it could surge to $5… $10… even $50. You just need to move immediately. Click here to get the full details now. 

Streaming Profits: Netflix’s (NASDAQ: NFLX) stock is flirting with an all-time high of $200 per share after raising prices for its streaming plans. Its $10/month high-definition plan now costs $11 and the 4K streaming plan will cost $14/month, a $2 increase.

Bulging Batteries: Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is investigating reports of swelling iPhone 8 batteries that separate the smartphone’s case.

iphone battery
If the problem continues to balloon it could mean trouble for the stock.

Spying… Again: The Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis has been illegally rifling through and filing away the private financial records of U.S. citizens, according to a new report from Buzzfeed. The offense extends to other intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency, whose officers used the Treasury’s intelligence division as an illegal back door to gain access to American citizens’ financial records.

We’re Going to War:

Trump North Korea Tweet

Trump North Korea Tweet 2
We’ll probably be bombing them by the end of the week. Buy gold. Watch for a market crash.