Sneak Peek: Trend Tracker Video - See Our Editors Like You Never Have Before

Written By Adam English

Posted July 23, 2020

Today we’re bringing you a look at one of our newest services.

The Trend Tracker is a new video roundtable series with Outsider Club editors Nick Hodge, Jason Simpkins, and Jimmy Mengel.

Their discussions have been even more educational and entertaining than I would have imagined. They are truly greater than the sum of their parts. Nick brings insight into the gold market, private deals, and the mining space. Jason shares his vast knowledge of the military and defense industries. Jimmy brings his expertise on dividend investing, the marijuana sector, and some of the new tech trends he is tracking.

All of them bring a biting sense of humor to the fray.

Oh yeah, and they also share some of the plays inside their own portfolios, so you’ll get a free stock pick or two each week.

The Trend Tracker is an exclusive offering for subscribers to their premium services, The Crow’s Nest, The Wealth Warrior, and Wall Street’s Underground Profits.

Any member of those three publications is eligible to join, but if you want to jump on one of the most explosive trends in the market right now and check out the Trend Tracker as well, Nick has some fantastic research on what very well may become America’s biggest gold mine available right now.

Judging by the gains he has banked for his readers so far this year in the mining sector, I think you’ll be in good hands.

wsup 2020 closed mining positions

I figured we’d give you a “greatest hits” video so you can get an idea of just what they’re dishing about week after week.

Click the image below to check it out. I think you’re going to enjoy it…