Wall Street's Underground Profits: Gold's Hidden 8-Year Cycle

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted February 22, 2017

Your Guidebook to
Nailing a Gold Ten-Bagger

Every Eight Years Gold Stocks Produce An
Insane Number Of Four-Digit Gains

If You Miss Out This Year,
You'll Have To Wait Another Eight
For Your Chance at 8,155% Gains

Dear Reader,

Every eight years, a strange phenomenon happens in one specific sector of the market...

When it happens, as it's starting to now, ten-baggers begin to pop off at an alarming rate.

And the profits have been nothing short of mind-boggling...

1,118%...      1,180%...      2,244%...
8,155%...      1,673%...      1,514%...
1,775%...      1,067%...      2,050%...
1,103%...      1,370%...      1,350%...
1,438%...      2,588%...      5,133%...

Not only are those gains unlike anything most investors pocket in their lifetimes, but there's something even more incredible about that string of profits I just showed you.

They were ALL triggered eight years ago, on October 24, 2008.

And ALL of them came from one specific sector that turns into a profit rush every eight years, just like clockwork.

It's an investing phenomenon as reliable as the tidal cycle or the sun's daily rise.

And while most investors haven't heard of this market marvel, if you know where to look, all indicators show that this year will be no exception.

In fact, this time it could be the most profitable bull run this sector has ever seen.

In other words, it's been eight years since over a dozen ten-baggers were triggered. And this year stands to produce one of the most memorable market events in investing history.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means getting in at the start of a multi-year bull run that stands to produce some of the easiest profits you'll ever see in your life.

And if you don't heed my advice in this presentation, you'll have to wait until 2024 — another eight years — until this happens again.

Of course, there's a caveat. And I'll reveal it before I go any further, because this might not be the right opportunity for you.

The gains I listed above... the average holding period was around two and a half years.

So if you're the type of investor who's looking for two-month gains, this probably isn't right for you.

But if you're happy to wait a few years to grab 1,000%, 2,500%, or even 8,000% gains... then I encourage you to hear me out today.

Just imagine... at some point in 2018, you could have complete financial freedom... be able to afford a yacht... go on a lavish Caribbean vacation... or really, whatever you damn well want.

Now, before we go any further I must make something clear.

What I'm talking about here isn't your typical chance at 50% or 100% gains. This is the chance to build an inter-generational nest egg large enough to provide for you, your children, AND your grandchildren.

Just imagine if you put $1,000 into each of the plays that produced the gains I showed you earlier...

That would be an overall investment of $15,000.

It might seem like a lot at first, but when you realize that you could have made $311,450 off that original stake, things look a whole lot better.

Or, if you'd had a bit more capital on hand and put $5k into each play, you'd be a millionaire.

That's how powerful this market phenomenon is.

And like I say, it's starting to fire off again right now.

So, once you see what you need to do in order to get started, your question shouldn't be "When do I get started?"

It should be, "How do I get started IMMEDIATELY?"

The Eight-Year Phenomenon...

So what is the specific market sector I've been talking about?

It's a commodity you've heard of and probably even invested in before seeing today's presentation.

It's a commodity that's used in countless industries all over the globe and has been highly coveted since at least 3,000 B.C.

It's a resource that's seen more than 400 mentions in the Bible itself.

And it's also the strongest currency the world has ever seen as well as its greatest vehicle for wealth protection.

So what is it?

The commodity that sees dozens of ten-baggers pop up every eight years is gold.

And now that I've said that, I'm sure you're thinking two things.

One, gold has seen some epic bull runs... producing some of the most incredible gains in history.

And two, gold prices have been utterly disappointing since 2011. Any gains that the yellow metal gets are soon pulled back.

If those points crossed your mind, you'd be absolutely right on both.

But the thing is...

This is just two sides of the same coin.

Before gold can go on one of its epic runs, it has to have its bear phase.

Gold has been disappointing, but that's all just part of its natural eight-year cycle.

In fact, some of the most respected names in gold have been predicting this as far back as three years ago...

In 2013 Kitco wrote, "2015 or early 2016 is a likely time period for the next key low in gold."

A year ago Marketwatch reported that "while gold won't make much headway in 2015, things will start to turn around in 2016."

Meanwhile in early 2015, Chintan Karnani, chief market analyst at Insignia Consultants, predicted a big run in 2016.

"Gold will see another parabolic bull run from July 2016. Gold investors need to have the patience and not get scared by more price falls."

We've had to endure some pretty unsavory gold markets over the last few years...

