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Posted June 14, 2020

On Friday, we sent you this week’s top stories from Outsider Club! Check it out below:

Now’s the PERFECT Time to Buy Gold

Gold’s currently trading around $1,640 per ounce. But what if we told you something absolutely unbelievable? I know a play where you could buy gold for just $8.10 per ounce… It’s a secret loophole that allows access to some of the biggest gold deposits in the world for cents on the dollar. The world’s elite investors are ferociously dumping cash into it.


Record-Book Gold Gains Are Coming

We are at the beginning of a gold bull cycle. When they’re making gold newsletter promotions in 20 years… they’re going to be quoting today’s prices as the lows.

An Opportunity Get Crypto-Rich

You need to pay close attention — right now — because there’s a lot of money on the line. As you absorb the facts, mathematical proof, and the irrefutable evidence… You’ll see very quickly how this crypto move could easily hand you 23 TIMES your money. Quite frankly, we’ve never seen anything with this much potential and we’ve been in this business for over two decades.

Hydrogen Trains Keep Chugging Along

While we all remain focused on the pandemic and protests it is easy to let some of the most promising developments in energy and transportation fall to the wayside. Hydrogen fuel cells’ time is coming and the time to invest is already here.

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Could All 50 States Really Legalize Cannabis?

Times have changed, and quite suddenly. Covid-19 has done an incredible amount of damage this country — and states have been hit especially hard. They’re hemorrhaging money. And the outlook for state tax revenue continues to only get worse. This is where cannabis comes in: with the stroke of a pen, states can legalize cannabis and create a brand-new stream of tax revenue — instantly…


I’ve Never Seen a Gold Miner Like This One

Outsider Club editor and gold bug Gerardo Del Real talked to Magna Gold CEO Arturo Bonillas about the rapid and exciting developments at Magna Gold…


China’s Laser Attacks

Experts believe that attacks from China’s low-powered lasers are just practice runs for the real threat: a high-powered laser that can destroy anything in its path. The Pentagon has launched a $317 million response plan that will change U.S. defense forever…