Gold Is Rangebound, Summer Will Present Opportunity

Here’s the newest entry of “I Call BS.”

By Gerardo Del Real on May 25, 2016

Could Marijuana Stop this Epidemic?

Medical marijuana just got a big boost from an NFL star...

By Jimmy Mengel on May 24, 2016

Hijacked Minds and the Market

Don't be hijacked into thinking you can only choose from someone else's list.

By Adam English on May 23, 2016

We Really Are Going to War with China

Normally, when we talk about a “war” with China, we mean a trade war, or a currency war. But for at least the past decade, the prospect of an actual war-war, a military confrontation, with China has gone from hypothetical to very real.

By Jason Simpkins on May 20, 2016

How to Be Ready for Higher (or Lower) Gold Prices

The coming gold bull market, in my opinion, will be one of the most spectacular ones many of us will ever see.

By Gerardo Del Real on May 18, 2016

FYI: You Don't Have To Pick A Side

Two trends are in the process of fighting for dominance in the market, and they won't be able to coexist for much longer.

By Adam English on May 17, 2016

Analysis and Opinion

Hedge Funds Can't Predict Anything... Except for Money Showers

Written By Jason Simpkins
Posted May 10, 2016

The Krispy Kreme Sale Is About Coffee, Not Doughnuts

Written By Jason Simpkins
Posted May 9, 2016

Chesapeake and Other Energy Cos Going Up In Flames

Written By Jason Simpkins
Posted April 26, 2016

Resources and Reports

Why Is Silver Manipulation so Absurd?

With all of the abuse of regulations and markets by mega banks, how can anyone think silver prices aren't manipulated when everything else is?

Antiques and Collectibles: What to Consider Before Investing, Buying, or Selling

Antiques and collectibles have reached new heights of popularity, thanks to all the reality TV series focusing on them. You can make money doing this, but it is hard and you'll easily get burned if you are not careful. Here are the upsides and downsides of collecting, along with specific factors to consider for different types of items...

Best Cities and States for Retirement: Lowest Cost of Living

If you're planning on sticking around the States for the long haul, you can't miss this report outlining America's best cities for the baby boomer generation.

Water: Investing in the Most Crucial Resource

Water infrastructure is woefully inadequate and aquifers are being drained at an alarming rate. Trillions of dollars will need to be spent worldwide to support growing populations and agricultural demands, creating huge opportunities for savvy investors.

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