Castro and You

There should be an opening for all kinds of business in a land that has been hurting for it. As Cuba continues to open up, one company is poised to capture a lion’s share of the business.

By Jimmy Mengel on November 29, 2016

A Perfect Time to Be Contrarian

If you plan to be in this sector, this is the time to begin initiating and adding to positions. The holiday season is proving to be a great time for contrarian investors to add gold to the portfolio.

By Gerardo Del Real on November 28, 2016

China’s New Strategic Metal Domination, Part 2

China is moving to dominate lithium ore production. At the same time, it is moving to control the market for the batteries it makes.

By Adam English on November 26, 2016

2017 “Wild Card” Will Send Gold Soaring

Conventional wisdom says the dollar will strengthen as the Fed raises rates and central banks elsewhere around the world keep their respective currencies down. But that may not be the case.

By Jason Simpkins on November 25, 2016

Has the Dow Peaked? No Way.

Many of the ivory tower academics confuse the economy with the stock market, ignoring the lack of correlation. U.S. equities are simply better positioned to absorb whatever surprises the markets have in store in 2017.

By Gerardo Del Real on November 24, 2016

What Do We Do for You?

Mr. James Dines, legendary writer of The Dines Letter and author of the books Technical Analysis, Goldbug!, Mass Psychology, and Secrets of High States, has agreed to sell his letter through the Outsider Club.

By Nick Hodge on November 23, 2016

Analysis and Opinion

Wall Street Banks Celebrate Trump Win

Written By Jason Simpkins
Posted November 15, 2016

The Reality of a Trump Presidency and Legal Weed

Written By Ryan Stancil
Posted November 10, 2016

It’s Almost Over

Written By Ryan Stancil
Posted October 12, 2016

Resources and Reports

Why Is Silver Manipulation so Absurd?

With all of the abuse of regulations and markets by mega banks, how can anyone think silver prices aren't manipulated when everything else is?

Antiques and Collectibles: What to Consider Before Investing, Buying, or Selling

Antiques and collectibles have reached new heights of popularity, thanks to all the reality TV series focusing on them. You can make money doing this, but it is hard and you'll easily get burned if you are not careful. Here are the upsides and downsides of collecting, along with specific factors to consider for different types of items...

Best Cities and States for Retirement: Lowest Cost of Living

If you're planning on sticking around the States for the long haul, you can't miss this report outlining America's best cities for the baby boomer generation.

Water: Investing in the Most Crucial Resource

Water infrastructure is woefully inadequate and aquifers are being drained at an alarming rate. Trillions of dollars will need to be spent worldwide to support growing populations and agricultural demands, creating huge opportunities for savvy investors.

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