You’re About to Be Miserable... We All Are

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted September 27, 2019

Slow news week huh?

You know, Eddie Murphy used to have a stand-up bit about a man coming out of his mistress’s house in plain view of his wife. When she confronts him about it, all he says is: “It wasn’t me.”

And after simply repeating that line a few times, she ultimately just moves on and lets the whole thing go. 

I kind of feel like that’s Donald Trump right now. 

Multiple national security professionals have witnessed the president, the president’s lawyer, and the attorney general committing a crime. And one went so far as to report it in damning whistle-blower report that was illegally withheld from Congress as part of an attempted cover-up.

The fact, as plain as day, is that Donald Trump and his cronies used America’s political influence over a foreign government to solicit, or even manufacture, dirt on their chief political opponent. And worse, they withheld desperately-needed military aid to an embattled ally to generate even more leverage for that demand. 

There’s really no denying this. Trump himself admitted to doing it on camera. The White House released a “transcript” which was really just a sanitized summary, that further exposed the effort. And there were enough career officials alarmed by the whole thing that it’s fully corroborated.

But Donald Trump says it wasn’t him. And so long as he sticks to that story there will be plenty of people willing to look the other way. 

That includes the Republicans in the Senate, which means impeachment won’t resolve anything. 

You’re About to Be Miserable

I have no doubt that you’ve already heard the story that I just laid out for you. 

But guess what?

You’re about to hear it again… and again… and again… and again… Because this isn’t going anywhere.

This is going to drag on for months. Maybe even a full calendar year. 

And nothing will be resolved. 

Donald Trump will remain in office, and still potentially win a second term. That will all depend on the election – provided we get a free and fair one, which is no longer a given.

In the meantime, though, we won’t be able to do to anything but listen to this rancorous back-and-forth. 

There’s going to be all kinds of mud-slinging and insults and denials and lies and half-truths and speculation, and then more mud-slinging, more insults…

It’s going to pollute the air waves and plaster over newspaper pages.

It's going to spew out from cable news networks, talk radio, late night comics, social media, people on the street, family members at Thanksgiving, and even your freaking nightmares.

You’re going to hate it. You’re going to be exhausted by it. You’re going to want to drown yourself in a lake just to get away from it.

We all are.

And as it all happens, as this cacophony of bullshit engulfs us from every conceivable angle, blotting out the sun, absolutely none of our problems will be solved.

Health care will remain prohibitively expensive for many Americans. Retirement a far-off dream.

We’ll see another, I don’t know, dozen or so mass shootings. 

Poverty will persist. The wealth gap will expand. Global economic growth will stay stagnant. Trade wars will remain disruptive. And the deficit will blow past $1 trillion, driving America’s debt burden to nauseating heights. 

Our education system will remain inadequate and overpriced, piling even more debt on young people who can’t afford it.

Protests and riots will erupt and then dissolve, but racism, sexism, and anger will endure.

We’ll all get cancer, hypertension, liver disease (Shout out to my drinkers!), diabetes, or some other debilitating disease.

Climate change will worsen no matter how many teenagers yell at the UN for it.

And the team we all want to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl will lose.

Nothing. Will. Change. Things only get worse in this country.

This isn’t an argument against impeachment, either, because it’s not like anything was getting done before this whole scandal broke. 

The first two years of the Trump presidency were consumed by the other election interference scandal, and many of Trump's most ambitious policies were unable to clear even a unified government or federal courts.

Then the 2018 election happened and things really ground to a halt. The Democratic House has passed roughly 50 bills, resolutions, and suspensions since being confirmed in January. Each and every one was smothered in its crib by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

This is American Democracy now. It’s broken. And no one is going to fix it. Impeachment won’t fix it. And next year’s election won’t fix it.

America has become ungovernable and unproductive. That’s the only consensus there is these days.

So what does it all mean? What’s an investor to do?

The same thing we’ve been telling you to do for weeks, months, and years…

Buy gold.

Because this isn’t a sustainable model. The dollar is only as good as the U.S. government’s word, and the word of the U.S. government is worthless.

Gold struggled for a while but now it’s really starting to heat up again.

Nick Hodge, in particular, was well ahead of the curve and he just released a report on his absolute favorite gold stock.

You should check that out here.

Fight on,

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