2018: The Year of Pot Profits

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted January 3, 2018 at 7:00PM

If you’re a marijuana investor, you’ve had a very Happy New Year already…

Pot stocks went absolutely crazy on New Year’s Day in celebration of California rolling out statewide recreational marijuana legalization. Starting on New Year's Day, the largest legal marijuana market in the world went live. Stocks responded with a bang.

Aurora Cannabis has exploded 45% in the first two days of the year. Canopy Growth shot up another 20% — to cap off last year's 222% return.

And those are the big-time players…

I also had one unknown, small-cap stock return 170% over the last month. It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel.

My open Marijuana Manifesto portfolio currently sits around 150%, with gains of:

  • 515%
  • 301%
  • 240%
  • 222%
  • 104%
  • 103%

And we closed out last year with an astounding 324% gain on our sold stocks. That is to say, my current readers are celebrating one of the best investing years of their entire lifetimes.

But if you think you’ve missed the boat on marijuana stocks, you couldn’t be more wrong…

While the rollout of legal marijuana in California was a huge boon to stocks, the party is far from over.

This is only the beginning. You see, right now recreational marijuana is only legal in Oakland, Berkeley, San Diego, and a couple smaller cities.

As of today, you cannot purchase marijuana in most of the large cities — including the biggest ones like San Francisco and Los Angeles. That means that you still have plenty of time to purchase marijuana stocks before sales really start cruising. And I have plenty lined up to take advantage of it.

Once the rollout is complete, sales of cannabis should jump from around $3.7 billion this year to an incredible $5.1 billion next year as more cities open up their shops! And that’s just in California…

In the seven other states where Americans can legally light up, sales are forecasted to hit almost $10 billion next year — which in itself is a 33% increase from last year’s record haul. The takeaway here is that even with these shocking predictions, the reality always comes in even higher.

Even at conservative estimates, we could be looking at close to a $25 billion industry by as early as 2021. And this is for a product that is still illegal at the federal level. Once the federal law is removed — which I believe will certainly happen in the next few years — the sky is the limit.

Now, this is all very exciting for the U.S., but I’ve actually made a far greater fortune from our Northern neighbors.

And I’m about to do it again…

Canada is set to legalize recreational marijuana across the entire country by the end of July. But even before that announcement, I was already invested well ahead of time. You see, I’ve been on the front lines of Canada’s market since 2014. That’s when I visited Canopy Growth Corporation’s headquarters in Smith Falls, Ontario and toured its facilities.

I was impressed, to say the least...

When I returned, I put out an alert to my newsletter readers to buy the stock for $1.80.

It now sits at over $35 — and was the top-performing Canadian stock last year. Not the best performing Canadian weed stock — the single best stock on its entire EXCHANGE.

Now, I don’t expect Canopy to jump another 1,500%...

But I’ve identified one early-stage company that I think will be the next massive blockbuster coming from Canada. Not only does it have its hand in the upcoming recreational market, but it is also in the process of patenting a pain medication that could completely revolutionize the pain industry.

When the patent goes through, it will be in possession of a drug that could seize a large chunk of the pain market. While legalized marijuana is a multibillion-dollar market itself, the pain market is a whopping $635 billion. By investing in this small company today, you could own a piece of each pie. It’s the best of both the medical and recreational worlds.

It’s far from over, and you’re not too late.

Please give this stock a hard look and get it while you still can. You can't afford to sit around and watch the rest of us keep banking triple-digit gains like clockwork.

The longer you wait, the less rich you’ll be...


Jimmy Mengel

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