A “Coulda Shoulda” Moment For Investors Is Happening Now

Written by Adam English
Posted January 29, 2019

Way back in 1994, my brother asked for and got one of the lamest birthday presents I have ever seen.

He was a freshman in high school, and he had two fancy new Microsoft share certificates (remember them?)

I'm not entirely sure I even knew what stocks really were at the time.

What I did know was that I missed out when he would open up the newspaper stock listings (remember them?) and proudly announce what they were worth.

It just kept going up and up. Two pieces of paper were worth 12 times the initial price by the time he was in college.

Even at the bottom after the dot com bubble burst, he was still up nearly 400% in four years.

That was my first “coulda shoulda” lesson with investing. It was far from the last.

Now I'm old enough that I've seen more of these moments than I can remember, especially with stocks, come and go.

As I've definitely grown older and questionably grown wiser, I've learned to not let the opportunities that have come and gone weigh me down.

It still stings though, and that is an opportunity in and of itself.

I've learned to keep an eye out for them as they're happening, and my experience in finance and with the markets has me convinced that we're seeing one of those moments right now.

Watching Them Go By

Over the last couple years, the Outsider Club editors have caught some massive gains by being bullish from the start of the legalization and public listing of cannabis companies.

Our in-house expert, Jimmy Mengel, pulled in a 428% gain in just six months for the readers of The Marijuana Manifesto between June and December of 2017 with Future Farm Technologies (TSX: FFT).

I missed that one.

Same goes for the 220% in just one month on Helix TCS, Inc. (OTC: HLIX) between mid-March and mid-April of 2017.

I was late to the game for two open positions, one up 508% and the other up 785%.

I'm not going to lie, these are “coulda shoulda” moments that I really wish I took advantage of. That's okay though, there are more to come.

And one is happening right now that I won't miss.

The Next Big One

The latest pick Jimmy has for The Marijuana Manifesto readers looks fantastic.

It's working with a molecule that can make medical marijuana up to 80 times more powerful, along with making it safer and cheaper.

This molecule is already FDA approved, removing a massive hurdle, and phase 2 trials for multiple therapies that utilize it could start as early as this year.

And the company has a ringer in management — the CEO has already taken a drug through phase 3 trials while attracting $300 million and creating $1 billion in shareholder value.

This new company just started trading, and is still under the radar for analysts and investors alike.

That is going to change, but not before Jimmy's readers get a chance to get in on a play that'll be the next “coulda shoulda” moment for all those investors out there who don't have access to his analysis and research.

Now is your chance to learn all about it. Don't miss the chance.

Take care,

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