Batteries Now Obsolete? The “Tesla Killer” Is Here

Written By Jimmy Mengel

Updated January 13, 2020

Plus: The tiny stock behind the engine technology that’s making it possible. And why it’s set to trade higher than Tesla within the next few months.

Hi, this is Jimmy Mengel.

I’m here at an unusual gas station outside the Port of Long Beach, California.

Jimmy Filling Up

I say “unusual” because unlike the gas stations right down the road…

It doesn’t pump oil or fossil fuels.

It costs next to nothing to fill up your tank.

And 18-wheeler semi-trucks from the port now stop here every day to fill up and go.

All without a single carbon emission.

This is completely clean, zero-emission fuel.

Funny enough…

On the road out here you’ll see more Priuses and Teslas than in any other city in America. But this has nothing to do with either.

In fact, here at this unknown site, salt-of-the-earth truck drivers are making the carbon-free energy revolution possible.

You see, this gas station is at the epicenter of a $2.5 trillion revolution in energy.

One that involves a weird form of fuel known as “Blue Gas.”

And the thing is…

It doesn’t involve lithium or batteries or rare earths.

It doesn’t involve solar, wind, water, biofuels, or any other form of renewable energy you’ve heard of.

And of course it doesn’t involve oil, coal, or any other fossil fuel.

Best of all, it’s 100% emissions free…

It takes moments to fill up…

And it’s 300% more powerful than oil.

In fact, in just one minute you can pump your tank full….

And drive for weeks without refilling.

Even if you’re driving a massive semi-truck!

In fact, since this video began, I’ve already completely filled my tank full of “Blue Gas.”

If this were a Tesla, I’d be here for a few more hours. Maybe all day.

But this took just a few moments.

Now I’m ready to hit the road.

This is just one reason why it’s promising to make Tesla obsolete.

Why this is the “dark horse” in the clean energy race…

And why investors who act quickly stand to make more gains than buying Tesla pre-IPO.

tcn fuel cell tesla

Think about that.

Before Tesla IPO’d in 2010, it traded at $17 per share…

If you bought in then you’d now be sitting on gains of 2,058%.

In nine years’ time.

On the other hand…

tcn fuel cell tesla2

My research shows that one $3 stock at the epicenter of the “Blue Gas” revolution is set to trade higher than Tesla.

Delivering earth-shattering gains of 11,666%.

Not nine years down the road. Or even five years.

A massive catalyst in the next few months, that I’ll reveal today, is ready to launch its share price vertical.

Stay tuned.

You’ll get all the details on what is being called the “Tesla Killer” in the next few moments. “Blue Gas” is quietly emerging as the champion of the electric vehicle revolution.

Behind all of the Tesla hype…

It’s entered the mainstream fold in recent months.

And since then, it’s already powering everything…

Taking tons of market share that Tesla will never get back.

In warehouses owned by Amazon, Walmart, McDonalds, and BMW, 6 in 10 forklifts are now powered by “Blue Gas.”

Toyota Fuel Cell

27 trains in Germany

Fuel cell train

BMW’s new hexacopter!

bmw helicopter

100 buses that Japan plans to deploy for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

fuel cell bus

Even the 2020 Olympic Torch!

Olympic Torch Blue Gas

All are powered by “Blue Gas.”

But the biggest shift is coming to heavy-duty trucks.

Around $14 billion worth of semi-trucks have been ordered in the last year alone.

Including by the likes of U.S. Xpress, America’s largest shipping company.

And Ryder — the largest rental truck company.

blue gas truck 1

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, two of the nation’s largest shipping points, are now deploying a fleet of “Blue Gas” trucks…

blue gas truck 2

So are DHL

DHL fuel cell


FedEx Blue gas

And UPS.

FedEx Blue Gas

Budweiser Rejects Tesla… Chooses “Blue Gas” Trucks Instead

The Budweiser company Anheuser-Busch is now planning a complete makeover of its truck fleet. It wants to be completely emission-free in the next few years.

And it’s using “Blue Gas” to make that transition possible.

That’s why the beer giant recently bought 800 tractor trailers fueled by “Blue Gas.”

That’s almost the entire company’s shipping fleet.

Budweiser blue gas

And get this…

Just to round it out, it purchased a mere 40 trucks from Tesla.

In other words, Budweiser made a deal for “Blue Gas” trucks 20 times bigger than the one with Tesla. This shows one thing…

When it comes to heavy-duty trucking power, “Blue Gas” beats Tesla hands down.

