High-Yield Dividend Stocks: Precious Metals Edition

Written By Luke Burgess

Posted September 20, 2023

Hey there, folks! Today we’re going to talk about three precious metal stocks with the highest-paying dividends right now. 

Investing in high-yield dividend stocks is a common move for those looking to invest while enjoying a steady stream of income. Precious metal stocks in particular offer a unique opportunity as safe havens during economic uncertainty. The companies we’ll explore today provide exposure to the potential appreciation of precious metals and also reward their investors with attractive dividend yields.

We’re going to cover the highest-dividend-paying gold, silver, and platinum group metal stocks on the market right now. Let's dive in.

First up, we've got B2Gold Corp. (TSX: BTO).


B2Gold is a leading player in the gold mining industry. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and it operates several gold mines globally, including locations in Mali, Namibia, and the Philippines.

B2Gold has a reputation for efficient mining operations and exploration, making it a prominent name in the gold sector.

As of the most recent data available, B2Gold offers a substantial annual dividend yield of 5.05%. This isn’t much higher than some of the company's competitors. DRDGOLD Limited (NYSE: DRD), for example, currently has a dividend of 4.94%. Meanwhile, Caledonia Mining (NYSEAMERICAN: CMCL) is paying 4.97%.

Now, let's talk silver with Pan American Silver (NYSE: PAAS).


Pan American Silver is a prominent player in the silver mining industry. Based in Vancouver, Canada, it has operations in various countries, including Mexico, Peru, and Argentina. Last year, the company saw consolidated silver production of 18.5 million ounces, making it the fourth-largest silver producer in the world.

Compared with gold companies, silver companies pay much lower dividends. Nevertheless, with an annual yield of 2.47%, Pan American Silver’s payout is significantly higher than its next dividend competitor, Fresnillo (LSE: FRES), which is paying just over 2%.

Up next is Sibanye Stillwater (NYSE: SBSW), a heavyweight in platinum group metals (PGMs) mining.


The company is based in South Africa and has diversified operations that include platinum, palladium, rhodium, and gold mining. Sibanye Stillwater's presence in the PGM sector positions it well to benefit from the growing demand for these metals in various industries, including automotive and jewelry. 

The company offers a compelling dividend yield of 5.67%, making it an attractive investment choice for those interested in PGMs and dividends.

Just for good measure, I also want to add a copper stock to our list of high-dividend-paying stocks, even though copper is not a precious metal.

Southern Copper (NYSE: SCCO) is a major player in the copper mining industry. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and operates primarily in Peru and Mexico.


Copper is a vital industrial metal used in various applications, including electronics and construction. Southern Copper's strategic locations and efficient operations contribute to its position in the copper market. Currently, the company offers a significant dividend yield of 5.01%, making it an appealing option for investors interested in copper and dividends.

To wrap it up, these four companies are your golden ticket to the world of precious metals with a dividend twist. B2Gold, with that 5.05% annual dividend yield, is your go-to for gold mining. Pan American Silver, bringing a 2.47% dividend yield to the table, shines in the silver scene. Sibanye Stillwater, rocking a 5.67% dividend yield, is the PGM specialist. And don't forget Southern Copper, with its 5.01% dividend yield, dominating the copper industry.