James Dines Calls for Currency Crises, Precious Metal Price Spikes, a Bond Crash, and a New Uranium Bull Market

Gerardo Deal Real interviews the legendary Mr. James Dines of The Dines Letter

Mr. James Dines, is the long-time editor of The Dines Letter and is widely regarded as the father of the financial newsletter industry. Over the years he’s made many correct calls across many markets and commodities. He began pounding the table on gold when it was at $35 per ounce.

Mr. Dines has been warning about the detriments of fiat currencies for years. Now, he’s out with a new warning based on our current debt levels and monetary policy insanity. But that’s not all, in the interview Mr. Dines calls for $5,000 gold, a new uranium bull market, a bond crash, and discusses ways to profit and protect yourself from each. It’s well worth the listen. Enjoy. And if you like what he has to say, you can check out how to get a free copy of his latest edition of Goldbug! for free by clicking here.

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