The truck makers know it. Tesla knows it. The world is about to know it.

Soon almost every truck you see on the road hauling brew, moving homes, shipping furniture…

They’ll all be powered by “Blue Gas.” And this is just the beginning…

Today there are only 11,000 vehicles powered by “Blue Gas.” We’re on the ground floor.

But according to the big car giants…

There will be over 10 million “Blue Gas” vehicles on the road in the next few years.

That’s a stunning 90,900% sales growth surge.

And then, from there, the number grows exponentially.

In fact, the car giants project 400 million vehicles powered by “Blue Gas” within the next two decades.

tcn fuel cell annual

Just to give you an idea of how transformative this is…

In 1908, the first Model Ts rolled out of the factories of Detroit. And 20 years later…

There were 23 million cars and three million trucks sold worldwide.

In other words…

This historic rollout is set to happen 16 times faster than the original growth of cars!

tcn fuel cell modelt

And this is already underway…

Just a few years ago, there were virtually no “Blue Gas” stations. Today, there are 300 worldwide.

But as more gas stations switch from serving oil to “Blue Gas”…

That number is projected to surge to over 5,000 in a few short years.

tcn fuel cell blue gas stations

So right now we are on the precipice of the biggest energy and auto transformation in the history of the world.

This is why some of the world’s richest investors are backing up the truck on “Blue Gas” and the technology behind it.

Bezos Takes on Musk: Tech Titans Clash Over “Blue Gas”

Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos put down $70 million in a “Blue Gas” technology stock.

In exchange, he now deploys this technology to power thousands of forklifts in Amazon’s massive warehouses.

Bill Gates partnered with Mercedes-Benz to power billion-dollar data centers with “Blue Gas.”

Hyundai is putting down $6.7 billion in the technology behind it.

And believe it or not…

The world’s biggest oil giants see the writing on the wall. They’re hemorrhaging market share as we speak. And they’re racing to stop the bleeding.

That’s why oil giant Saudi Aramco is working with Hyundai to build “Blue Gas” stations in the Arabian peninsula.

The first new station just opened right in the heart of the biggest oil producing region in the country.

Big Oil giants Shell and Total joined a mega-consortium investing $10 billion in the “Blue Gas” revolution.

They’re opening new gas stations that replace oil with “Blue Gas.” Just like this one here.

Blue gas pump

That’s right…

This is coming to a gas station in your neighborhood.

A gas station that no longer pumps fossil fuels.

And the reasons why are clear:

Unlike batteries… the engine technology behind “Blue Gas” is:

Safe and non-explosive.

Takes under five minutes to refill.

Lasts days or even weeks.

And it’s incredibly lightweight.

In the race for clean trucks, trains, and buses, “Blue Gas” is second to none.

It does what no battery possibly can:

It powers heavy-duty autos with pure, clean energy. All without compromising power, speed, or range.

This is the missing half of the trillion-dollar electric vehicle revolution — the half that Tesla won’t get.

Right now, car giants like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, General Motors, Hyundai, Audi, and Honda are in a race to dominate the market for zero-emission trucks.

And they’re using this fuel to make it happen.

As you’d imagine, Elon Musk is outraged.

In fact, he’s tweeted multiple times, dismissing “Blue Gas.”

But the writing is on the wall…

In fact, the shift to “Blue Gas” just went into full acceleration mode.

China’s “Elon Musk” Greenlights Shift from Batteries to “Blue Gas”

All thanks to a high-ranking official in China’s energy department some call China’s “Elon Musk.”

Since this man spearheaded the historic rollout of clean energy in China, he’s become known as the “godfather of electric vehicles.”

But there have been some bumps in the road…

The Chinese have spent billions on lithium-battery-powered buses, but the results were disappointing….

The buses take forever to power and the charge hardly lasts.

They can’t go up hills with giant batteries weighing them down.

When it comes to zero-emission trucks, buses, and vans…

Lithium batteries just won’t cut it.

That’s why China’s “Elon Musk.” recently made a stunning announcement…

In short, he called for a complete shift in China to “Blue Gas.”

And when this guy speaks, the Chinese government acts.

After all, he was responsible for the country’s electric car revolution to begin with.

The Chinese are committing a stunning $66 billion to back “Blue Gas.”

In fact, the world’s largest “Blue Gas” station just opened in Shanghai.

This marks a historic turning point.

