America Strikes Back at China

“Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted April 25, 2020

“Never allow a crisis to go to waste.” 

Depending on your interpretation, that can mean several things. For some, it can mean learning from whatever happened to prevent it from occurring again. 

For others, it can mean using a crisis to further some goal. 

If you’ve been reading the headlines over the past few weeks, you know China has taken it to mean the latter. 

As the world continues dealing with the fallout of the global pandemic, the Chinese government has been busy using the crisis to pursue its own interests. 

Leaders at the head of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement have been arrested. China's leadership has used the turmoil to spin its own propaganda campaign to try and downplay its role in starting the pandemic. 

In that same breath, the country has been seeking to expand its influence by sending testing kits and other medical supplies to countries affected by the pandemic. 

In the South China Sea, deployed fighters and warships have been making their presence known to Taiwan. The display of saber-rattling is meant to send the message that China’s military never lost a step during the crisis. 

And it’s in that display of military power that China is really looking to make waves. 

What’s being overlooked in all of this is a brand-new weapon that the country has been developing; a top-secret weapon that could easily put its rivals, especially the U.S., at its mercy. 

China’s Superweapon 

Some of our most critical infrastructure in the U.S. is also our most vulnerable. Think about things like cell phone towers, power grids, and the satellites we use for communication. If something were to attack those, we’d be left in the dark and completely cut off. 

The Pentagon knows it and China does as well. With that knowledge, China has developed a new weapon that can easily attack those targets. 

This top-secret weapon is a directed-energy weapon, essentially a laser, that can wipe out whatever it’s aimed at without hope of being countered. 

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but then again, so were self-driving cars and autonomous drones not that long ago. 

Getting this weapon up and running is a top priority for China’s leadership. They don’t have much hope of catching up with the U.S. when it comes to air and naval superiority, but that might not matter with the edge this new weapon will provide. 

After all, you can’t effectively field your fighting force if you don’t have the technological infrastructure to make sure your military can communicate. 

This laser weapon has been in development for some time and is a priority exactly because of what it’s capable of doing. 

Not only can it hit our satellites, but the weapon is capable of attacking anything in the air and under the sea as well. 

Back in 2018, two pilots flying a C-130 to a U.S. military base in Djibouti were injured by a Chinese laser, and that wasn’t even the first time it happened to our forces. 

The Royal Australian Royal Air Force experienced something similar during routine exercises in international waters last year. 

This increased testing and brazen attacks on foreign targets just go to show that China is serious about this weapon and the role it’s going to play in the country’s quest for world dominance. 

The U.S. Pushes Back

Amid this global crisis, international animosity toward China has grown. That’s unlikely to change as the light shines on the country’s actions surrounding this new superweapon. 

In the U.S., Pentagon leadership has been working to develop its own version of this Chinese laser weapon to add to the American arsenal. Over $300 million has been set aside for development, and a large part of that is going to the component at the core of these weapons. 

See, China’s weapons are powered by crystal diodes that can handle this laser weapon’s extreme energy output. They’ve had years to develop the technology and have gotten ahead of everyone else because of that head start. 

It isn’t known just how many of the weapons China has, but we do know they’re up and running while we’re left to play catch up. 

That’s good news for one company in particular because it’s the only company outside of China able to build what we need to develop our own laser superweapons. 

It already has contracts signed with two of the country’s biggest defense contractors. Those relationships have already led to consistent growth for the company. As China ramps up its efforts, so too will the Pentagon, and this company will profit even more than it is today.

Jason Simpkins uncovers all the details in his latest report. 

You can learn all about it here to see how this one small company is helping America put China on notice.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil
Contributing Editor, Outsider Club

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