Cannabis Stocks Are Back, Baby

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted February 5, 2021

After years of boom and bust, cannabis stocks are back in a big way.

All of my positions are up double digits over the last few weeks. It's been a great start to the year. Just look at this chart from The Cannabis ETF (NYSEARCA :THCX):

It's up 68% since the start of the year. This ETF holds large cannabis companies like Canopy Growth, Cronos, and Aphria. I've already made high triple-digit (and quadruple-digit) returns on all of those companies over the past few years.

Now people are finally getting to the party, and it will make my previous gains look like peanuts.

In fact, just the other day I had several subscribers contact me with wonderful feedback on one of my positions. They had made triple digits on one of my last recommendations. I have to share this one...

Good morning Jimmy,

I wanted to thank you for the fabulous advice regarding the purchase of [the recommended] stock. I have great confidence in your advice so I scraped some funds together and purchased 2,000 shares at $1.70 USD per share about two weeks ago. Today we are up 83.7%. I will probably sell half and use proceeds for clothing for the homeless. I will hold the other half. Thanks always for your generosity and wonderful advice.

Much appreciated and helps so many.

— R.G.K.

That warms my heart and is the reason I do this. I want to make sure you guys and gals are making money — and use it for whatever good is in your own hearts. 

We're off to the races, and the start of 2021 looks to be only the beginning of a very strong rally...

Much of this is because of the new Biden administration, which has made clear that they'll be considering deregulation of cannabis as a Schedule I drug — alongside heroin and cocaine.

They are already plotting their moves.

On Tuesday, three Democratic senators — led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — said they would make cannabis reform legislation a major priority in Congress.

The hope is for an end to federal prohibition.

In a joint statement, Schumer, Sen. Ron Wyden, and Sen. Cory Booker said that they would introduce legislation in the coming weeks.

In the early part of this year, we will release a unified discussion draft on comprehensive reform to ensure restorative justice, protect public health, and implement responsible taxes and regulations. Getting input from stakeholder groups will be an important part of developing this critical legislation.

This could happen sooner than you think.

When it does, it means that we could see many cannabis stocks flood into institutional investing like ETFs and retirement funds. That would put millions in the coffers of cannabis companies and legitimize the businesses. I think it's funny, retirement-wise, because years ago I told my father about Canopy Growth after making one of my first investment trips there and he kind of laughed it off.

He was close to retirement at the time.

When I talked to him a few years later about the massive gains I got on the stock, he confided in me that he had bought shares too. As did a few of his friends. They are now laughing all the way to the bank — my Crow's Nest readers could have made 3,200% on that trade.

We are now witnessing the second boom for cannabis stocks, and it's going to start right here in the USA.

2021 should be the single biggest year for the cannabis market — and cannabis stocks — that we've ever seen. Cannabis sales hit a record $18 billion this year, an almost 40% increase. Experts are predicting $24 billion in 2021 — without factoring in federal legislation or new markets.

I’ve just returned from an exclusive visit to another innovative cannabis company. And it operates right here in the U.S.

I brought my camera, a video guy, and a notebook full of hardball interview questions.

As I’ll show you in detail, this company has everything it needs to deliver a Canopy-sized return...

I have hundreds of photos, hours of video footage, and page after page of careful notes from my trip.

And I’d like to share all of it with you today


Jimmy Mengel

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