One that’s going to make “Blue Gas” the powerhouse of the multitrillion-dollar electric car revolution.

Even utilities are getting on board…

Duke Energy, America’s largest electricity provider, just made a $250 million deal on “Blue Gas” power.

It’s now set to power businesses in four states without fossil fuels.

Cummins, the largest diesel engine maker, just made a $290 million buyout on a “Blue Gas” company…

One that builds “Blue Gas” power plants worldwide.

There’s only one reason why it would make this move…

Because it’s a real threat to the internal combustion engine!

Today you’ll see full details on the technology that’s not just making the “Blue Gas” revolution possible.

It’s poised to make fossil fuels obsolete.

Send lithium batteries to the dustbins of history.

And dominate the electric car revolution.

You’ll see how it’s not only creating a world of clean, endless energy. It’s set to create…

  • A $2.5 trillion market.
  • 30 million new middle-class jobs.
  • And a whole new wave of millionaires.

In a moment, you’ll see why the “Blue Gas” revolution is taking off now and full details on the wealth at stake.

You’ll see how “Blue Gas” stocks are already taking off in 2019…

And the major catalyst that’s going to put “Blue Gas” at the forefront of the electric car revolution.

You’ll get details on the $3 tech stock that first began this revolution 40 years ago.

How it made mass adoption of this technology possible.

And why its shares could soon be trading higher than Tesla (which now trades for around $350).

In fact, and you can quote me on this, this is more lucrative than buying Tesla pre-IPO!

Imagine if you had a shot to turn back time and get in on Tesla before it went public.

Imagine if you could book millionaire-minting gains no matter how much you invested.

That’s the opportunity we’re seeing today, only potentially bigger, with the $3 tech stock pioneering the “Blue Gas” revolution.

But before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself in full. And how…

I Find the Trillion-Dollar Megatrends And The Future “Blue chips” Long Before Anyone Else

Again, my name is Jimmy Mengel.

I’m a senior analyst at Outsider Club, where I run two research services, The Crow’s Nest and The Marijuana Manifesto.

If my name sounds familiar it’s because I became famous for being one of the first on the red-hot marijuana megatrend.

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I saw marijuana’s potential to replace dangerous opioids and become a leading form of medicine…

One that could make Big Pharma obsolete.

And most importantly, I identified and recommended top marijuana plays on the very ground floor.

All of this long before “marijuana mania” set in and pot stocks surged for overnight 10x, 100x, and even 1,000x gains.

tcn fuel cell canopy

One of these was Canopy Growth Corp, a little-known $1 pot stock at the time, that’s now become something of a household name in the marijuana space. Some may even call it the “pot blue chip.”

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tcn fuel cell cronos

It jumped to $8 in a few months… then $12…

And at the end of 2018, Big Tobacco made a $35 billion bet on the company…

One that sent its shares roaring to $25.

That’s a 1,000% gain on another marijuana blue chip.

There’s a cannabis biotech, In-Med Pharmaceuticals, I recommended for just $0.21. And it surged to $0.60, $1.06, and hit a high of $1.74.

tcn fuel cell inmed

That’s a 728% gain.

And the cannabis REIT, Innovative Industrial Properties, that I recommended at $15. It’s now trading above $120.

tcn fuel cell iipr

That’s a 700% gain.

All of these gains are very recent. Most happened within the last year or so.

It’s all because I identified the megatrend of marijuana legalization well ahead of the crowd.

I put my boots on the ground and went directly to the sites of the top marijuana companies.

And most importantly, I got my readers in early.

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Here’s what reader Chris B. was willing to say on record:

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Here’s what Cless K. said…

“Bought in on Canadian and UK marijuana stocks about a year ago and have almost doubled my money! I can only see it getting better. In for the long haul.”

Now get this…

I firmly believe that in the next 6-12 months, “Blue Gas” technology will mint more millionaires than marijuana…

This Is More Lucrative Than Any Pot Stock I’ve Recommended

Even more than Bitcoin and other cryptos…

That’s because it’s moving to the epicenter of the trillion-dollar electric vehicle revolution…

A historic trillion-dollar energy shift that’s already transforming the way that millions power their cars…

And if there’s one thing we can say for sure about the history of energy, it’s this:

Those who buy in while its early, on the ground floor, become richer than they can possibly imagine.

No matter how much you invest.

