A COVID Solution No One Mentions

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted September 26, 2020

The old saying goes that “necessity is the mother of invention.” 

With nearly 200,000 Americans dead and no end to the pandemic in sight, it seems that now, more than ever, that saying applies. 

We desperately need a cure for COVID-19 so that we can get back to life as we knew it before March of this year. 

Remember when you could have family gatherings without worrying about getting sick? Or get out of the house to go see a movie? Or simply head to the bar for a drink after a long day at work? 

None of that has been possible for months now, and it seems like it will be months still before we’re able to do any of those things again.  

You hear countless stories about companies working on a cure, but no one can say for sure when one will become available. 

Meanwhile, businesses continue to close, people continue to lose their jobs, and the economy continues to suffer because of it.

But there is a solution coming. 

It isn’t a cure or a treatment, but it’s just as good and it’s something that will be able to help us get back to normal sooner rather than later. 

It’s Everywhere, Even If You Can’t See It

We’ve known for months now that, aside from a cure, the best way to stop COVID-19 is to prevent its spread. 

Yes, masks have been a part of daily wardrobe and ‘social distancing’ has been in our vocabulary for months, but there’s a new tool that’s proving to be more effective than either of those. 

The difference here is that you may never hear about it in the news. You definitely won’t know it’s there when it’s being used. 

When someone walks into a big-box store or a doctor’s office, it will be able to scan them and alert the right people if they show signs of infection. It’s a scan that does more than simply take temperature. Unusual oxygen saturation and heartbeat are other telltale signs that give away a COVID infection, and this technology can catch those things. A person displaying these symptoms can then be quarantined before they can spread it to someone else. A bustling warehouse that acts as the economic engine of a small town in the Midwest already uses it, and the business is able to keep things going because of it. 

It also sees widespread use throughout countries like South Korea and Taiwan. That’s why those countries were able to take steps to stop outbreaks that have crippled other countries. 

Now think about what life would be like if this technology was widespread here in the U.S. We could be back to normal within weeks, instead of facing an open-ended question of when things will return to normal. 

We’d be able to go back to restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, conventions, and all the other things we enjoyed doing before everything shut down. 

And while this technology has the power to fight this disease, that isn’t all it can do. 

A Modern Solution for Modern Problems

The unfortunate reality of our world is that the pandemic is just one problem we face. Think about all the unrest, gun violence, and general turmoil we’ve seen in the past few years. 

This technology was originally developed to help deal with those issues, long before the pandemic came along. 

It’s long been used to detect people trying to sneak weapons into crowded places. Known terrorists have been stopped at airports and people banned from stadiums and other large venues have been kept away because of it. 

So it’s already been tested and proven in its effectiveness. Now one company that holds patents on the technology is developing it to help fight the greatest challenge this country has faced in decades.

Most investors don’t know about it, but the pieces are falling into place for this company’s technology to be everywhere before long. 

The details are all here in Jason Simpkins’ newest report. 

It won’t be long before investors flock to this company when they realize its usefulness in beating this pandemic. 

But you can get in before the crowd and profit before things turn around. 

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil
Contributing Editor, Outsider Club

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