What’s the Safest Bet You Can Make Right Now?

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted October 25, 2019

Over the past six months, the market has essentially stalled. The S&P 500 is at 3,005 now, just about 2.5% higher than it was in April.

In that time:

  • We’ve had the Fed reverse course on interest rates.
  • The trade war with China has escalated.
  • We’ve careened from one foreign policy blunder to another.
  • We got the Mueller Report, but we’re seeing impeachment proceedings over a Ukraine scandal.
  • The manufacturing sector has begun to quake.
  • The marijuana bubble has let off some serious steam.
  • And the housing market, which was hot for a while, leveled off.

That’s just where we’re at. The economy is stalling but not crashing (yet), the year is drawing to a close, and the 2020 election is coming in hot.

A lot of traders, brokers, and fund managers tune out over the summer (the old “Sell in May and go away" adage), but we’re sailing well into the fall and there hasn’t been any serious rebalancing. The Street just seems to be waiting everything out.

However, through it all, there has been one gleaming bright spot.

There’s been one investment class that’s shown potential and profit.

And that’s gold.

Gold is up 18% in the past six months, which beats the hell out of a flat S&P 500.

The reason for that is because while everyone else is waiting for clarity, the forward thinkers are making preparations.

They’re bracing themselves for a crash. And they’re right to do so.

Look, I’m no fortune teller. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen in the next six months or the next year, but I think it’s pretty clear that this isn’t going to get better.

The global economy is stuck in a rut and the U.S. economy is on its way there to join it. Things aren’t just going to magically turn around because the Fed cut rates by 1%.

That’s why gold is the best bet right now.

Gold isn’t going to crash. On the off chance the rain clouds suddenly vanish, it might lose 10-15% — half the decline you’d see in a bear market.

But that’s not likely.

What’s more likely is that things stay bad or get worse and gold prices surge even higher — from $1,500 to $1,750, and even back to $2,000.

It’s literally the safest bet you can make right now.

And if you really want to amplify those gold gains, you should check out Gerardo Del Real’s latest report.

Gerardo is a certified mining expert. He knows more about mining — especially junior miners — than I could ever hope to.

He was way ahead of the curve, calling gold’s surge back in June. But what he’s looking at now is even more exciting — a 90-day window for mega-gains.

Gerardo has found three gold mining companies that are poised to skyrocket.

Just with gold prices where they are today, these stocks would reap huge gains. But if gold continues its upward trajectory, they will flat-out fly.

So if you want to make the smart, safe play, and reap a huge windfall in the process, I encourage you to check them out.

You can find out more here.

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