You don’t need a lot of money to make it happen. The only thing you need is this:


That’s how you’ll see through the shiny hype of Tesla…

Recognize the new “dark horse” energy technologies. Plus the innovative companies behind them.

And make historic gains from the little-known technologies that are transforming the global energy mix.

I’m talking about riding a stunning 90,920% sales surge that’s now underway all the way to the top.

In just a moment, I’ll share with you the details on the $3 stock at the epicenter of this revolution.

As mentioned, it’s the pioneer of this “Blue Gas” revolution that’s now changing everything.

But before I do, you’re probably wondering…

“What is blue gas exactly?” And why is this happening right now?

Let me explain…

Replacing the Internal Combustion Engine

It has to do with the biggest yet least-known engine breakthrough in history.

That many are saying is on the cusp of making the internal combustion engine “obsolete.”

150 years ago, the internal combustion engine changed everything.

Before then, there wasn’t much use for oil beyond lighting and heat.

Several decades later, it made the auto revolution possible, leading to Henry Ford’s “Model T” and the rise of oil as the dominant form of energy.

The middle class and the high tide of American prosperity was birthed in Detroit’s auto factories.

And every single $50 invested in Ford turned into a million-dollar windfall. All early investors became known as “Detroit millionaires” no matter how much they invested.

But there was another part of the story…

Few know that this other kind of non-oil engine was actually invented 50 years earlier.

There were once plans to make it the center of all transportation. And if it wasn’t for the discovery of oil and the internal combustion engine, it likely would now be in every car, truck, and plane.

That’s what could have been. But we don’t have to wonder “what if”…

Because that is exactly what is about to happen…

You see, due to new technological innovations, it’s now reentering the fold…

Now we’re about to see the return of the “American Dream.”

Made in America

Recently GM and Honda invested $85 million in a new car factory in Michigan. It’s going to create hundreds, perhaps thousands of middle-class jobs, all employed for good wages, pensions, and fully covered health insurance.

But unlike the factories that GM opened 100 years ago in this same area…

This plant isn’t producing vehicles that run on oil or fossil fuels. Nor battery-powered electric vehicles like Tesla.

They run on “Blue Gas” technology instead.

And this is just a sign of things to come.

After all, it’s poised to create…

  • A $2.5 trillion market.
  • 30 million new middle-class jobs.
  • And a whole new wave of millionaires.

Much like the original factories opened by Ford and GM 100 years ago.

But the biggest winners won’t be the big car giants…

Or even the producers of “Blue Gas”…

It will be the ground-floor technology companies that are putting “Blue Gas” at the center of the energy mix.

They’re innovating the engine of the future that’s rendering batteries and Tesla obsolete.

I’m talking about fuel cells.

Endless Energy Without Losing Charge!

Hydrogen Fuel CellUnder the Hood

If you know fuel cells, you know these are engines that harness hydrogen, the world’s most abundant element, what I’ve been calling “Blue Gas.”

Hydrogen is literally everywhere, all around us, and can be produced in tons of different ways.

When it binds with oxygen, hydrogen generates a chemical reaction.

And much like batteries, fuel cells convert the power generated from the chemical reaction into usable electricity.

But unlike batteries… which degrade with each charging cycle…

These never lose their ability to charge!

They don’t need to recharge either. As long as there’s hydrogen in the tank…

Your car “recharges” as you drive.

And as mentioned, it takes just five minutes to refill your tank. All for cheaper than gas.

Fuel cells aren’t just more efficient than the internal combustion engine…

They are much cleaner. 

fuel cell water

In fact, besides electricity, the only other byproduct is… water. And it’s clean enough to drink!

tcn fuel cell diagram

It’s simple how it works…

  1. Hydrogen is stored in the cell as compressed gas.
  2. There are two parts to the fuel cell: the cathode and the anode.
  3. As the hydrogen enters the anode side, it’s stripped of its electrons, which generate an electrical current.
  4. The hydrogen then passes to the cathode side, where it binds with both oxygen and the electrons.
  5. The hydrogen and oxygen are released from the tailpipe as water vapor.

The resulting electricity powers the motor.

As mentioned, fuel cell technology isn’t new. It’s older than the engine.

In the 1960s, fuel cells powered the Apollo and Gemini space capsules. They not only fueled the flights to the moon…

They also provided the crew’s drinking water.

Around the same time, they began seeing use in submarines belonging to the U.S. and German navies.

