Gold Always Tests Positive

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Posted October 2, 2020

Humans have always counted on solidarity — and solidity — for survival.

You’ve no doubt been inundated this morning with stories of President Donald Trump’s overnight diagnosis. So have I.

And with this “breaking” story in its beak, the news cycle is busy chomping its way through sensational headlines. 

The markets are reeling and they’re likely to flop around for a while.

But the things on my mind this morning are far older. And far more enduring.

The first is solidarity.

Despite the ugly political rhetoric, it’s not all partisan drama. 

We’ve seen neighbors helping neighbors, in big ways and small. We’re in a collective battle against a disease. Just as previous generations were during the Influenza Epidemic of 1918. And smallpox before. And all the way back to the Black Plague. 

Humans have survived all of these, and we’ll survive this one, too.

And the second is solidity.

Each and every time a plague shows up in history, we see a rise in the value of gold — not just the metal, but also what it means for our survival.

This particular morning I’m reminded of the philosophy of Sir Isaac Newton. Not the science guy, but the gold guy. 

He endured several plagues and several times he was forced to leave his experiments behind and quarantine in the countryside far away from London.

But what most people forget is that in the aftermath of these uncertain times he was asked to take care of the one thing that hadn’t changed through it all: gold.

The famous Isaac Newton was appointed Master of the Mint in 1699. But he wasn’t there for science. In the wake of disease and disaster, he was appointed to his post to remind a weary people that tomorrow wasn’t lost.

Humans would continue to survive. And so would their hard work — if they took care to back it up with hard currency. The post-plague success of London is due to gold.

And the reason humans have always fallen back on gold during times of uncertainty is precisely because it’s old and solid and steady. 

It’s a geologic rarity that shines even when rocks crumble. 

It’s our stake in a more permanent state of being. 

And more than ever, it’s finding a prominent place in our current history.

Gold has soared to historical highs in the last month. 

And whatever is ahead, you can be certain that gold will preserve (and grow) everything you’ve put your time into.

My colleagues Nick Hodge and Gerardo del Real have spent more than a decade enriching their futures through gold. 

They made money on gold back in 2008 (in the midst of a crushing financial crisis) and in the middle of this pandemic, they’ve seen bigger returns this year than any year before.

We’re in the midst of a Sir Isaac Newton-level rebirth of gold — and today it’s needed more than ever.

Stay strong,

John Carl
Contributing Editor, Outsider Club

John Carl is regular contributor to Outsider Club and a financial analyst based in Charlottesville, VA. His financial career began in 2009, when he made early successful calls on Netflix, Chipotle, and Green Mountain Coffee. Today he covers precious metals, cannabis, technology, and bio-technology. You can follow John on Twitter.

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