"Rich Man's Row" Is Open To Anyone - Including You

Written By Outsider Club

Posted October 15, 2014

I know many of you are suspicious of the federal government.

And if you’re among those who are, I’m sure you have friends who think you’re just being paranoid.

Well, I’m about to give you a reason to be suspicious that even the staunchest pro-Federalist will have trouble dismissing.

It’s a law that puts a limit on one of the most fundamental liberties we as free people enjoy.

It doesn’t limit your privacy, voting rights, marriage rights, rights of worship, or freedom of expression.

Instead, it limits your ability to build wealth by excluding you from the most profitable class of investments known to capitalism.

And Here’s How it Works:

Unless you have $1 million in liquid assets or can prove between $200,000 and $300,000 in annual income, you are legally barred from being a private equity investor.

Put simply: You are not allowed to invest in privately held, development-stage companies.

While accredited investors are allowed access to companies like Google and Facebook years before they go public and can close gains of hundreds of millions of dollars on just tens of thousands invested, you’re limited to buying only public companies trading on the open market.


Don’t take my word for it. With just a few Google searches, you can see for yourself that this is all too real.

It goes all the way back to the foundations of FDR’s New Deal — a series of progressive federal programs designed (on the surface, at least) to pull the country out of the Great Depression.

To see the actual wording, check out how the federal securities laws define the term “accredited investor” in Rule 501 of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933.

Adding insult to injury, on the table now is a recently proposed increase of minimum liquid net worth from $1 million to $2.5 million.

And don’t let the dry language and “legislative intent” of the Depression-era law fool you into thinking this is for your own good.

The Accredited Investor Rule is nothing less than a velvet rope into the world’s most exclusive and wealthiest underground country club.

It’s outrageous, but like I said, that’s not the issue here…

What I really want to get at today is how you can circumvent this rule and still participate in some of the fastest- and strongest-gaining investments.

And you don’t need a broker, a special license, or any qualifications at all to start.

The key is to target a very special breed of companies trading on the open market.

They’re out there, and believe it or not, they’re growing — or about to grow — at rates similar to those some of today’s most famous brands (Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.) experienced at their early “post-garage” stages of development.

It’s called “The Secret of Rich Man’s Row,” and it’s helped a small number of savvy traders achieve one percenter-caliber wealth with relatively moderate initial investments.

Traders like Jack Ratcliffe, who took a $500 investment and in less than a month, was sitting on just shy of $1 million.

Or Chinese immigrant He Quan, who banked 244,000% (That’s no typo. Just shy of a quarter-million percent!) gains on a single stock, becoming a millionaire in the process.

Or Betty Landbourne, who lived a quiet, solitary life in a small apartment just outside of New York, only to leave her extended family a mind-boggling $22 million when she passed away.

Profits like these, usually reserved for the already rich, are in your grasp right now.

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