Since fuel cells are so quiet and self-sustaining…

It not only makes the submarines super stealthy. It also allows them to stay under water for several weeks at a time without re-emerging.

But except for a few “niche” markets like submarines or spacecraft, fuel cells weren’t used much.

They simply weren’t inexpensive and small enough for everyday cars and trucks.

In 1987, everything changed.

One energy legend, now known as the “father of fuel cell technology”, made a historic discovery that put…

Fuel Cells on the Inevitable Path to Energy Dominance

Similar to the discovery of the internal combustion engine in 1869…

That became essential to Ford Motors’ historic “Model T” rollout 40 years later…

This energy legend’s discovery is now entering the mainstream fold.

And get this…

He also founded a company that publicly trades for $3 and is leading the global charge for hydrogen fuel cells.

In a moment, you’ll get more details on this man’s discovery.

Why shares of his company are bound to soar higher than Tesla.

And why you must get on the ground floor before fuel cells begin a 90,900% sales surge.

That’s because fuel cells are, right now, being adopted at a breathtaking rate.

For trains, forklifts, and bus fleets…

In the race to replace the internal combustion engine…

Fuel cells are set to leapfrog batteries.

And render fossil fuels obsolete.

Here’s why…

You see, fuel cells were once simply too expensive for cars and everyday vehicles. But that’s all changed…

Due to new innovations backed by the Department of Energy, NASA, and the world’s largest car companies…

The price of fuel cells has dropped by 60%…

tcn fuel cell cost

And continues falling every year.

In other words, it’s entered “Moore’s Law.”

What this means is that, as new innovations are developed, the price continues falling.

The cheaper it gets, the more it reaches the mass public.

That’s what is now underway. And why we’re on the cusp of historic “bigger than Tesla” profits.

Fuel cells are quickly taking the energy world by storm.

They’re taking center stage in the biggest megatrend of our time:

The global transition to a clean energy world.

“The Hydrogen World”

Wan Gang, China’s “father of electric vehicles,” decided that batteries just won’t cut it. After years of failure, he now says…

“It’s Hydrogen’s Turn.”

He just called for China to move to becoming a “hydrogen society” run on fuel cells. In response…

Shanghai just opened the world’s largest hydrogen fueling station.

Shanghai Hydrogen Fueling Station

China plans to put 1 million fuel cell cars on the road. And it’s sparing no expense.

In fact, the Chinese government announced that it’s cut funding for battery-powered vehicles in half.

And now it’s using that money to back fuel cell technology instead!

In total, $17 billion worth of investment is going to fund fuel cells in China — NOT Tesla.

This is the real deal.

This is why Tesla’s days are numbered.

Why batteries will be obsolete.

And why fuel cells are racing to the front of the global clean power revolution.

In Japan, it’s happening even faster. With the country’s nuclear plants still closed after Fukushima…

The Japanese have been rushing to build a “hydrogen society.” The numbers tell it all.

  • 800,000 fuel cell cars.
  • 20,000 fuel cell buses.
  • And 900 fueling stations.

That’s Japan’s goal for the next few years. And its plans are now accelerating into overdrive.

You see, Japan will showcase its fuel cell tech advances at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Already, it’s preparing 100 buses… 40,000 cars… and even the Olympic torch. All fueled by hydrogen.

This is a big deal because…

The Olympics in Tokyo Sends Technology Spreading Around The World

In the Summer Olympics of 1964, the Japanese showcased another kind of new transportation technology…

The bullet train.

This was the first of its kind.

It was one of the biggest advances in mass transportation ever developed at the time.

Since then, 34,000 miles of high-speed railway track have been laid worldwide.

Today, Japan has a network of nine high-speed railways, carrying 400,000 passengers on an average day.

If you’ve traveled around Europe, you already know that the continent-wide bullet train is amazing.

And China leads the way, with 3 billion passenger trips on bullet trains. That’s just in 2018.

In fact, more Chinese now travel the country on bullet trains than on airplanes.

It all began at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.

Now history is about to repeat itself in 2020.

This time with fuel cells.

It will accelerate this technology to mass adoption, just like Japan once did for bullet trains.

And there’s no time to waste.

In fact, fuel cell stocks have already soared for astounding gains in 2019.

Fuel Cell Stocks Are Surging in 2019

One company, PLUG, deployed a record number of fuel cells in the first quarter.

Shares surged 187% on the news.

tcn fuel cell plug

Another, Proton Power Systems, is developing heavy-duty fuel cell trucks for Germany.

