China’s Powder Keg Is Ready to Blow

Written by Luke Sweeney
Posted April 11, 2023

The CCP’s ever-increasing crescendo of military action has escalated about as far as it can possibly go. 

Last week, U.S. Navy sources reported that China is literally simulating aircraft carrier strikes against Taiwan. The three days of scheduled “exercises” included aerial and naval blockages and precision aircraft attacks. 

You know, exactly like the type China would use against Taiwan. 

It’s the military equivalent of something I experienced frequently growing up with three siblings... 

not touching you

Only instead of a mild annoyance, it’s the constant threat of invasion from a far more powerful nation. China’s aggression has been looming in the distance for years now. 

A full-scale invasion of Taiwan has never been more likely than it is now. 

China’s tech industry, one of its most jealously guarded assets, is under siege from all sides. The U.S., Japan, and the Netherlands have all agreed to restrict exports of something China absolutely can’t survive without: advanced chipmaking equipment. 

But two can play at that game. While these three nations dominate one industry, China dominates hundreds

China’s obvious, inevitable retaliation will no doubt be against Taiwan. Without access to lithography machines to etch microscopic pathways onto silicon chips, manufacturing advanced parts for smartphones and supercomputers is impossible. 

Unfortunately for Taiwan, that makes its expertise priceless in China’s eyes. 

With Taiwan’s world-class chipmaking facilities and intellectual property in its clutches, Chinese companies would control every step of the manufacturing process. 

Plenty of other companies can make advanced chips, too. China will still face some competition there. 

But one critical resource, used for everything from mechanical pencils to space shuttle parts, is almost 100% dominated by China. 

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Your smartphone, computer, tablet, car, microwave, and anything else with a battery all contain significant amounts of this stuff. If China wanted to, it could shut down the entire global economy in an instant. 

It won’t matter who has the shiniest new equipment once China has control of Taiwan. The raw material shortage would send America’s tech industry back to the Stone Age. 

The Most Desperate Resource Race in History?

Unsurprisingly, Elon Musk has been at the forefront of this mineral scramble. As the owner of the world's largest EV company, he stands to either win or lose the most from the outcome. 

He just signed a major deal with a mining company that we’ve been tracking for months now. After seeing this team get the Musk seal of approval, we decided to dive in deeper. 

This company owns the largest mineral deposit outside of China. It has an unshakable legal grip on what will soon become the most important property on Earth. 

Lowball estimates say this reserve is worth a ridiculous $58 billion — and it’s all just waiting to be mined. 

Better yet, it’s completely out of China’s reach. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still a newcomer to the arcane art of investing in minerals and miners. It’s an ancient and complex field with more unseen variables than perhaps any other.

That’s why I’ve been doing exactly what you should do: consulting with the experts!

Our resident mining extraordinaire is my fellow editor Luke Burgess. I’ve been using his exhaustive library of free research materials to slowly but surely become an expert myself.

There’s no better time to follow his advice. We’re about to witness a major global event here — it will be catastrophic at best. 

The blood hasn’t started flowing in the streets yet, but now is the ideal time to invest. You'll thank me later.

To your wealth,

Luke Sweeney
Contributor, Outsider Club

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