But that's all part of a reliable eight-year cycle.

However, knowing how to time gold is only half of the equation.

Gold + Leverage = 8,155% Gains

The other half is leverage.

By leveraging the price of gold you can get much better gains than the yellow metal gets itself.

Let's take another look at those four-digit gains that came from the latest cycle...

1,118% on Endeavour Silver
8,155% on ATAC Resources
1,103% on B2Gold
1,438% on Lydian International
1,775% on Silver Lake Resources
1,180% on Millrock Resources
1,673% on Goldquest Mining
1,067% on Northern Superior
2,588% on Condor Gold
2,244% on Roxgold
1,514% on Semafo
2,050% on Channel Resources
1,370% on McEwen Mining
1,020% on Goldrush Resources
1,350% on Robex Resources
1,110% on Medusa Mining
1,753% on Soltoro
5,133% on Northern Star Resources
1,835% on Silver Lake Resources

These gains were all made by miners and resource companies that were able to outperform gold by using leverage to make investors filthy rich.

Comparing these gains to the 182% physical gold returned, you can see that most of these miners were able to realize gains at least 10 times as good as gold.

But this past cycle hasn't been the only time junior miners have applied leverage to make investors filthy rich.

About 16 years ago — remember, gold operates on an eight-year cycle — we saw gains just as good. Like...

1,986% on Golden Star Resources
1,933% on Excellon
1,869% on Klondex Mines
1,289% on Royal Gold
2,991% on Entree Gold
1,256% on Bear Creek Mining
1,552% on Hecla Mining
1,369% on Agnico Eagle Mines
1,523% on Goldcorp
1,804% on Kirkland Lake Gold
1,352% on Kinross Gold
1,993% on Pilot Gold
2,858% on Globex Mining
11,923% on NovaGold
1,549% on Eldorado Gold

Thanks to leverage, these stocks gained a heck of a lot more than gold did.

Including the opportunity to make 100x your money with NovaGold.

Just imagine turning every $1,000 into $120,230...

Every $10,000 turning into $1.2 million...

And by timing your stock purchases with the eight-year gold cycle, you could have bought into all of these winners on the exact same day.

Now, I'll tell you a little more about how leverage helps create ten-baggers in just a minute.

But first let me show you what happened in previous cycles.

Set For Life...
With a 26,040% Gain

24 years ago, back in the mid-’90s, gold investors witnessed high times as the cycle pushed several junior miners into ten-bagger territory.

These leveraged miners were able to turn a series of gold discoveries into absolutely huge gains.

26,040% on Cartaway Resources
1,874% on Conquistador
4,376% on Pacific Amber
1,850% on Corriente
1,827% on Valerie Gold
5,692% on Arequipa
2,431% on Farallon
3,090% on Arizona Star
1,600% on Oliver Gold
3,050% on Cream Minerals
3,350% on Francisco Gold
1,400% on Mansfield
7,122% on New Gold

All these gains were possible thanks to the natural eight-year gold cycle.

And leverage turned these gains from three-digit winners to four-, even five-digit paydays.

Including the best gain we've seen yet. An absolutely incredible gain of 26,040% on Cartaway Resources.

But my favorite gold bull market has got to be the one that hit 40 years ago...

That's the bull market that propelled the yellow metal to its highest ever peak — $1,996 per ounce in early 1980, adjusted for inflation.

It was a bull run that saw gold gain a staggering 743%.

But investors holding junior miners made a lot more than 743%.

All of these four-digit gains were made during that cycle...

1,739% on Carolin Mines
2,464% on Lincoln Resources
1,567% on Avino Mines
13,025% on Copper Lake
1,726% on David Minerals
3,479% on Eagle River Mines
1,213% on Meston Lake Resources
3,989% on Silverado Mines
2,779% on Wharf Resources
5,446% on Corona Resources
7,650% on Golden Sceptre
7,011% on Goliath Gold

So I hope the message has become increasingly clear:

If you have any desire to see a four-digit gain... To make 10 times your money on one investment... To be set for life...

Then you NEED to be invested in junior gold miners before the next cycle hits.

So when exactly will the next cycle hit? When should you start nabbing up junior miners to hit as many ten-baggers as humanly possible?

I'll tell you in just a moment, but first let's take a closer look at a critical part of this moneymaking equation: leverage.

How To Use Leverage

To Make 100x Your Money

During the ’90s, gold didn't move a whole lot. By and large it stayed about the same price.