Fuel cell buses…

And even fuel cell power systems for the grid. Ones that could replace utilities.

In 2019, shares shot up from $6 to $40.

For a 507% gain.

tcn fuel cell proton

One fuel cell company, Hydrogenics, was on a tear from $5 to $11, before being bought out.

The buyer?

Cummins, the largest diesel engine maker, which put down $290 million.

Shares surged to $16 and above in June.

That’s a 220% gain in a few months.

tcn fuel cell hydrogenics

Even more importantly, the buyout signaled one thing…

Engine makers like Cummins see the threat of fuel cells. And are acting now to get in before it renders them obsolete.

The same goes for…

  • Big Oil
  • Auto Giants
  • Utilities

They’re all getting in on the fuel cell space.

A buyout frenzy is underway on small companies that are deploying the technology.

And I’ve identified the next big takeout target…

The tiny $3 stock I mentioned today, the one founded by the innovator behind the fuel cell revolution.

That’s poised to launch higher than Tesla.

A Buyout Attempt Ignited Tesla’s Shares… The Same Thing Will Happen With This $3 Fuel Cell Stock

And you might recall…

Tesla’s shares were initially ignited by a buyout attempt from Apple in 2013.

Back then its shares were trading for $30…

tcn fuel cell tesla2

Then Apple stepped in and offered $240 per share. Elon Musk turned down the offer, of course.

Afterwards, it rocketed past $300.

A 1,000% gain.

Of course, since this company is even cheaper…

Its technology even more disruptive…

And the electric car revolution now in full swing…

We’re positioned for even bigger returns. Exponentially bigger. Here’s why…

Founded by the “Father of The Fuel Cell Revolution”

The fuel cell revolution began with one man:

He was actually a geophysicist for Shell Oil. But in the 1970s, with rising oil price and fears of “Peak Oil”…

He dumped fossil fuels.

And turned to renewable energy instead, exploring ways it could revolutionize the automobile..

First he began with lithium batteries…

Which are now what power Tesla…

But when he came to the conclusion that they could never power cars like gas or fossil fuels…

He left them behind, too.

With a grant from the Department of Energy…

He and his team of 40 scientists began looking into fuel cell technology…

To make it cheaper, smaller, and able to power the everyday car and truck.

In 1987, they did it.

They made a breakthrough that all energy scientists wish for…

A dramatic four-fold boost in energy density…

Meaning it has four times the power… without increasing cost or size.

This was the first innovation that made the mass adoption of the fuel cell possible.

All of the technological breakthroughs ever since have worked off of their original discovery.

In short, they gained a “first mover” advantage long before most people thought electric cars possible.

After, the company invented the first fuel cell bus.

It inked contracts with Chrysler and Mercedes.

Now, after signing $200 million worth of deals with China’s largest engine and auto parts companies…

It’s the frontrunner for the world’s biggest fuel cell market…

Where $66 billion is being unleashed to create a “hydrogen society.”

As mentioned, China is taking charge on the trillion-dollar electric car revolution…

But not with lithium batteries.

At least not anymore.

It’s building the world’s largest hydrogen plant.

It’s building unprecedented fleets of buses, trucks, and cars.

In Shandong province alone, it’s rolling out 2,000 fuel cell buses.

And this company is supplying it all.

It’s strategically positioned to reap the most profits from China’s $66 billion windfall. And that’s just the beginning…

China is planning to spend a stunning $4 trillion for a clean energy transition.

And fuel cells — not lithium batteries — are moving to the top of the mix.

This is already planned. It’s in the works.

Fuel cells are at the beginning of a 90,900% sales surge…

And this company, which now trades for $3, is already lined up to grab the lion’s share of the profits.

Of course, it won’t trade at $3 forever…

With more multimillion-dollar contracts from China…

The accelerating frenzy in the fuel cell space…

Not to mention the Japanese 2020 Olympics, which will have fuel cells on everyone’s lips….

This company is bound to pass Tesla’s share price…

Handing early investors 11,666% gains. That’s just in the short term.

This is why I assembled a new dossier on this opportunity

Complete with its name, ticker symbol, and full company profile…

And full details on the $2.5 trillion fuel cell revolution…

I call it:

tcn tesla killer report

“The Tesla Killer: Make 11,666% Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution”

With your permission, I will send it to your inbox, completely free of charge.

All I ask in return is that you give my flagship newsletter a risk-free test drive.

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