Cannabis Hits Europe

Hot takes from the European Cannabis Symposium...

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted May 9, 2019

I'm writing to you from what has been called the happiest place in the world: Copenhagen, Denmark.

It's a beautiful, sprawling, historic city covered in lush parks and bustling with Danes zipping around town on bicycles. But I'm not here to sightsee...

I'm here to uncover the next wave of cannabis legalization.

I am attending the first annual European Cannabis Symposium, which has brought together breakthrough cannabis companies, politicians, and scientists from all across Europe.

While we've already seen widespread legalization in the United States and Canada, the cannabis market in Europe is only just getting started. And based on what I've witnessed here, there is going to be a groundswell of new opportunities for investors as the green wave washes onto European shores...

Unlike Canada and the U.S., the focus in Europe is completely medicinal. Many European countries have been skeptical of cannabis in the past, but that appears to be changing rapidly as more and more research is emerging to support cannabis' ability to improve and even save the lives of the patients here.

I spoke with Ellen Trane Nørby, Denmark's Minister of Health, and she said that she was a cannabis skeptic herself until she heard firsthand from a young man whose life was completely changed by medical cannabis.

Jeben was a 27-year-old man working as an electrician when he was struck by a high-voltage current, shocking him almost to death. Upon his recovery, he tried everything to deal with the pain and depression resulting from his tragic accident, but nothing was working. Many days he would simply spend all day in a dark room.

But then he tried black market cannabis and it completely turned his life around.

“He was able to be a human being again,” Nørby recalled. “He told me he could finally pick up his daughter from kindergarten again. When I speak to people like Jeben, I knew we didn't have any more time to wait. This cannabis is an innovation that can help our patients. It's about dignity of life.”

That's when she became an advocate for expanding medical cannabis in Denmark. Now Denmark has been opening up more medical dispensaries and cultivating more and more cannabis.

Jeben wasn't the only story I've heard here about lives being transformed by medical marijuana...

A New Zealand transplant to Copenhagen shared his own cannabis success story with me. Like so many today, he was deep in the throes of an opioid addiction after suffering a back injury. He told me that he was on the verge of losing his family and his life.

An addiction doctor convinced him to give medical cannabis a shot.

“I thought he was crazy,” he told me. “There is no way that something small like weed could possibly compete with the opioids I was taking.”

But miraculously, within a month, he had weaned off his pills completely.

“It honestly saved my life.”

During a break in the European Cannabis Symposium, I stopped in a quaint local cafe for lunch. The kindly owner asked me what brought me to Denmark, and I explained why I was here.

“Cannabis!” he shouted with glee. “My mother — 80 years old — takes cannabis now, and I've never seen her so happy. At one point she was taking four morphine pills every single day. Now...not a one! Remarkable, isn't it.”

I ran into these amazing stories all across Copenhagen. Skeptics that have completely changed their minds. Now the politicians are doing the same.

There are currently hundreds of millions of investment dollars going into places like Denmark and Germany. I met with global leaders from the big three Canadian cannabis companies: Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC), Aphria (NYSE: APHA), and Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB). They all have European outposts now and are hoping to supply the countries with their sophisticated cannabis strains tailored to specific medical ailments.

It's not every day as an investor that you can make money from something as life affirming and positive as medical marijuana. It's saving lives of patients and making a fortune for those bold enough to put their money into a business that was illegal for years.

Like Minister Nørby told me: “The time is now.”

I believe that this medical cannabis company has the best shot for investors and for life-saving treatments the likes of which we've never seen.


Jimmy Mengel

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