How to Ride the AI Profit Wave

Written By Luke Sweeney

Posted February 14, 2023

The massive surge in AI-related news isn't just hype. This is going to be HUGE.

Just about every stock in the sector is posting incredible gains… but finding a company that will stay profitable in the long run is anything but easy. 

I hesitate to call this an AI bubble, but there will undoubtedly be some overhyped, overvalued stock picks that will inevitably crash and burn within mere months. 

Those are the money pits that will ensnare any investors who don't proceed cautiously. 

If you enter the jungle without a map, you could end up facing worse losses than the infamous dot-com bubble of the 1990s. 

Or you could end up putting your money with the safe plays — companies like Google or Microsoft. These giants will definitely make a killing off the AI boom, but how much of that money will end up in investors’ pockets?

Even if these mega-companies become the world leaders in AI, it would hardly bump up their already sky-high share prices. That’s not the type of investment we aim for at Outsider Club

Our game plan is to seek out the underdogs that have the potential to rival the industry leaders. It doesn't happen often, but these tiny microcaps sometimes hit it big and end up posting gains of 1,000% or more.

Imagine sinking a mere 100 bucks into a stock and making $10,000 in return — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this new AI wave…

You Could Retire From a Single Tech Play

Not only could you retire from the gains this technology offers, but AI could also one day make your job much easier. 

Are there any lawyers, medical doctors, or scientific researchers in the audience? AI is showing real promise at upgrading these jobs. 

We’re not at the level where these programs could completely replace a competent human, but AI is already working alongside some of the most highly trained people on Earth.

With a powerful AI assistant at their side, these top-tier professionals can work smarter and faster than ever before. It won't be long before these programs become a new standard in nearly every industry. 

That’s why everyone is freaking out about AI right now. I know ChatGPT might not blow you away with its bland responses, but we’ve hardly scratched the surface. The potential of these programs is truly incredible. 

Industrial robots have allowed workers to exponentially increase their productivity. In many cases, one employee can now do the work of 10. 

But once AI becomes ubiquitous in the workplace, one employee could potentially do the work of 20 or more. It’s like having a super-smart assistant that can blast through even the most tedious tasks with ease.

Our team is working to release a complete guide to investing in the AI industry — trust me, you won’t want to go in alone.

The industry itself is incredibly complicated and can be inaccessible to those who don’t fully understand AI. 

In fact, I’m sure some less-than-reputable companies are banking on the average investor’s lack of in-depth AI knowledge. All they have to do is claim to be the “next big thing,” and investors will fork over their life savings without a second thought. 

Don’t make those same mistakes. Very few of the companies in this sector will be able to sustain long-term growth. 

Keep a close eye out for any updates from Outsider Club. Our 100% free AI research presentation will be coming very soon.