Which Cannabis Companies Will Be Bought Next?

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted December 12, 2018 at 2:03PM

There’s really no other way to say it: marijuana stocks have made people rich.

And we’ve made people rich with marijuana stocks.

Readers and I have privately financed six cannabis companies:

  • The Green Organic Dutchman — Sold for 154%
  • Auxly Cannabis (Cannabis Wheaton) — Sold for 136%
  • Emblem Corp. —  Sold for 120%

The other three are still open so I can’t reveal their names. Two of them are about to begin trading, and I expect them to be big wins.

And while that is a fantastic track record in the cannabis space, it pales in comparison to what Jimmy Mengel has been doing.

He has been netting cannabis investors giant wins for years — not just jumping on the bandwagon. He was the first newsletter writer to tour Canopy Growth for crying out loud.

And that turned out to be a life-changer for him and his readers.

When Constellation Brands — the giant company behind international booze brands like Corona, Modelo, and Svedka — bought a big chunk of Canopy, it took off for gains over 3,200%.

It’s no wonder when we asked you recently who your favorite Outsider Club editor was, letters came in for Jimmy in spades.

My  favourite  editor is Jimmy  Mengel as his research into the cannabis industry is fantastic. I have  been following his editorials for 13 months and absolutely love his work. Kym D.

Jimmy Mengel. His insight and true belief in the growing marijuana business has been right on and very interesting to watch come to life. Darren L.

This year my favorite editor is Jimmy Mengel.  Because of his buying advice on Cannabis stocks I’ve made a nice profit this year. Cam

Good holidays. I would really like to split my vote between Nick and Jimmy. However Jimmy has a 100% track record at this time…  and so I'll have to go with the "Cannabis Kid". Jack B.

Hello, I like Jimmy Mengel because of his thorough research and knowledge of Cannabis. The opportunity he offers in medical marijuana investments are second to none. His is a publication that everyone interested in cannabis should read. Belinda R.

And the cannabis sector is just getting started.

Just last week Jimmy released his brand-new list of five cannabis stocks he thinks will be the targets of major investment or acquisition by much larger companies — the same way he made so many people so much money on Canopy Growth.

And wouldn’t you know it? The very week Jimmy released that list, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes swooped in and gobbled up half of one of the five target companies.

That’s how spot on Jimmy’s cannabis research is. “100% track record” as Jack B. said.

You can get that list here if you haven’t already.

Because, as member Kevan D. says:

I have seen three figure growth in all my Canadian pot stocks to the point of 688%... 278%... and 126%. There is nothing more fulfilling than when you have done your own research and then have it backed by the managing editor of a great newsletter such as Jimmy’s. Then to be able to pull your initial capital out of the trade and take a free ride on the stocks while using the capital to make further investments, which are producing handsome returns also. So thank you Jimmy for all your hard work in producing the newsletter. It has certainly helped me improve my life. Kevan D.

Last week, when the Marlboro-maker came in and bought out half of one of Jimmy’s top five cannabis acquisition targets… the target company’s stock jumped 64% in three days.

If past is prologue, the other four companies are next.

Get the target list here.

To your wealth,

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