This Doesn't End With a Vaccine

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted September 11, 2020

The race for a COVID vaccine has been on for months. 

And honestly, it'd be disconcerting if we weren't so desperate.

Vaccines typically take years to produce and study, but we've got pharmaceutical companies competing to whip one up like a Labor Day daiquiri. 

Cracks are already beginning to show. 

On Tuesday, clinical trials for the University of Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine have been put on hold by drug-maker AstraZeneca after a study participant developed a spinal cord injury.

Now, scores of data must be collected and an independent safety board will review the details to determine whether to resume the trial or alter it in some way.

At the same time, scientists are questioning the reliability of the results of early-stage clinical trials of Russia’s coronavirus vaccine. They say data from that effort is incomplete and displays some "unlikely patterns."

Still, other potential vaccines are forging ahead. Interim results of studies being conducted by Pfizer and Moderna could be available as soon as October. And if they're positive, they could be authorized for emergency use. 

Public health departments are now being told to prepare to distribute COVID-19 vaccines as early as Nov. 1.

Unfortunately, those same health departments have been underfunded for decades. So they lack the staff, money, and tools to distribute, administer, and track doses to some 330 million people.

And with our government languishing in its own sickbed of incompetence, negligence, and inefficiency, there's no indication that they'll get enough federal aid to accomplish that.

Even if they did, not everyone will be able to get vaccinated right away.  Initial supplies will be limited to 10 million to 15 million in the U.S.

Of course, even if I were offered one, there's no way I'd take it. 

I'm not an anti-vaxxer and people are free to do what they want but I simply do not trust this process. There's no way I'm trusting any of these greedy corporations or authoritarian governments to produce a safe and effective vaccine on such short notice. 

They all want to be heroes, I'm sure. But what they're really chasing is fortune and fame. And if there's some undiscovered side effect that accompanies whatever treatment they come up with they'll walk away scot-free.

So give it to someone else. I'll take my chances with my growing wardrobe of masks. 


Even if a vaccine is developed...

Even if it is successful... 

Even if everyone finally gets access to it... 

Even if the last, lone holdouts like me are satisfied enough to take it... 

We're still just renting time. 

Because this won't be the last pandemic. 

Bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, COVID... These things come around with the frequency of a solar eclipse. 

And here's a fun fact: As permafrost continues to melt in the Arctic, germs, microbes, and century-old diseases are being re-introduced into the Earth's atmosphere. 

Like a frozen wooly mammoth the bacteria and viruses that plagued Neanderthals are re-emerging from their frozen stasis. 

Worse still, as the Earth gets hotter, it's also getting swampier, which means insects like mosquitoes will continue to multiply and accelerate the spread of disease.

So we've got a lot to look forward to. 

And that's why this doesn't just end with COVID or a COVID vaccine

We can't just return to normal. It's going to take more than that. It's going to take a sustained, concerted push — a massive global effort that combines science and technology. 

And that's exactly what I'm looking to invest in right now. 

I want to find that intersection between science, technology, and public health and plant myself there.

That's why my latest recommendation is a company that does just that

Its software uses surface-temperature scans, thermal imaging, contact tracing, and facial recognition to identify sick individuals and alert others to their presence. VSBLTY Temp ScanVSBLTY Temp Scan

This same technology was already being deployed at high-density venues like airports and stadiums to catch weapons and known criminals. And now it's being used to safeguard against the spread of disease. 

This is the future that's ahead of us.

No vaccine is going to change that. 

So invest accordingly.

Fight on,

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Jason Simpkins is Assistant Managing Editor of the Outsider Club and Investment Director of The Wealth Warrior, a financial advisory focused on security companies and defense contractors. For more on Jason, check out his editor's page. 

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