You Thought 2020 Was Bad? Just Wait...

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted December 3, 2020

Worst year ever, right?

Seems like that's the consensus. 

And it's hard to argue when you look at the havoc wreaked by the coronavirus, the race riots, and Giuliani pressers.

Yet another cherry was added to the top of this cake earlier this week, when the United States reported...

More than 200,000 new coronavirus infections nationwide...

More than 100,000 patients hospitalized with COVID-19...

And more than 3,000 COVID-related deaths in a single day.

No doubt it's hard to see how 2021 could be worse.

With news of a vaccine, things will certainly turn around in short order. We'll soon put this ugly affair behind us and move on. 



To the contrary, 2021 is poised to get off to a disastrous start. 

"The reality is, December and January and February are going to be rough times, and I actually believe they’re going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of our nation, largely because of the stress it’s going to put on our public health system," Dr. Robert Redfield said Wednesday at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation event.

Indeed, the CDC is now forecasting 9,500 to 19,500 deaths the week of Christmas alone, with things getting worse as the winter wears on and holiday gatherings accelerate the contagion. 

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the FDA, says cases won't actually start to drop until March, and while a vaccine could be distributed to frontline workers and the elderly in the next few months, most people won't be offered one until next fall. 

“Hopefully, we should have some semblance of normalcy in the summer of 2021," said Gottlieb. "By that time, it’s hoped the older population will be vaccinated. By the fall of 2021, the vaccine will be more available to people of all ages.”

Of course, even that's taking a lot on faith when our government has shown so little aptitude. 

After all, it's taken us a month just to digest the November 3 election. And it hasn't been a "peaceful transition of power" so much as it's been a shocking indictment of our democracy. 

And the long-promised "second stimulus" has proven to be nothing more than a political football as elusive as a night game on Thanksgiving.

Not that it matters much. The first stimulus itself, big as it was, was a half measure that did more to enrich donors than address economic weakness. 

So you'll have to excuse me for being skeptical that our government will somehow grow more competent in 2021, when Joe Biden assumes the presidency with a divided Congress.

No, 2021 is going to be every bit the shitshow 2020 was. 

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Instead, mentally prepare yourself for a pandemic that's going to linger for most of the year, while our government struggles with vaccine distribution and execution. 

And invest accordingly. 

Invest in the technologies that will continue to be deployed to guard not just against coronavirus but as-yet-unknown diseases that emerge in the future. 

Because this will happen again. 

HIV came from monkeys. COVID came from a bat. Just wait until some hyena escapes from the zoo in 2027 and transmits a whole new supervirus to the unwitting public.

That's why I recently recommended a company that's using advanced AI software and facial recognition technology to identify, track, and alert businesses and governments to potentially sick individuals.VSBLTY Temp Scan

This same technology was already being deployed at high-density venues like airports and stadiums to catch weapons and known criminals. And now it's being used to safeguard against the spread of disease. 

It was trading for less than 20 cents per share when I first recommended it in the inaugural issue of Wall Street's Proving Ground last month, and it's already shot up 150%. 

And that's likely just the beginning. 

You can find the complete report here

Fight on,

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