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Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 19, 2017 at 6:19PM

Virtual Preview Inc. Was Created

The need has always been there.

It just took a couple of hundred years to develop the right technologies.

Here’s why Virtual Preview Inc. will change everything about the contracting process....

For starters, the contractor no longer needs to come sit in your living room.

This meeting can now take place in front of your computer.

You might still prefer a face-to-face meeting, but now you have options...

If your schedule gets tight, or if you’re renovating a home several states away (increasingly the case for today’s mobile professionals), now you can meet in a way that’s convenient for you.

You’ll see the contractor on video conference, and Virtual Preview Inc.’s software will show each detail of the construction plan.

You can see what the trim will look like on a visualization of your actual house.

You can compare and contrast different colors.

Virtual Preview Inc Colors

Sure, you were thinking about blue...

But with one click of the button you can see what green, or brown, or red would look like.

How about a tan front door with a window?

And you can get a feel for the stone façade as well.

Virtual Preview Inc Home

Virtual Preview Inc.’s software makes it possible to pre-visualize every single detail of your home renovation.

Now, I’m sure you’re probably starting to wonder...

What’s so special about this small company’s digital platform?

Won’t competitors eat up some of the pie?

Here’s why Virtual Preview Inc. has a unique advantage that destroys competition...

Virtual Preview Inc. Has a Complete
Monopoly on Virtual Branding

Manufacturer brands are the key to this story.

I’m talking about Andersen and JELD-WEN windows...

Overhead Door garage doors...

And James Hardie siding.

These products are what homeowners are actually buying — the top-selling brands.

There’s no point in showing people a generic visualization if it can’t be built or bought in real life.

So if you want an Overhead Door (the #1 brand in America) for your garage, you’ll want to make sure that the Desert Tan color it comes in is going to match your other choices.

And that the panel design on Model 173, made of heavy-gauge steel with embossed wood texture, is going to coordinate with the durable James Hardie-brand siding and the JELD-WEN-brand windows.

Virtual Preview Inc. is the ONLY company in the world that’s allowed to use these brands.

It has exclusive rights.

This is no small feat — Virtual Preview Inc. has spent the last decade forging these relationships with hundreds of the largest manufacturers.

It's established a clear first-mover advantage that would take years for another company to replicate.

But most important of all...

Virtual Preview Inc. is the only company in the world with a full database of the precise measurements, colors, shapes, and design details of these products.

Millions of Products Rendered Virtually and
Deliverable in the Real World

Virtual Preview Inc.’s database is massive.

It has the exact specifications of every name-brand window, every name-brand paint color, and every name-brand piece of trim.

So when you click a button using its software, you’re looking at a virtual rendering of that exact product.

You’ll be able to preview the actual products that will be in your home.

But there’s an added bonus here as well...

Virtual Preview Inc. has included the exact measurements for these products in its software.

If a window is too large to fit a space, both you and the contractor will be able to spot that right away.

For your kitchen interior, this will save you hours of frustration picking out cabinets, since you’ll be able to see what will fit — and where — automatically.

Virtual Preview Inc.’s built-in measurements eliminate a frustrating process with push-button simplicity.

I’ll pause here for a moment and add that there are a number of new technologies transforming the measurement process for construction.

For interiors, plug-and-play laser measurement tools can scan an entire room with perfect accuracy in just a few minutes.

And for the outside of your house, drones equipped with lasers can fly above your home and measure the entire exterior in less than an hour.

Today’s contractors can just leave the ladder in the truck, because it’s a snap to get perfect measurements.

Best of all, most of these measurement technologies are already compatible with Virtual Preview Inc.’s software.

Once the contractor loads in the numbers, you can click away and customize the home of your dreams.

These advances pay off big for you as a homeowner.

But contractors are excited as well...

Many contractors are noticing the largest spike in sales that they’ve seen in decades.

And that's why Virtual Preview Inc.'s sales are poised to grow so quickly, and why investors who position themselves now will reap the biggest rewards. We will have much more on this story, and Virtual Preview Inc. stock, in the months ahead. 

Call it like you see it,

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