All This AI Stuff Is Great, but… Where’s the Money?

Written By Luke Sweeney

Posted March 14, 2023

By now, you've probably heard more than your fair share of AI news. 

Depending on who you talk to, AI is going to either destroy society or create a new utopia — there’s no in between. 

People are falling in love with their AI chatbots, posing deep philosophical questions to search engines, and even letting these programs decide who gets kicked off Medicare

Suffice it to say the world has gone AI crazy in less than a year. 

But by far the most bizarre and frustrating part of this new paradigm is the exclusivity of it all. The average citizen has been taking the full brunt of the social changes brought on by AI. But have any of us seen the profits yet? 

If you were lucky enough to make an early bet on companies like (NYSE: AI), you would be looking at some solid gains over the past few months. 

c3AI gains

But considering the historic hype surrounding this AI craze, even 60% in three months seems lackluster. 

Google and Microsoft are making enormous amounts of money by investing and using this tech in their search engines, and Google alone owns most of the training data that feeds these massive programs. 

Unless you're making a six-figure investment over the course of years, buying into Google won't earn you massive returns on the upcoming AI boom. These blue chips are already too massive and stable to see the type of gains we’re aiming for. 

So does that mean the individual investor’s plans are foiled before they've even been made? Is AI destined to become yet another tech oligopoly? 

Not a chance. 

It simply means that there are no shortcuts in this particular sector of investing. Gone are the days of putting all your eggs in a single Big Tech basket and riding the coattails of the so-called industry insiders. 

If you’re looking for triple-digit returns and above, you’ve come to the right place. 

No, You Can’t Invest in ChatGPT — Yet

As much as it pains me to say it, OpenAI has arguably been the sole architect behind AI’s recent burst into mainstream consciousness. And so far, the company is choosing to remain private. 

Microsoft has already forked over billions of dollars' worth of capital to use ChatGPT’s functionality in its creepily sentient chatbot, and plenty of other companies have licensed its DALL-E image generation tech. 

For individuals like us, the company remains a white whale. But that doesn't mean the technology it birthed is entirely out of our reach. 

As some more astute analysts have pointed out, AI doesn't exist in a vacuum. Like any computer program, it requires the obvious: a computer. 

But not just any computer will do. AI requires massive processing capacity in comparison with a simple search engine. That means more electricity, more expensive hardware, and a bigger carbon footprint. 

For the companies that make up the links in AI’s enormous supply chain, that’s fantastic news. 

Just like with the personal computer and eventually the smartphone, this once-in-a-generation tech shift brings a tidal wave of opportunity along with it. 

That, dear reader, is where you can score record-setting returns to rival those during the early days of the iPhone. 

One piece of hardware will be absolutely necessary for just about any AI application you can think of. Our team has been constantly evaluating the industry to find the perfect stock pick in this sector.

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