Yet miners like Cartaway and Pacific Amber were gaining up to 26,000% gains.

How did they do it?


Miners are able to apply leverage and out-gain gold in several different ways. Check it out...

  1. Operating leverage: As gold prices rise, earnings rise faster, because they have existing mines operating at fixed costs. Higher gold prices dramatically grow bottom lines and earnings.

  2. Financial leverage: Some miners carry some debt on their balance sheets. That gives shareholders exposure to a larger production base than they could fund with their shareholder capital.

  3. M&A: Mergers and acquisitions are also a form a leverage. The gold bear market allowed ounces in the ground to be bought for pennies on the dollar. So as gold prices rise, those ounces will be valued much higher.

When choosing your miners you want to make sure they are applying leverage in at least one of these ways. This will allow you to score much bigger gains than with gold.

Now, I have to admit... These companies are often quite small and sometimes a company's mine doesn't really pan out.

And when gold hits a down market, these guys can take a big hit.

That's why knowing how to time gold's bull runs is such valuable information.

By buying into three or four of the most promising junior miners at the exact right time, you give yourself damn fine odds at hitting a ten-bagger.

And because a rising tide lifts all ships, even so-called "disappointing" picks will still easily hit two, if not three-digit gains.

Just take a look at how GDX, an ETF of gold miners, did over the last bull run:


What you're seeing is a rising tide lifting the gold mining sector to a 200% gain.

This effectively takes away the risk of investing in smaller companies...

All while putting you in prime position to hit an 8,155% — or better — gain.

So if you'd like to take part in an investing phenomenon that sees 200% gains as a lower bound (with gains of 26,040% as an upper bound) I encourage you to act now.

After all, if you miss this gold bull run, you'll have to wait until 2024 to get in on the next one.

So now that you know how powerful a tool leverage is...

Let's take a look at why this gold bull run will be the biggest ever.

Three Indicators Pointing To

The Biggest Gold Bull Run...

So, we've learned today that every eight years gold goes on a bull run.

And junior miners are able to leverage gold's gains for spectacular results.

And while we are right on schedule for gold to begin its bull run, we don't know how big it will be.

You see, gold bull runs have ranged anywhere from 29% to 743%...

So while we know when the bull run will hit, we need to look elsewhere to predict how far up gold will run.

When trying to determine gold's future, I use a three-pronged approach.

First up is...

Media saturation. Are the talking heads on cable news actively tracking and discussing the price of gold? Are they giving airtime to prominent gold bugs like Rick Rule and Eric Sprott? Or are they still dismissing it as a pet rock?

Number two: Political turmoil. Gold's status as a safe harbor during uncertain times means that geo-political turmoil can dramatically raise prices.

And finally, U.S. monetary policy and the price of the dollar. Gold and the U.S. dollar have an inverse relationship. What's bad for the dollar is good for gold.

Right now all three indicators are showing that gold is poised for an epic run. A bull run that I feel supremely confidant will beat the average.

I'm expecting at least 250% gains for gold. That, I think you'll agree, is a very conservative prediction.

And with leverage, we can easily hit gains of 2,376% or more.

Ok, so first let's look at the media saturation.

Here's just a few of the headlines I've found making news in recent times...

"Gold Rises Amid Dovish Fed, Weaker Dollar" — Wall Street Journal

"Investment Veteran Roche Changes Tack to Back Gold's Outlook" — Bloomberg

"Americans are buying tons of gold" — CNN

"Why now is a great time to buy gold" — Forbes

"Gold shines as stellar run sustained" — Financial Times

"U.S. stocks slip as gold climbs" — Washington Post

"A stock crash would send gold on a wild ride" — The National

"Here are 2 new ways to bet on gold" — Yahoo Finance

"7 reasons why you should own physical gold" — Huffington Post

"Why Gold Looks Rich" — Barron's

"Gold Investment That Can Generate Income" — Chicago Tribune

"Higher Gold Prices Would Boost Three Picks" — Barron's

"Gold Solidly Higher on Safe-Haven Demand, Technical" — Forbes

"China’s Gold Imports Jump on Investment Demand as Price Falters" — Bloomberg

"Here’s why gold could rally to $1,300 by end of year" — MarketWatch

"One of America's top money managers predicts gold prices will soon spike" — CNN

That's a lot of buzz, huh?

But you know the hype is starting to get real when you see once-ridiculed gold bugs in the papers and on the news...

