Outsider of the Week

Proud Outsiders

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted May 20, 2013

Outsider of the Week

My family and I have hunkered down, banded together and help each other out in a way that benefits us all. We grow large gardens, have several hundred head of angus cattle, areas for processing food, and base our existence first on having the basic needs of human survival taken care of.

We have electric submersible water wells, solar wells, and windmills that take care of our water supply as well. By building off the fact that we have those basic needs taken care of we grow stronger with each passing day.

Our investment in tools, equipment, land, and assets will continue to grow. I appreciate all that you do to keep us informed, and I just want you to know we are like minded individuals and hope to find joy in the midst of all this chaos.

Proud Outsiders with lands in NM & Texas,

-John Watson

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