I Used to Live in a Tent

But I dreamed bigger...

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted May 22, 2020

I used to live in a tent, down by a lake...

It wasn't much to brag about, but I had everything I needed: a cot, a lantern, and a small transistor radio.

But after a while squatting in my tiny little tent, I realized that I couldn't live like that forever. I had dreams, damn it. Like owning my own home, entertaining guests, and cooking fancy meals. Perhaps one day I would even have a vacation home on a beautiful tropical island.

A boy can dream, can't he?

So I did what most ambitious people do. I started acquiring assets. With the help of a small axe, a flimsy fishing rod, and a basic net, I began harvesting all I could from the area around my humble tent. That meant chopping wood, catching valuable fish, and capturing rare insects.

Slowly but surely, all my hard work paid off.

Before long, I had saved enough for a bonafide house, complete with antique furniture, a refrigerator, and a fire pit. Now I can spend my days living it up in style at my island paradise.

It feels like another life from my humble tent days...

By the way, I'm not talking about my actual life here. I lived my rags-to-riches story virtually through the most popular video game of the coronavirus: Nintendo's Animal Crossing. This is the virtual life I've played out over the last week since I first wrote about Animal Crossing. In doing my due diligence for my recent video game investments, I realized that I really needed to see what all the fuss was about.

I think it's important to invest in things you use and understand and, frankly, I haven't sat around playing video games in quite some time. To my pleasant surprise, Animal Crossing is actually a lot of fun! While it sounds silly to wander around pulling weeds and shaking fruit from trees, it is rather calming and cathartic — which is a relief when you're stuck in your house with the kids for months on end.

It truly is the perfect game at exactly the perfect time. 

The other interesting thing about the quarantine is that I've found myself actually engrossed with watching my children play.

Now, I always thought the idea of sitting around watching other people play video games was ludicrous. I had heard about kids all over the world tuning into platforms like Twitch — which is an online community that hosts video game streaming — and I scoffed a bit. Don't these dweebs have anything better to do than sit online and watch other people play games that they could just play themselves?

But after watching how well video game stocks have done over the past few months, now I feel like an out of touch old curmudgeon. While video games have been a solid investment for years, we're about to see an exponential boom in the industry that could deliver some of the greatest profits we've seen in decades...

Right now, it is actually harder to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch than it is to get toilet paper. Nintendo's profits soared 200% in the fourth quarter. The stock is up 30% since the middle of March.

Now, those are very good numbers, but much of that growth is due to the coronavirus. I imagine that Nintendo will go back to being a slow and steady stock.

That's why I'm betting my money on the type of online streaming and viewing that I previously scoffed at. It's actually referred to as "eSports" and it has the potential to be even bigger and more profitable than actual sports. eSports are growing five times faster than any of the major sports.

Twitch, the most popular video game streaming platform, saw almost 1.5 billion gaming hours watched in April — that's a 50% bump since March. Currently, Twitch — which was bought by Amazon for almost a billion dollars — has over 100 million people watching every single month.

It’s the single-largest streaming platform on the planet.

Its viewership and channels have grown 10 times in the past decade.

But like I said, I'm not chasing the current Nintendo games and I'm not buying Amazon just because it owns Twitch. I've found three companies that are essentially unheard of — but could be leaders in the international eSports market starting in the next few months.

In fact, all three of them are up almost 20% already this year — and that's during a catastrophic economic situation. But it's peanuts compared to what will happen as eSports starts overtaking our other national pastimes like baseball and football.

I'm talking about a massive opportunity in the space. If eSports keeps growing at the current clip, we could feasibly see up to 8,200% gains in the coming years.

I just released an entire report that explains that astronomical figure in great detail.

You can watch right here.



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