A Conspiracy Far Bigger than Flight 370

Three Theories...

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted March 17, 2014

Every day, the story of Flight 370 is becoming more and more like a Twilight Zone episode.

A plane flying another four hours after the last communication? Passengers on board with stolen international passports? Family members calling passenger cell phones, only to have the phones mysteriously hang up?

It is one of the most bizarre incidents I can recall. There has been no trace of wreckage debris, and there have been a dozen countries working full time to comb the ocean for signs of the plane or its 239 passengers. It truly boggles the mind...

Whatever may have happened, it's looking less and less like a mechanical failure and more like a well-orchestrated plot by either terrorists or government agencies...

So where in the world did it go?

I'm about to share three very startling possibilities about the whereabouts of Flight 370 and one massive conspiracy that completely dwarfs them all...

The Investigation is Being Covered Up

Anytime a plane goes missing — especially post-9/11 — a hijacking is the very first thing that pops into most people's minds.

The Malaysian government has plenty of reason to cover up a potential terrorist attack on the plane. The country is a known harbor for Muslim extremists... and a violent hijacking of this flight would have shined an unflattering light on that fact and brought unwanted attention and perhaps even military action.

And by looking at how robust the government's "investigation" has been, either it has something to hide or it is woefully incompetent and completely unable to deal with security issues.

From our friend Charles H. Smith at Of Two Minds.

What is known is that Malaysian security is obviously lax. This fact has caused Malaysian authorities to lose face, i.e. be humiliated on the global stage. Malaysia is an Asian nation, and maintaining face in Asia is of critical importance.


It is also suspected that Malaysia is a safe haven for potentially dangerous Islamic groups. (Follow the threads from Pakistan's secret nuclear proliferation program to Malaysia for documentation of this possibility.) The Malaysian government may have an informal quid pro quo along these lines: you are welcome to set up shop as long as you don't cause any trouble here or do anything to cause Malaysia to lose face.


That the Malaysian military was unable to effectively monitor the aircraft or coordinate with civilian air traffic control (ATC) also suggests incompetence at the most sensitive levels. Revealing this would also cause a loss of face.

One undeniable fact is that the Malaysian authorities led an incredibly bad investigation. Whether this was by design or out of sheer incompetence is yet to be seen. There are also reports that it refused serious American assistance.

This theory may help explain a cover-up about the flight. But it does not answer the question of what happened to the plane itself. While it does seem like Malaysia has the most to lose in this scenario, they wouldn't have hijacked their own plane.

So who would have the motive to do so?

Chinese Terrorists?

Most terrorist groups love to brag about their deadly actions. It's kind of the point of terrorism... it doesn't work if you don't take credit for it. But at this point, no group has come forward to either make demands or do a twisted victory dance...

But right now, most fingers are pointed squarely at Chinese Uighurs — a Muslim minority group in China.

The fact that there was a Uighur Muslim with flight training on Flight 370 that day seems to feed into this theory.

Earlier this month, Uighurs carried out a grisly knife attack at a Chinese train station, which left over 30 people dead and over 100 injured. The bulk of the plane's passengers were Chinese.

Another theory that has emerged is that the plane made it to a Taliban stronghold on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, which would suggest Taliban or even Al Qaeda operatives.

But when terrorists hijack a plane, they either make demands and negotiate a ransom for the hostages — like the infamous D.B. Cooper case — or they use it for a suicide mission a la 9/11. Without a group taking credit or any wreckage showing up, we simply cannot be sure...

Investigators are currently digging up information on this theory and exploring the rest of the passengers' mental health, political, and criminal histories.

It Was Rerouted to an Island

Perhaps the most unsettling of the theories is that the plane itself was hijacked and rerouted to a secret location. One investigator told the Wall Street Journal that they were currently exploring the idea that the plane was stolen "with the intention of using it later for another purpose."

Another purpose? Read: for use in a coordinated terrorist attack.

That would mean someone with flight expertise hijacked the plane and shut down its transponders so it could escape radar detection. From there, the pilot would have to land the plane in an undisclosed location in order to prepare for whatever “purpose” they had in mind when they hijacked it.

This theory would certainly help explain why there is not a single shred of physical evidence from the plane itself.

According to Mikael Robertsson of flight tracking website FlightRadar24, "Somebody did something deliberate."

“If you asked me six days ago what happened, I’d say the plane probably broke apart. But now they’ve been searching with 100 boats and aircraft and they’ve found nothing, which is pointing more to the theory that somebody flew the plane in another direction,’’ he told the L.A. Times.

That is backed up by the breaking news that the co-pilot transmitted an "All right, goodnight" message after the  communications system was turned off.

But where would they have gone?

According to military radar data, signs are pointing to a chain of islands off India's coast: the Andaman Islands.

From Reuters:

“Military radar data suggests a Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course. Analysis of the Malaysia data suggests the plane, with 239 people on board, diverted from its intended northeast route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and flew west instead, using airline flight corridors normally employed for routes to the Middle East and Europe, said sources familiar with investigations into the Boeing 777's disappearance.

The last plot on the military radar's tracking suggested the plane was flying toward India's Andaman Islands, a chain of isles between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.”

Investigators have said such a route suggests the plane was being flown by the Malaysia Airline pilots or someone with intimate knowledge of those routes.

Other theories include the above mentioned Pakistan/Afghanistan border, or even in Kazakhstan.

The scary thought is that Flight 370 is lying in wait, and when it finally shows up again, there will be deadly consequences...

One Conspiracy to Rule Them All

Now, there are some other, more colorful theories floating around: the hijacking was part of a life insurance scam, it was sucked up into a new Bermuda Triangle or even that the plane was "hijacked by elves and suspended in midair".

But again, these are all just theories. We have no idea what really happened, and perhaps we'll never know...

And while we like to indulge in the occasional conspiracy theory — like silver manipulation, big bank control over global finance, and the militarization of the police — we like to back it up with concrete facts, not wild speculation and fear-mongering.

That's why our most recent research report is so frightening and so important...

We've uncovered one conspiracy that has earth-shattering consequences for the entire global economy — and especially the U.S. dollar. It will be far more devastating than any missing plane mystery could ever be.

Any conspiracy theorist worth his salt knows if you want answers, you just need to follow the money. But as our new report shows, if you want the real truth, you should be following the gold.

You see, the Chinese have been secretly stockpiling gold. They are working day and night to import and produce as much gold as possible. They've hoarded more than 1,200 tonnes in the last 15 months alone, and some estimates put the current Chinese gold reserves at somewhere around 4,000–6,000 tonnes, second only to the U.S. And they aren't done yet...

In fact, their actions could have already set off a “death spiral” for the U.S. dollar.

We've uncovered hard evidence that takes this from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact. We'll keep you posted as new schematic details unfold. 


Jimmy Mengel

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