  • Eric Sprott was recently featured in The Globe & Mail and MarketWatch

  • They're talking about Doug Casey on TheStreet and in Forbes

  • Peter Schiff's been seen on CNBC and in MarketWatch and Forbes

Even better is when famous investors NOT known for being gold bugs start investing in the yellow metal.

Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund — Bridgewater — is advising that every portfolio should have 5-10% of its holdings in gold.

Independent Strategy Ltd.’s David Roche is an investment veteran who's changed his bearish view due to central bank uncertainty.

"We’ve increased our holdings of gold, now that’s after a long, long time being short."

Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban recently talked to CNBC about the yellow metal...

"I think people are so confused about this market. Nobody really understands what's happening, including me. When traders don't know what to do, they go where everybody is. And I thought that would be gold."

Jeff Gundlach, a top money manager, is predicting a spike on the yellow metal.

CNN is impressed with Gundlach's credentials, reporting, "Lately, his predictions have been spot on. He was one of the first to predict the sharp oil price crash in the fall of 2014 and then the junk bond turbulence of 2015."

So we can see that gold is in the spotlight.

And we know buzz is good for increasing public interest and demand for gold.

Now let's take a look at our current geo-political situation, and how we expect it to affect the price of gold.

Crisis and the Opportunity

For 743% Gains

As we well know, political turmoil can cause gold to rise quite quickly, due to gold's reputation as an investment safe haven.

In the late 70s the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the Cold War, and Iranian Revolution caused a lot of panic. This panic translated to sky-high gold prices.

In fact, these wars and revolutions helped spur gold to a record 743% gold run...

Today, we have a similar confluence of chaos and turmoil.

Out-of-control terrorism moving from the Middle East to Europe... to the U.S.


Unstable North Korea threatening nuclear attacks...


Cyber security crises are on the rise, including the for-profit hacking of hospitals...

Not to mention leaked files exposing liars, cheats, and general government incompetence.

Meanwhile, markets around the world aren't looking that hot either.

The IMF recently downgraded its growth forecast... for the fourth time in one year. Its chief economist talked about 'stalling speeds' and 'stagnation.'

"We definitely face the risk of going into doldrums that could be politically perilous," he said.

China, in particular is still struggling and will almost certainly have to devalue its currency again.

Fact is, no matter where you turn, nothing is looking up.

The Middle East is a mess, trying to combat terrorists and low oil prices at the same time.

Asia isn't looking much better with Japan still stuck in its lost generation while China and other emerging markets have hit several setbacks.

Meanwhile Europe has massive problems of its own as xenophobia, refugee crises, the Brexit, and terrorist attacks are shaking this once stable region to the core.

Now, I'm not saying World War III is about to break out. But it could.

I'm not predicting the next global stock market crash and depression are imminent. But they might be.

It is undeniable that there exists a precarious balance in the world today. And one small push in any direction could send the whole system toppling.

If and when that happens, gold will absolutely skyrocket.

Now let's take a look at how U.S. monetary policy is affecting gold.

What's Bad For the Dollar

Is Good For Gold

Now the dollar's been in a bull run.


But as you can see, we're starting to see signs of serious weakness recently.

And with a dovish Fed we can expect more of the same.

In March the Fed, admitting concerns about the global economy, halved the amount of forecasted interest rate hikes. They balked again in June.

This will keep interest rates lower for longer, tightening the spring for gold's launch.

Europe and Japan moving to negative interest rates could also help boost demand for gold, as investors abandon the fruitless search for yield and move, instead, to the stability and steady growth gold provides.

Over a third of the world is now enduring negative interest rates. When you have to pay to save... gold becomes very attractive. And a small amount of global capital moving into gold can send its price — and the prices of related stocks — soaring.

Plus, as you may have noticed, currency wars dominate our political discussion at the moment.

While some politicians, like Donald Trump, favor tariffs as a means to fight the currency wars, this isn't really a feasible option.

"The problems with tariffs in practical terms," MarketWatch reports, "is that they are deeply unfashionable among economists, they are complex to design and implement, and they need to pass both houses of Congress — something that is highly unlikely."

On the other hand, fighting currency wars by devaluing the dollar through further quantitative easing is policy that the U.S. has tackled before.

This race to the bottom between China, the EU, and the U.S. can only mean one thing...

Insane gains for gold.

Not to mention, central banks' own appetite for gold is strong and growing.

Last year, the World Gold Council reported central banks increased their positions by 25% total.

The People's Bank of China has increased its gold holdings by 57% since 2009. This year, it is expected to continue to add 17.9 tons of gold to its reserves per month.

