Silicon Valley Is Ruined

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted January 13, 2021

There’s no other way to say it: 2021 came out swinging. 

When I think about the Capitol rioting, I think about the signs you sometimes see that say, “This workplace has gone __ days without an accident.” As it stands, we made it a full six days into 2021 before another headline-dominating incident took place. 

In a lot of ways, insurrectionists marching on the Capitol was a natural progression of everything that’s happened since November. Over the next few days and weeks, the FBI will round up the offenders, administrations will change, and talking heads will go on at length about it all. 

For the majority of us, life will go on. We’ll wonder how 2021 is going to top 2020. I’m sure plenty of us are hoping it won’t. Many will want the next 12 months to be a relatively calm time that involves picking up the pieces and pressing on. 

It’s something that the tech stocks in particular should be hoping for, given how the past few days have played out for the industry. 

The Death of Silicon Valley?

In the immediate aftermath of last week’s rioting, Twitter banned Donald Trump’s personal account as well as 70,000 accounts associated with the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory. Facebook took similar action. 

Parler, a right-leaning social media platform, was removed from Google's and Apple’s app stores. Later, Amazon booted it from its cloud computing services, effectively killing the platform. 

Facebook and Twitter shares declined following these decisions. This all led to rumblings that the sector in general will face more regulatory pressure. That kind of talk tends to make investors nervous and look for other places to park their money. 

Whether the actions of the tech giants were right or not is an entirely different conversation, as is how this will shape cultural conversation over the next year. Even though tech might face increased scrutiny in the immediate future, it’s not something that should be written off entirely from an investment standpoint. 

Love it or hate it, technology is an important part of everyday life, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. So while everyone is distracted by the big names like Facebook and Twitter, there are other places where you can focus your attention. 

One technology in particular is set to shake up the industry in a way that’s very different from any kind of increased regulation. You probably don’t think about microprocessors much, but they’re among the most important components in any computer. Your work computer, your smartphone, the many connected devices in your home — microprocessors are at the heart of them all. 

But a problem has been brewing for the past few years. Microprocessors are beginning to reach the limit of they’re capabilities. This is all happening in the face of growing demand for increasingly complex devices. It isn’t just smartphones and home computers, either. Think about things like artificial intelligence, drones, and 5G technology. These things are in their early stages at the moment, but they’re only going to become more widespread and the components that make them possible need to keep up. 

Many of the big Silicon Valley companies that have built their names on this technology could be facing ruin because of this stagnation. It’s a threat to Silicon Valley that has nothing to do with partisan politics but is very real all the same. 

One tech sector outsider has figured out the solution, and it’s set to feast while the big Silicon Valley firms face famine. 

The Untold Story

One advantage this company has over the bigger names is that it’s working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Together, they’re developing this new means of manufacturing the microprocessors we need to use emerging technologies. 

With everyone focusing on Big Tech’s fight against censorship and regulation, this is an easy story to miss. It’s a good thing for investors, though, because it means they can get in now, before this new trend becomes mainstream. 

Details are already starting to emerge, so it’s only a matter of time before everyone catches on. You have the chance to learn all of the details in Jimmy Mengel’s report before that happens. 

He goes over just what this technology is, why it’s so important, who’s involved, and what it all means for the tech sector over the next few years. 

Don’t miss out. It’s one of the most underreported stories in investing out there at the moment. Ignoring it could mean missing out on 12,795% gains. 

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil
Contributing Editor, Outsider Club

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