NFL Embraces Medical Marijuana

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Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted August 2, 2017 at 8:00PM

It doesn’t take a doctor to tell you that football is a very dangerous game...

300-pound linebackers mash players into the turf like insects. Defensive backs able to run the 40-yard dash in under five seconds deliver bone-crushing tackles at full speed. Even a player who weighs a “paltry” 200 pounds can rip into another human being with up to 1600 pounds of tackling force.

In fact, some studies show that playing football is equivalent to getting in a serious car crash — every single week.

Players are treated with a fistful of pills every day — ranging from serious opioids like Oxycontin and Percocet, to regular injections of painkillers like Toradol and Marcaine. But according to a new statement by the NFL this week, that is about to change.

The NFL indicated that it may cooperate with the NFL Players Association to study the effectiveness of cannabis to treat pain management.

I just talked to someone who knows exactly why.

In order to see what life is really like in the NFL, I reached out to someone who knows all about it: former NFL offensive lineman Eben Britton. After speaking with him, I was stunned at the actual toll playing in the NFL takes on your body and mind. It is far worse than what you read about in the sports pages.

But Eben saw the writing on the wall and gave up that pill popping for something far different.

He turned to a medicine that is far safer, more natural and non-addictive. Now millions of Americans will be following suit, setting the stage for a multibillion-dollar industry that will not only save countless lives, but bring savvy investors a fortune…

It will be a revolution in medicine and in investing.

Eben Britton was the 39th selection in the 2009 draft and played offensive line for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears. eben britton

After suffering through the “pills and needles” treatment from the NFL, Eben began treating his chronic pain with a surprising medication: cannabis.

He’s been treating his injuries with cannabis for years now and he’s had amazing results — enough so that he has helped create a new business that specializes in all-natural pain relief with cannabinoids, a chemical compound in the marijuana plant.

“I suffered a laundry list of injuries,” Eben told me. “I had a few bad surgeries, deeply felt the negative effects of the pills: the opiates and the really powerful anti-inflammatories. Through that whole time there's tons of these pills being pushed at us and I was just very much in that experience.

You're constantly reminded, did you take your pills today? Did you take your pills today? Did you take your pills today?

You would just see these guys lined up outside the training room just getting pills every day because that's just what happens, that's “how you do it”.

It wreaks havoc on your body. In some cases guys are shitting blood — that's happened to me.”

As if shitting blood wasn’t a bad enough side effect, the others are far more devastating in the long term…

Considering the intense pain that results from being tossed around like a ragdoll by superhumans, many ex-NFL players develop a dependency on opioids that is impossible to sustain.

That’s why more and more players are coming out in support of cannabis to relieve much of the chronic pain they deal with.

“Vicodin and the Percocet, or whatever opiate it was I was taking at the time, made me feel totally insane, angry and irritable and increased my heart rate. It made it very difficult to sleep — I’m talking waking up at 3:00 in the morning with withdrawal symptoms like a knife is twisting in my gut with cold sweats, I was like, this is not something I want to take,” Britton told me.

“Cannabis just fit right in with that and made it a lot easier to deal with and cope with and I think really saved my life coming out of football. I have my brain intact for the most part, my body is intact for the most part.

I left all the pills and such behind me in my playing career.”

So the question is this — if cannabis can help someone who has gone through the grind of an NFL career, imagine what it could do for the average person dealing with chronic pain.

The answer is a lot...

Medical marijuana is about to open up massive markets for the millions of people out there suffering from ailments like chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, glaucoma, and epilepsy.

As an investor, this trend is simply too huge — and too untapped — for you to ignore. There are already 29 states that allow medical marijuana. More will follow. And unlike recreational reefer, medical marijuana is far more protected against any federal laws that attempt to crack down on the businesses.

My next target is Florida, where medical marijuana laws have just been relaxed.

As everyone knows, Florida’s demographics are ripe for medical marijuana. The state has a very old population with a litany of health issues that medical marijuana seeks to treat. Some estimates have put the Florida medical marijuana market to be upwards of $1 billion by 2020.

But that number may be very conservative. As the stigma continues to lift, more and more consumers will be moving towards treatment with medical cannabis.

Florida will be a huge market for medical marijuana. Here are the stats:

  • Population: 20,600,000
  • Market: $1.6 billion by 2020
  • Qualifying Patients: 6,065,927
  • Number of Licenses: 7

To put that in perspective, Canada — where I have seen my biggest cannabis gains — has approximately 800,000 people per license. Florida allows 3 million people per license. The profit potential is sky high right now...

In fact, I just recommended two medical marijuana operators in Florida to my Marijuana Manifesto readers.

I highly suggest reading my research on it before you miss out on this incredible opportunity. You can get my latest dispatch — as well as the two companies currently operating in Florida — right here.

If it's working for football players, just wait until the general population gives it a try. It is already happening and there will be no turning back


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