But it was Russia who was the top buyer... For the fourth year in a row.

That's in addition to the strong consumer and investor demand from China and India's rising middle classes and elites.

So now that we know when the cycle will hit and how big the cycle will be this time around, let's take a quick look at my three favorite picks to play the coming gold bull run.

But first, let me quickly introduce myself.

I Know a Thing Or Two

About Nailing Ten-Baggers

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge is the founder of Wall Street's Underground Profits and investment director for the advisory Early Advantage.

He's been in the investment publishing business since graduating Loyola University in 2006.

Known for a "call it like you see it" approach to money and policy, his insights have led to numerous appearances on television and in various outlets on the Web — including the Business News Network, Yahoo!'s Daily Ticker, Newsmax TV, and more.

Co-author of two bestselling book on energy investing, Nick has led tens of thousands of investors to ten triple-digit wins and over 220 double-digit wins in the space.

He's also passionate about public policy, population, agriculture, water, and raw materials.

His expertise ranges far beyond stocks...

In Wall Street's Underground Profits, Nick shows readers how to make money as well as protect and spend it.

When he's not writing, investing, or flying around the world to meet with company executives, Nick can usually be found either in a boat on the Eastern Seaboard or on a Maryland farm pursuing the outdoor activities he grew up with and continues to love.

Hi, my name is Nick Hodge.

I'm an investment analyst and founder of Wall Street's Underground Profits (formerly Like Minded People).

As such, I work hard to find the best investment opportunities for my readers — whether they involve dividends, bonds, or as you can see today, a life-changing gold bull run. Heck, I've even dabbled in starting churches and buying stock in vineyards...

Put simply, there's not a stone I won't turn over if I think money can be made on the other side.

I'll go to any extent I feel necessary to make sure things are on the "up and up" before I recommend something other folks might be putting their cash into.

I don't simply sit behind a desk, staring at a computer screen, hoping for some opportunity to punch me in the face.

That's for the no-talent hacks that think they know what they're doing.

Not me. I do the real boots-on-the-ground research most analysts don't feel like doing — or simply aren't willing to do.

I've flown thousands of miles just to take a tiny helicopter into the Canadian wilderness to see a property firsthand... stood on the edge of 500-foot-deep mines... and attended $5,000/seat conferences in California, New York, Chicago, and elsewhere... all in the name of securing the full story behind the biggest wealth-creating opportunities in the world.

These things don't happen for analysts who don't get out of the office — or out of bed.

But I do it because it's what I love to do. It's what I've always loved to do.

Of course, there's even more to it than that because...

My mission is to help readers like you learn what’s really going on behind the headlines and in Washington, D.C.

I want you to know how this affects your money both now and over the long term. I want to show you valuable alternative investments to what Wall Street’s peddling. And I want you to become truly self-reliant.

That’s why I do the legwork — so I’m sharing only the best, most legitimate profit opportunities with my readers.

I’ve been doing this for a decade now, and some of the opportunities I’ve found have helped my readers make serious money.

For instance:

  • Back in 2012, I found a company that was combining 3D printing and biotech. Organovo Holdings had created a process to produce functional human tissue through what it called 3D bioprinting.

The stock was at $2 when I recommended it. In a little less than a year, it soared over 245%. It then went to $12.50 for a 525% return.

  • I learned that a $0.19 company, Alternate Energy Holdings, was building a nuclear power plant in Idaho before the market had a clue.

The stock soared to $1.00, handing my readers 426% gains in just three months.

  • I saw that lithium was undervalued and through my connections, I was able to get my readers in on a special deal not open to the public.

I recommended the 15-cent lithium stock to my readers, and in just four and a half months we closed out a 1,480% winner.

If you’d put $10,000 into each of these investments, you’d have ended up with about $230,000.

And these are just a couple of examples.

Helping people realize their financial goals is my ultimate aim. And I’ve been fortunate enough to get a great response from my readers.

And that's just the beginning.

Since 2006, I've delivered some of the best gains in the industry. I'm talking about money-making opportunities like:

159% on Xethanol Inc.
159% on Cree
316% on Akeena Solar
101% on JA Solar
391% on BYD Company
426% on Alternate Energy Holdings
110% on Solarfun Power

These are just a few of the hundreds of individual gains I've found.

Today's opportunity, however, stands to put every one of those gains to shame.

And if you're not convinced by the numbers, take it from my readers:

Nick — For what it's worth, Wall Street's Underground Profits is my #1 "Guiding Light" as I approach (traditional) retirement age. Scores of "competitors" have failed to pass muster with me, in contrast and comparison.

