The Wealth Warrior: A Massive Ground-floor Opportunity

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted June 21, 2018 at 8:00PM

My Fellow Investor, 

wealth-warrior-logo-100x100During the week of July 4, Independence Day, I am going to be launching a new, premium stock-trading service — The Wealth Warrior.

As part of that launch I will be releasing a special report, with a very special recommendation: a stock that could surge as much as 1,500% in the weeks ahead. 

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I've put a lot of thought, effort, time, and research into this, and I'm excited that I am finally getting the opportunity to share this project with you.

You're going to be receiving more information and more details from me in the days ahead. But today, I thought I'd start by telling you what this new service is all about and why I've decided now is the perfect time to launch it...

When I first started investing more than a decade ago, Lockheed Martin Corp., the world’s biggest defense contractor, was one of the first stocks I bought. (I sold that stake years ago but it’d be up 329% today.)

My thinking was simple: There’s always room for war in this world.

No matter how the economy fares… No matter what consumer sentiment says or what the employment rate is… No matter who the president is…

There will always be war.

There will always be foreign entanglements. There will always be terrorists to fight and dictators to overthrow. There will always be some growing adversary or looming threat on the horizon.

And there will always be money.

No matter what else it has on its plate, the U.S. government will always open its checkbook for the military. Even in tough times, like under the sequester, hundreds of billions of dollars pour into the defense industry each year.

Most recently, in February, Congress and President Trump authorized a $700 billion budget for the military — its biggest in 15 years.

All told, the United States spends more on defense than every other developed country combined.

That’s just what we do.

And it’s what we’ll continue to do. Because the truth is, the world is becoming more dangerous — not less so.

You see, it’s easy for me to sit here and make a “dollars-and-cents” argument for defense contractors, but those financials, and contracts, and earnings reports… They’re not the reason I decided to launch a trading service based on defense contractors.

The equally compelling reason is that I’m frankly a little scared of where the world is headed.

Russia, an old adversary, is newly emboldened, invading Georgia and Ukraine, meddling in the U.S. election, and pursuing new hypersonic nuclear missile technology.

China, long thought to be the “upstart,” seems intent on letting the world know it’s already arrived and is ready to seize the mantle of superpower, with all the accompanying privileges.

The Red Dragon is expanding its borders and seizing territory from its smaller neighbors. Its actions have gotten so brazen that Japan abandoned the pacifist ideology it followed for more than six decades after WWII.

The Middle East is as bloody and violent as it ever was.Simpkins WW1 Cropped

Iran and Saudi Arabia are jockeying for regional supremacy, bullying the likes of Yemen and Qatar, and provoking and threatening Israel. And a civil war in Syria has devolved into a proxy war between Russia and the West.

Meanwhile, back at home, deep-seated divisions have nearly broken America in two. Fascists and “anti-fascists” are fighting in the streets. Citizens and police officers (who look more like soldiers themselves these days) are clashing in riots amid storms of firebombs and tear gas.

Trust in America’s institutions — Congress, the courts, even the FBI — is at an all-time low.

Virulent cyberattacks are being carried out by state and non-state actors.

It’s all gotten out of hand. And it’s hard to see things getting any better without somehow first getting worse.

As tempting as it is to just sit idly by — wide-eyed, slack-jawed, and aghast — and watch the world go up in flames, I feel compelled to act.

I’m going to protect myself and grow my wealth as best I can. And I truly, desperately want to help you do the same thing.

And that is why I'm starting The Wealth Warrior — a stock investment service designed to profit from these trends.

wealth-warrior-logo-600x100Yes, I'm building a portfolio of stocks that will not only save investors' money in times of crisis, but multiply it.

I'm investing in companies that are on the front lines of conflict areas — whether those lines are in Fallujah, Kiev, the South China Sea, or Cyberspace.

And I'm starting with the stock I mentioned above, the one that could return 1,500% in the weeks ahead.

The company I'm launching this service with is the definition of a security company. It addresses border control and the immigration crisis by making ID cards, digital passports, and electronic visas. It makes software and hardware that tracks high-value assets. And most importantly, it makes cybersecurity solutions to combat hackers, leakers, and fake news. 

Again, this is a brand-new service and a ground-floor opportunity for savvy investors. So if you'd like to be among the first to receive information about this huge opportunity, you just have fill in your email below, and you'll be added to our special VIP list.

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The time to act is now.

Fight on,

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Jason Simpkins

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Jason Simpkins is Assistant Managing Editor of the Outsider Club and Investment Director of The Wealth Warrior, a financial advisory focused on security companies and defense contractors. For more on Jason, check out his editor's page. 

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