Jesus, Babe Ruth, and the Future of Energy

Oh, the things I've found in California...

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted December 19, 2019

Every time I go to California for an investment trip, something amazing happens…

During my first trip, I flew into the John Wayne Airport, got into a taxi, and was immediately ushered to a nondescript warehouse. But it was no ordinary warehouse: it was filled with the most amazing treasures I had ever seen.

I inspected a signed Babe Ruth baseball bat...

I held a million-dollar stamp...

I even interviewed a Pawn Star.

The reason I flew across the country was to visit a company that dealt in high-end sports memorabilia. The company’s charts looked good. The growth was there. And the dividend has grown for years. On paper, I was rather confident about recommending it.

But I needed to see it for myself.

I walked away with the comfort and confidence to bring my readers the story and the recommendation. Today, my Crow's Nesters are up 152%... with a heavy dividend payout to boot. Had I not made that visit, I may have never recommended the stock.

But my other trips to the Golden State proved even more profitable...

I once flew into San Bernardino and ran — smack dab — into Jesus.

jimmy and pot jesus

He gave me a big hug and a handshake, and we both turned around to witness one of his "disciples" rolling up huge crucifix-shaped joints and selling them to the hungry throngs of supporters.

I personally found it rather blasphemous, but when it comes to investing, I'm completely agnostic. I talk to everybody involved in every sector I cover. That means everyone from stoners and janitors to CEOs and accountants. 

You see, I was in San Bernardino to speak at the largest cannabis conference in the world — the Cannabis Cup.

I ended up meeting several companies that handed my readers triple-digit gains. I walked through the circus of Rastas, skateboarders, and trust fund stoners in order to find the actual entrepreneurs. If you looked in the right places, the crowd wasn't just a bunch of basement dwellers growing marijuana. Many were legitimate companies — you just had to blend in, hit the pavement, and locate them.

Most investment desk-jockeys don't have the cojones to do that.

And while it was an honor to meet Jesus, the cannabis contacts I made were far more beneficial.

I banked:

  • 163% on a cannabis beverage producer
  • 269% on a cannabis hydroponics grower
  • 570% on a cannabis research firm
  • 582% on a cannabis greenhouse company

None of them would have been possible without multiple trips to California. But my most recent trip there was the most interesting trip of all…

You see, I just returned from yet another investment adventure.

I cruised down the Pacific Coast Highway — wind in my hair, sand on my feet, and the sunshine beaming down from above.

However, I was not riding in a vehicle that would look appropriate with a surfboard strapped to the roof.

My vehicle of choice was far quieter — and far more efficient. My trip took place in this baby:

Jimmy Fuel Cell

It has a range of more than 300 miles per tank and gets the equivalent of 79 miles per gallon. And it puts the many Teslas I passed to shame…

My “whip” ran on a weird form of fuel known as "Blue Gas."

Unlike typical electric vehicles, it doesn’t involve lithium or batteries or rare earths. It doesn’t involve solar, wind, water, biofuels, or any other form of renewable energy you’ve heard of.

And of course, it doesn’t involve oil, coal, or any other fossil fuel.

Best of all, it’s 100% emissions-free…

But I’m not banking on everyone driving one of these babies. I’m expecting this energy revolution to hit much larger targets.

Amazon and Walmart are buying up this technology for forklifts in their warehouses.

FedEx, UPS, and DHL are deploying it for their delivery vans.

But the biggest shift is coming to heavy-duty trucks; around $14 billion worth of "Blue Gas" semi-trucks have been ordered in the last year alone by the likes of U.S. Xpress, America’s largest shipping company.

You can watch the footage of my trip here.

While you may not actually feel the California breeze, the investment winds will be firmly behind you.


Jimmy Mengel

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