–Robert L.

I have told anyone who will listen that I hold you in high regard and that they would be serving themselves wisely to come on board. I trust your vetted recommendations without reservation.

–Doug J.

Hi Nick, Thanks for all of your efforts and advice. You have proven yourself with me and you are the only advisor I subscribe with. Thanks again.

–Fred B.

Needless to say, your picks have been very rewarding. Thanks for all your hard work and "hand holding" during these volatile markets. It is always reassuring to get your timely e-mails.

–Bob D.

Hello — I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the insights into the market. My portfolio is up approximately 75% in the last 4 months. Thanks again!

–Jim B.

I've made serious money with you... Accordingly, I'm a subscriber for life and strong disciple. Thanks!

–Geoffrey G.

Thanks, Nick. Excellent update and response to my question. You really have found some nuggets here. Keep up the good work. Your service is head and shoulders above any other I have used. I am 100% up on the year thanks to you!

–David S.

And I expect I'll be receiving a lot more of these emails as the gains we see continue to grow.

After all, who wouldn't be happy with 1,480% gains?

Make no mistake... That won't be my last ten-bagger.

In fact, I fully expect to have pocketed at least three more ten-baggers by the time the next gold bull run ends.

The only question you have to ask yourself is, will you be making 10 times your money in two years?

3 Stocks About To Go Vertical

Now, as I said before, legwork is crucial in my line of business.

I put in the hours studying preliminary economic assessment reports... I put in the miles meeting management and visiting their projects... I do my due diligence so you don't have to.

So when it came to picking the very best way to play the eight-year gold cycle, I knew I would need to thoroughly vet every play.

And for the past three years I have been analyzing and writing about three special companies.

I've met all the management, and I firmly believe that all three companies have ten-bagger potential.

So let's take a closer look at the three stocks that could make you filthy rich...

  • Ten-Bagger Stock #1

This small company is sitting on the motherlode... A $5.6 billion mountain of gold.

However, it's not the unusually large size of the deposit that's got the industry drooling. But rather it's the purity of the gold.

According to a report from Palisade Capital, "If it were operational today, it would be the 4th highest grade gold mine in America."

Now, the highest-grade gold mine in North America is operated by Kirkland Lake Gold, currently trading for $8.74.

That's over 2,000% higher than the price of this little gold firm!

These guys also know how to follow through and deliver a winner with proven leadership. On the CEO's last project, he made investors 990%.

And I'm not the only guy interested in this company.

Get this: Multibillionaire John Paulson has claimed a stake in this tiny company... to the tune of $40 million.

John Paulson famously predicted America's housing collapse in 2007, pulling in over $15 billion.

But what you may not know is that the last time he played gold — he doesn't do it very often — he ended up with a $5 billion payday.

  • Ten-Bagger Stock #2

Our second pick is a company that's very familiar with ten-baggers.

After all, it rose 2,244% during the last eight-year gold cycle.

And I think it can soundly beat that gain when the next bull market hits.

It's got one of the projects I'm most excited about: a high-grade mine in Burkina Faso.

And not just a deposit. This mine is heading into production right now as you see this.

The project is fully financed, much of which was non-dilutive debt. This cuts the risk even further.

The mine is built, and the first gold pour will be happening just as gold prices start to ramp up, which will further light a fire under the shares of this gold company.

Plus there is exploration upside, and drilling is underway now to find more gold, which could push its stock price even higher!

  • Ten-Bagger Stock #3

Our final stock represents a different kind of play. This is what's known as a "prospect-generator" strategy.

Instead of mining, the company accumulates mineral-rich properties on the cheap. Then it either joint ventures them out for other companies to drill and develop, or sells them when gold's rising price pushes their values higher.

This is a proven strategy that has delivered gains of 2,455% and higher.

It owns some two dozen gold and silver projects in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. 

And not only that. 

It owns 15 royalties on other projects in those countries from projects it's already generated. 

So it can profit from new discoveries in a rising gold price environment while also becoming a cash-cow from the royalty streams of other projects.

All this and the company is being valued with a market cap of just $15 million. That will change when this next gold upcycle hits.

When gold prices go up, this company's share price will go through the roof.

So how you can get your hands on these three companies' ticker symbols?

Simply agree to test drive Wall Street's Underground Profits and I'll immediately send you my latest special report, "3 Ten-Baggers to Play the 8-Year Gold Cycle" for FREE.

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