Gold vs. the Mainstream

Written By Ryan Stancil

Posted August 15, 2020

See what the mainstream does and then do the opposite. 

It’s fair to say that’s been a guiding principle here at the Outsider Club since the beginning, and it’s one that has served the readers well. 

With headlines that have been popping up recently, it might be time to remind you that going against the grain could be the best choice you can make financially in these strange times we live in. 

The Golden Opportunity 

Mainstream media outlets, generally speaking, toe the line when it comes to reporting on anything related to finance. 

If the Fed fires up the printing presses for another round of QE, they make sure it’s front-page news you know about. 

When companies reported record profit, mainstream outlets celebrated. It didn’t matter if the reason was that they were buying back their own shares to make the balance sheets look better. 

When they caught a whiff of a stock market rally, they used it to remind you that the economy was doing just fine. 

It happened earlier this week, when markets came roaring back from a slump. The S&P came within view of the all-time high it established in February. On the surface, this was because of another incoming round of economic stimulus here in the U.S. and hopes of a vaccine for COVID-19 becoming available sooner rather than later. 

Let’s ignore the fact that the only real movement on stimulus was a series of executive orders that ultimately fall short of providing any real relief for the more than 30 million Americans who are out of work. 

Let’s ignore the fact that one bit of “good” vaccine news was that Russia will be putting a relatively untested vaccine into mass production. The other was that the government inked a deal with a major biotech company for doses of the vaccine it’s working on if it proves to be effective. 

So long as the market climbs, the reason why doesn’t really seem to matter. 

And this past week has shown that these outlets will uphold that belief while trying to discredit alternatives. 

In the same breath that they celebrated the record high of the S&P, many sites and publications seemed to revel in the pullback of gold prices. They called it a plunge, a huge sell-off, and even a crash. Whatever term they used, it felt like a subtle calling out of anyone who favored gold over more easily controlled broad markets. 

Gold did drop in price, that can’t be ignored. The reason behind it can be and often is. 

This sort of correction in a climbing gold price is normal in a bull market. It often happens because people are taking the profits they’ve made since the bull began charging. 

You might find that some publications mention that. If they do, however, it’s buried by cheerleading for the recent market rally. 

Like I said, they toe the line. 

This is good for gold investors for two reasons, though. It presents the opportunity to pick up cheaper shares before they begin climbing again. It also shows that the recent price movements aren’t built on false hope like we’ve been seeing with the broader market in recent years.  

Ignore the Noise

Whether they want to acknowledge it or not, gold is one of the few investments that make sense now or in the near future to both protect wealth and grow it. 

But not every company in the space is a winner, even with the bull market. 

There are a lot of different ways to play gold, but some are better than others. And there’s one pick in particular that’s in position to benefit from the bull market while the broader market continues with its volatile streak. 

Learn the details, build your gold nest egg, and never have to worry about what the mainstream is pitching again. 

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