Investing in the Holidaze

Here's a present to buy yourself this year...

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted December 13, 2019

“I’ll be stoned for Christmas...”

While this tune hasn’t hit the heights of the Bing Crosby classic, the sentiment remains. Marijuana is a very popular gift during the holidays, so Santa better be careful about that smoke coming from the chimney.

This time of year, people are out to buy green trees of every kind.

I’ll stop the puns there (I had like five more).

The holiday season is the biggest time for cannabis sales. And the way that this market has gone this year, we can use any type of holiday cheer we can get.

Historically, marijuana sales peak during the holidays. It is especially high for edibles, which dovetails nicely with Canada’s recent adoption of Cannabis 2.0. That allows Canada to finally start selling the products that people want, and are totally appropriate for the holidaze…

That means gummies, beverages, vapes, and edibles.

Which is where we’re going to see the most growth next year.

Cannabis stocks are trading like stockings full of coal right now. Do yourself a favor and invest in the ghost of Christmas future.

Last year, Christmastime saw a week-over-week growth boost of around 15%. It's not the only holiday that benefited...

Green Wednesday — the day before Thanksgiving — had a 63% boost in spending, according to Headset.

Valentine’s Day this year saw 7% spikes in Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon. Edibles and infused products were particularly popular among Valentine’s Day shoppers — and that does include cannabis-based sexual products. Headset reported that sales of cannabis-infused bath salts were up 189% and massage oils and lubricants were up 88%.

Average individual sales for Valentine shoppers came in around $60, which is four times more than lovers were paying for chocolate.

The bottom line is that the more areas cannabis is sold in, the more people are going to buy the products. And next year will be the biggest international market that the sector has ever seen.

These are encouraging trends for Cannabis 2.0, and I have just the way to play it...

The timing couldn’t be better. As you can see, the cannabis world continues to change... and grow.

The North American cannabis industry is on its way from $9.2 billion today to a massive $47.3 billion in the years ahead.

And it’s going to continue to grow even more from there.

I just returned from an exclusive visit to an innovative company that is poised to play on all of these consumer trends: beverages, edibles, and vaporizers.

I have hundreds of photos, hours of video footage, and page after page of careful notes from my trip.

My tour began with my flight to Ottawa, the capital of Canada — a gorgeous city that hosts the very impressive Canadian Parliament building where cannabis was legalized only a year ago.

My driver picked me up early the next morning, and we drove for almost an hour until the road ended abruptly in a river.

Then, after a short wait on the riverbank, a small ferry appeared to take us across the water to the cannabis facility on the other side…

What I saw when I arrived was nothing short of astonishing.

I grilled the head grower about his plans for all of these tens of thousands of new plants.

I asked about humidity, air handlers, and plant rotation.

And I’m happy to report that we aren’t going to find anyone else more qualified to pull off this growth.

In fact, this company’s Master Grower is officially the best in the world... she won a 2019 award for Master Grower of the Year, as well as other industry accolades, making her globally recognized as #1.

Her system is unrivaled, and I took careful note of her attention to detail all throughout my tour.

Just take a look at this video footage.

Have a happy holiday season, however you choose to celebrate.


Jimmy Mengel

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